Fan Expo Vancouver 2013: Juliet Landau and James Marsters Q&A Panel

At Fan Expo Vancouver 2013, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Juliet Landau (Dru) and James Marsters (Spike) met with fans and answered some of their questions.

Some fans wanted to know what their favorite scenes/episodes were from Buffy and what were their first impressions of each other when they first met. They also shared with fans what it was like to work with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Also, James and Juliet had to decide if they wanted to work with Joss Whedon either in the Marvel universe or working on a Shakespeare adaptation at his house. Both wanted to play Lady Anne from Richard III.

Juliet also shared her embarrassing story of meeting Johnny Depp on the set of Ed Wood and her thoughts on playing Druscilla. 

While James sang a few bars of a song from the Buffy episode “Once More with Feeling”, shares his hopes for more Warehouse 13 appearance, recalls some Smallville memories of working with Tom Welling and recounts what it was like to kiss John Barrowman on Torchwood.

Click the video below to see highlights of their Fan Expo Vancouver 2013 Q&A panel:

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013: Juliet Landau and James Marsters from Pop Goes The World on Vimeo.