Orphan Black “Conditions of Existence” Recap & Review

In tonight’s episode we learn more about Beth’s boyfriend Paul and more than meets the eye with this character. No he isn’t a robot in disguise but works for an organization that may or may not have created his girlfriend and her “sisters”.

But before we find any of this out, we open with Helena, the Russian clone that killed Katya, being taken care of by a man named Thomas in a dingy place.

We then see Sarah thanking Alison for pretending to be her and setting up the possibility of her now being able to see her daughter on a regular basis. We also get to see a glimpse of Alison home life when her husband, Johnny, wants a little something something, Alison rejects him.

Back at Beth’s place, Sarah is having a shower but Paul comes home surprising her and the two proceed to have sex in the shower. In bed, Paul wants to go away with “Beth” since she has now quit the force and he hates his job, it is now a perfect time to do so. But “Beth” wants to talk about this later. Sarah then proceeds to dream that she is being experimented on in her bed but when she walks in the morning she finds evidenced that her dream actually happened.

In the morning, Paul is still insistent to go away and he wants to go to Rio but Sarah quickly leaves to have a meeting with her “sisters” at Felix’s loft. Cosima tells Sarah what these people were probably after her based on the marks on her arms and the electrode from her mouth. They all discuss how it is possible that Paul is involved. Alison is surprised to hear that Sarah slept with Paul and wonders if she too might be sleeping with the enemy. Back at her house, Alison’s husband is having a suspicious conversation about her and when Alison comes home, he lies to her about this conversation.

We are back at Beth’s place with Sarah and Felix searching for the surveillance equipment that Beth borrowed from the police station that Raj the IT guy needs back now that she is not on the force anymore. Anyways, as they are searching the place, the find Paul’s business card and learn that he works for Trexcom Consulting and also learn that he is ex-military. They finally find the surveillance equipment in Beth’s car and Sarah decides to visit Paul’s workplace only to discover it is an empty office space. But Paul’s assistant tells Sarah that their office has moved. And in this office is where Sarah puts Beth’s surveillance equipment to good use on Paul’s office. Felix listens in.

Paul notices the scar that Beth had as disappeared but Sarah says that conditioner that she is using as made it go away. Once Sarah leaves, Paul looks at a video of Beth and see that the scar is quite noticeable. He cancels all his meetings to investigate.

Suspicious of her husband, Alison goes searching through their closet and garage. In the garage, she finds a black box that she tries to open to no avail. She confronts her husband about the box but he refuses to tell her about it.

At Cosima’s lab, she is testing her “sisters” blood samples and sees a French colleague having an emotional conversation. She leaves and Cosima becomes intrigued by the school transcripts that she has left behind. Cosima returns the transcript to her and talk about what they are studying and they have a moment.

Sarah tells Felix how Beth loved Paul but he didn’t love her back but it seems now Paul is falling for her and Felix says he needs to be careful

Sarah is at Kiera’s school to pick her up and her daughter knows the real deal. They talk about Alison and Kiera wonders if someone is trying to hurt them but we then see someone is taking their picture.

At Mrs. S’, Sarah wants to know about her past but Mrs. S doesn’t know much. Mrs. S then asks about Vic but Sarah tells her that Vic is out of the picture.

When then see Vic how is meeting with the drug dealer that Sarah took the drugs from. It is apparent that Vic owes this man money and the man chops off his fingers.

Alison goes to a strip mall and while her kids are off at a local mart buying chocolate, she goes to a spy store to buy some surveillance equipment. In this local mart, is Vic who has a bloodied hand. When Vic steps outside the store, he sees Alison and thinks it is Sarah. He runs after her and yells at her saying that she faked her death. Alison then proceeds to mace and taser him and she escapes with her kids safely. She then phones Sarah to tell of this encounter with Vic.

Sarah then updates Alison on how Beth was spying on Paul. At Paul’s office, he meets with a man named Olivier to talk about Beth. Paul says that everything is fine with her.

At Felix’s, Sarah tells how Vic saw Alison thinking she was her and that Sarah will figure something out about that. Then both listen into the conversation between Paul and Olivier. We learn that Paul is called a monitor and is supposed to keep watch on her and tell if anything is different. Paul then calls Beth asking her to come home. He then texts her a photo that he took of her and Kiera. Then Vic comes to the loft, who is not pleased at his encounter with Alison. Sarah tells the reason why she faked her death was because she was working a case that he has ruined. He tells Sarah the deep trouble that he is for the drugs that she stole. Sarah then gives the $20,000 that Alison gave her at the beginning of the episode that will hopefully will get Vic to go away. After a discussion of their past together, he takes the money but vows that what is between them isn’t over.

After getting Felix to make sure all is well with Kiera, Sarah decides to go back to Paul’s.

Alison finally learns what is in that black box of Johnny’s and just finds more porn but we see Johnny in a field with a small fire where he burns something and tells someone on the phone that all is good. At home, Alison decides to mend fences with her husband probably in order to spy on him better.

Sarah calls Cosima about the Paul situation and Cosima said that while he may have followed her to Kiera, he is still protecting her because he is falling for her. They discuss how Olivier knows the truth but Paul may not know exactly what he is doing and who he is working for.

Back at Paul’s, both are armed and Paul discusses the changes that he has noticed with “Beth” and talks about Kiera. Paul knows that Beth can’t have kids and knows that Kiera is “Beth’s” daughter. Paul starts to question Sarah about some of the stuff Beth has done in the past. Paul now realizes that the woman in front of him is not Beth and points a gun to Sarah and asks where is Beth.

Sarah tells Paul that Beth killed herself by jumping out of a train. Sarah calls herself Beth’s twin. But Paul doesn’t believe her. He wants her name and simply says she is called Sarah. Sarah confronts Paul on being a monitor and how Paul’s actions lead her to kill herself. Paul believes whatever Sarah is saying is some sort of test. Sarah wants to know why he is doing all of this but he says simply that they don’t tell him why.

Now it makes me wonder that if Paul is really having feelings for Sarah that he might actually be on her side and help take down whoever Olivier works for. I think I actually want Paul to turn out to be good. He has a good chemistry with Sarah that I do hope those crazy kids to make it.

And in case you didn’t notice but two Degrassi alum appeared in tonight’s episode: Miriam McDonald, who played Emma was Paul’s assistant and Raymond Ablack, who played Sav recurs as Raj the IT guy.

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