Revolution “The Longest Day” Recap & Review

Revolution - Season 1As the episode opens we are in a Monroe Republic campsite and in a campter is a makeshift air traffic control tower.

At the Rebel-Georgia Federation campsite, we see the morning after of Miles and Nora’s romantic encounter. Nora slips away to go on patrol and tells Miles that what they did was a mistake. She wants to break things off with Miles because, she feels that they both won’t come away from this war alive.

Elsewhere on the campsite, Neville and Jason continue on their father-son feud. Neville taunts his son on how he will never be rid of him.

Jason walks away from the encounter with Charlie following to see if he is okay. He confides in Charlie over the presence of his father. Charlie understands his parental situation.

In the Plains Nation, Aaron keeps on asking Rachel why he is in Dr. Warren’s book but she doesn’t know. However, she thinks that her husband Ben knew and how he always kept him close and even gave him the pendant. Aaron is creeped out by all of this and he wants to keep on moving but Rachel, who broke her leg in the last episode, is in no condition to move. Aaron is steadfast in remaining with Rachel. Since Aaron won’t leave her, Rachel is using the device that she took outside of Danny to help heal her leg but she knows that this will lead Monroe to them.

Back at the Rebel-Georgia camp, planes fly overhead and Charlie rings a bell in warning. Nora sees the jets that then fire missiles at the campsite. We now realize that this is what that makeshift air traffic trailer was for at the top of the episode.

We flashback to 7 years after the blackout to when Rachel hands herself over to Miles and Monroe. He wanted Ben and wants to know if he could turn power back on. Rachel tells Miles that she can do it too and more. Rachel wants to turn the power back on while Ben doesn’t. Miles is surprised that Rachel is here because she told him that she didn’t want to see him. He then tells Rachel that they are going to get Ben anyways.

In the present, we see the aftermath of the attack. Miles is getting his equilibrium back when hears a cry for help. It is Nora and she is buried under rubble that Miles digs her free. Miles asks where Charlie is but she doesn’t know. Miles goes screaming her name

At an abandoned electronics store, Aaron is using a computer from the 80s to do something based off Dr. Warren’s book. Meanwhile, Rachel is taking a look at her wounded leg. Aaron is building something for that capsule and Rachel explains its purpose: the first gen nanites that helped heal Danny and can be programed to do anything. Rachel believes it can heal her. If it doesn’t work, she will cook from the inside.

Neville and Miles wonder how Monroe found them, he believes there is mole. And there is still no word on Charlie but they believe that she is with Jason. Then Monroe’s militia are coming. Miles wants everyone to leave while he looks for Charlie with Nora and Neville accompanying him.

We do find out where Charlie is and she is under some rubble and is calling for Jason and screams for help.

Back at Monroe’s headquarters, Baker informs him of the successful attack on the Rebel-Georgia campsite and even if Miles survived, he has no men to command. Baker wants Monroe to take a moment to celebrate this victory and not hole himself up like Howard Hughes. And when he does go out, there is an ambush and they are fired upon.

At the electronic’s store, Aaron has finished building his device and powers up that capsule. While he is programming it, Rachel hears a noise but the device is now ready and Aaron places it in Rachel’s leg. It all looks very painful and we see Rachel’s leg heal. It looks like pretty nifty, albeit gross special effects. That noise that we heard is a whole bunch of dudes with shotguns who saw that and take them captive.

Neville, Nora and Miles rescue Jason from Monroe’s men. He tells them that Charlie was in the lookout tower but it collapsed. Jason looks gravely injured and Neville promises to get him out of there while MIles and Nora rescue Charlie.

We are back to 7 years after the blackout with Miles searching for Ben and family. Rachel won’t tell Miles where they are in order to keep them safe. Miles keeps on wondering if Rachel can turn the power on, she says no and she won’t help him turn the power back on so he can kill more people. She is ashamed of him but he throws their romantic history in her face. Rachel tells Miles that she regrets their fling and Miles threatens her.

The gang that came upon Aaron and Rachel are leading them to their campsite, where they take them to a house with a sick young boy on the couch. The leader believes that Aaron and Rachel can help heal this young boy who fell off a horse and now has cracked ribs. It seems this boy reminds Rachel of Danny. She tells the boy’s family that they can help as long as they return to the electronics store.

Meanwhile, Baker vows to find out who shot at them. Monroe seems suspicious at how much of a close shave it was for him and Baker. As Baker goes to leave, he is ganged up on. Monroe reveals his suspicions about how Baker was out in the open but didn’t get hit. Monroe believes that Baker set up the whole ambush. Baker tells Monroe the reason why Miles and Neville betrayed them was because of his paranoia. Monroe thanks Baker for being hones with him and as he leaves the room, we hear shots. It is obvious Baker has died.

We next see Mies and Nora make their way to find Charlie but instead they get into a fire fight with Monroe’s men. As this is going on, Charlie is trying to make her way out of the rubble. She does but sees that Monroe’s men are all over the place.

Jason wonders why Neville is helping him as he doesn’t want his help. Neville explains that he can’t let his son die alone.

We are now back at the electronics store, Aaron was showing the guy his device when Rachel knocks him out. Rachel doesn’t want to save the kid as he too far gone but Aaron thinks they can. Rachel doesn’t want power to help people but so other can wipe out Monroe even if it means sacrificing others. Rachel is more than happy to leave Aaron behind to complete her mission.

As Neville and Jason are still making their way for help, they are stopped by Monroe’s men but Neville takes them out but is shot in the process.

While Monroe’s men are still firing on them, Nora doesn’t want Miles to go and find Charlie as she doesn’t want to see him die. Miles doesn’t want to see Charlie die but before he can rescue her, Nora runs into the fray as Monroe’s men chase after her and Charlie makes a break for it and is also being pursued. But she is caught and just as it looks like she is done for, Miles rescues her and they share a tender family moment. However, Nora is missing.

We back to 7 years after the blackout, with Miles still wanting to know from Rachel where Ben is. She says she doesn’t know. Miles then tells her it is going to get real bad for her and the fact that their past relationship and their family mean nothing.

Monroe is then informed that they caught the assassin and it was a Georgian Rebel and he acted alone. It seems that Monroe’s paranoia has led him to be friendless.

We next see Jason recovering and Charlie is there when he wakes up. They are in Atlanta and she explains how his dad rescued him. He apologizes for abandoning her but it sees like apologies aren’t necessary. And finally after teasing us for weeks with this moment, Jason and Charlie kiss, which Neville happens to witness.

Miles is asking a rebel solider to find Nora but President Foster doesn’t want any men to go. Foster tells Miles about the casualties and it sounds like a casualty report from the Civil War. Foster needs a brilliant idea from Miles or she is going to surrender.

We find out Nora’s fate and she has been captured and comes face to face with Monroe.

Now the question is, will Nora turn on Miles and company to become Monroe’s second in command since there is a job opening for it? Also, after finally getting Charlie and Jason together, they won’t break them up in the next episode, would they?

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