Continuum Season 2 Episode 2 “Split Second” Recap & Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that won’t air in the U.S. until June 7. So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

We open once again in 2077, we see Travis being implanted with something, a CMR, while Sonya observes and speaks to a man talking about a super solider project that Travis is a part of but this man wants to terminate the project. Sonya tells this man that she will take care of the termination. When Sonya goes to terminate Travis, there is talk of going on a date with her and just as she is about to inject him with something, she ends up kissing him passionately. The other man does not look too pleased.

Lucas has intercepted an email from the VPD and it is surveillance footage that shows Sonya shooting Travis. Both worry at Garza’s reaction to this news.

At the Memory Express (Alec’s new workplace), Kiera wants to talk to Alec about making sure Alec follows the timeline so she can get home to the future that she knows. Alec counters about stopping the bombing in the season 1 finale and how it may have changed to the future. Alec tells her she needs to chose to either protect her future or the present that she is in now.

We see Agent Gardiner talking to a woman about Kiera and how she is connected to Liber8 and Section 6 This woman said that she will help him in his investigation.

At Liber8 HQ, Garza is impatient to breaking out Travis. Lucas is trying to placate her. Sonya is pressing her leadership authority over the group/

In prison, Julian is talking to a fellow prisoner who offers him protection and wants to join his movement but Travis swoops in and threatens the man to stay away from Julian. Both men then plan their escape and Julian hopes it is before his trial. Travis then tells Julian that he has a destiny to fulfill. The prisoner that confronted Julian comes back with other and there is a brawl that ensues that Travis easily wins.

At police headquarters, Dillon informs Kiera and Carlos about the prison fight with Travis. Kiera wants to help on this case and in walks Agent Gardiner who is now part of the Liber8 task force. Gardiner believes that since Travis is a high ranking Liber8 member that they will make their move. Gardiner gets under Kiera skin about not knowing Liber8 as well as she seems but she tells him that she knows them better than him. Dillon, Carlos and Kiera formulate a plan with the Travis situation.

Meanwhile, at Memory Express, his boss (Keith Dallas) is wondering what he has done to their computer system. Alec has improved the store’s productivity but his boss is not pleased and wants Alec to reverse it everything. Kellogg is at the store to speak to Alec and relates to him about doing a similar job that Alec is doing now but he made something with his life. Kellogg needs Alec’s help in a new venture of his and gives him his card then leaves.

At Liber8 HQ, Lucas informs Sonya that the prisoners that who tried to beat up and kill Travis were defeated but then Lucas realizes that Sonya set the whole thing up.

Back at the prison, Travis is in chains, being led to a waiting paddy wagon to transport him to another prison. Kiera then goes to talk to Travis and wants to know where Sonya and the other Liber8 members are. Carlos rides in the back with Carlos with Kiera in front. At the precinct, Betty, Dillon and Gardiner watch the convoy.

Travis starts to taunt Kiera about fighting for the wrong side and also talks to Carlos about Liber8’s agenda. He asks Carlos does what the corporations doing bother him, he replies that he used to it by now but Travis continues spewing Liber8’s agenda.

At Kellog’s yacht, Alec looks to have taken up on Kellogg’s offer.

At the convoy, Travis believes that Liber8 will come for him and taunts Carlos how Kiera is secretive and is always a few steps ahead of him.

Alec then asks Kellogg what he is like in the future since Kiera won’t tell him. Kellogg then tells him that Alec Sadler is Zuckerberg, Jobs and Buffett all rolled into one. Alec wants to know what he is like a person but Kellogg doesn’t care since he is rich and powerful. Alec just wants to know if he is a good person or not. Kellogg admires that Alec knows how to work the system. Alec then tells Kellogg that perhaps he is responsible for bringing him back in time. Alec asks why did he do it. Kellogg says it is to change destiny and not become CEO of SadTech but something bigger. Not liking what he hears, he leaves back to work.

Geography reality check: It looks like Kellogg’s boat is in False Creek but how can Alec be there on his break because Memory Express is in Richmond on No. 3 and Alderbridge. It would be impossible for him to make it to Kellogg’s boat and back to the store on a retail shift break, which is normally 30 minutes.

Travis mentions time travel in front of Carlos, something that Kiera dismisses off but Travis keeps on taunting Kiera into telling Carlos to the truth about her but she refuses. Meanwhile, Lucas waits to a point to set off an explosion. The convoy is then set upon with gunfire. Gun fire is exchanged and when the police come upon the guns, we see that Lucas has been controlling everything. It is a diversion. But Carlos and Betty are unable to reach each other and a vehicle pulls head of Travis’ paddy wagon and opens fire, killing the driver.

Kiera takes control of the vehicle and tries to call for backup, Travis manages to break out of his chains and attacks Carlos, who fights back. The two men then fight, while Kiera is trying to lose the car that is firing on them. Carlos tries to taser Travis but it doesn’t work and Carlos start to swear profusely.

Kiera manages to lose the car by outracing an on coming train. Travis finally manages to break free and the two men continue to fight. Carlos has Travis in a choke hold but Kiera has a device and shoots something in his leg that causes him to pass out. Carlos thinks he was responsible for taking down Travis. And we audience have a good chuckle at Carlos.

Betty informs Dillon about the ambush and sends backup. Dillon wonders who Liber8 found out and would not be surprised about a mole in VPD. Kiera has the same thought. A helicopter comes and Kiera thinks it is back up but it is not.

Betty finally determines where they are and sends backup. Gardiner tells Dillon that his department has a problem and Kiera is the root of it but Dillon doesn’t believe him.

Kiera and Carlos are still being chased by the chopper and as they enter a tunnel, they are trapped by the chopper and the car.

The chopper shoots a rocket with a rocket launcher and shoots at the car behind them. Carlos and Kiera realize that it is all about getting Travis. Kiera then does something rally cool with her suit, she puts up a shield between her a Carlos that protects then from the bullets. The men with guns have rescued Travis and take him in the chopper where Garza waits. And it seems that Dillon and Gardiner were watching all of this.

Lucas and Sonya are observing the footage of everything and they learn that Garza was acting on her own. She took all the guns and Travis’ serum.

At Memory Express, Alec has an epiphany while helping a customer.

Back at the precinct, Carlos and Kiera debrief Dillon and Gardiner. Gardiner continues to express his concern over Kiera’s loyalty. Dillon defends Kiera and defends her actions on what happened over Travis. Kiera and Gardiner obviously don’t get along. Gardiner still believes that Kiera is more than she seems and is responsible for springing Travis.

Travis then calls Sonya and gives her a warning. It looks like Sonya and Lucas are on the move. We flashback to the beginning of the episode, where we see Sonya inject Travis with something and they kiss again. Sonay then kills the man that was observing them and they run off together.

At a bar, Carlos and Kiera talk about the potential mole at VPD and discuss about the stories Travis told a out time travel and how it could involve Kiera. Kiera then runs a theory about the mole to Carlos and wanting them out of the way. She postulates that the mole could be Gardiner.

Back at Kellogg’s yacht, he is entertaining several young ladies, he is giving a speech about failure and in on the fun is Alec.

What is this ventur that Kellogg wants Alec to be part of? Who really is the mole in VPD? More questions this show continues to pose.

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