Arrow Episode 20 “Home Invasion” Recap & Review

Home Invasion

Deadshot versus Diggle

Diggle is on a mission in tonight’s episode and he wants to take down Deadshot. We are interspersed scens of Diggle training with Oliver with Deadhsot taking out his next target in Europe.

Oliver assures Diggle that he will help him take down Deadshot but it hard to do when he is on another continent but au contraire mon frere, thanks to Felicity tracking ARGUS movements of Deadshot, and after some quipping comments of being a cyberterrorist and not wanting to be sent to Guantanemo and how Felicity dyes her hair blonde, we find out that Deadshot is back in Starling City to accept a new assignment. However, that new assignment is a fake, set-up by ARGUS and the agent that Diggle is friends with, Lyla. Deadshot has taken the bait.

Meanwhile, Oliver announces to the Arrow gang that he is having lunch with Laurel. Both are surprised at him having lunch with Laurel considering that she is an ex that is currently dating his ex-best friend.

In our first island flashback, Oliver is holding his picture of Laurel and walks in on Slade and Shado planning their attack on Fyers. Shado suggests that Oliver provide cover as Slade and Shado attack. Shado wants to use bows and arrows for Oliver to use. Oliver and Slade believe he can’t do it but Shado promises that Oliver will hit his target by sundown and if not they will do it Slade’s way.

At ARGUS headquarters, Diggle checks in with Lyla on their Deadshot investigation. Lyla calls Diggle on using her for his revenge scheme against Deadshot for killing his brother. Lyla warnd Diggle to stay away from her case.

Meanwhile at the CNRI, Oliver arrives for his lunch date with Laurel but Laurel has to cancel. They talk about how Tommy has gone to work for his father but are interrupted by Laurel’s clients, a family who are going against a man, Edward Rasmus, that stole their life savings.

This family lets in a man, Mr. Blank (J. August Richards) who claims to have paperwork from Laurel who shoots him dead and his wife but the son escapes. Rasmus calls to see if the job is done, he tells him that the parents are dead but the child has escaped but he will kill him.

At the Queen Mansion, Oliver sees a news report of the family that he met at the CNRI and learns of the parents death and how the son survived.

At the precinct, Laurel is angry over that fact that Rasmus was behind the deaths of her clients. Her father warns her to stay away fro Rasmus. Her client’s son, Taylor, is about to be taken away by social services until his grandparents arrive. But Laurel decides to take him in until that time. Detective Lance puts a protective detail on Laurel and the boy and asks Tommy to look out for them. This is when Lance finds out that Tommy is practically living with his daughter.

Oliver arrives and wants to make sure that Laurel is alright, Tommy is not okay with that but Oliver says that he met the family and he feels bad about that. Tommy wonders when he met them and Tommy is surprised that it was when he was going to pick her up for their lunch date that he didn’t know about.

Back on the island, Shado is teaching Oliver how to shoot a bow and arrow and they have a moment.

In the Arrow Cave, the arrow gang get the details on the ARGUS take down of Deadshot and arrest him. However, Diggle doesn’t want him arrested but dead. Oliver tells Diggle that they will also be part of ARGUS mission to take Deadshot’s name off of Diggle’s list.

Oliver also shares with his team about Laurel’s clients and wants Felicity to dig into Edward Rasmus to find who he hired to kill Laurel’s clients. He then heads over to Laurel’s apartment.

At the precinct, Roy visits Lance to talk about Arrow and tells how he wants him brought to justice.

At Laurel’s apartment, Laurel tries to reach to Taylor to get him to eat but Taylor tells Tommy and Laurel how he misses his parents. Tommy then shares some of his memories of his mother and the night that he found out she was dead. Tommy tells Taylor how he sees his mother in his dreams and memory and tells Taylor to do the same. Tommy tells Taylor that his parents will always be there. This brings him some comfort.

There is a knock at the door and it is Mr. Blank claiming to be a Starling City detective sent by her dad. In the peep hole we see him holding a gun to it but before Laurel answers the door she wants to see his badge, which he does. Laurel puts her peepers on the peep hole and sees the badge but she knows that he is not who he says he is based on what she sees on the badge. He quickly shoots bullets in the door and kicks it in. Tommy and Taylor then hit the ground with Tommy protecting Taylor. Meanwhile, Mr. Blank searches the apartment for them and Taylor and starts shooting around. As Mr. Blank approaches our couple, he then realizes the badge gave him away. Laurel tells our intruder how her dad is a cop and taught her a thing or two and then proceeds to shoot at him with a shot gun. This is what makes me love Laurel but before she can shoot again, her gun is out of bullets. Mr. Blank is about to shoot Laurel until Arrow comes crashing through her apartment window and the two get into a brief fight until he escapes. Tommy looks up and sees Arrow was their savior then Arrow leaves the scene.

The police are at the scene at Laurel’s apartment, she tells her dad that Rasmus’ hired killer will keep on coming after her until the job is done plus Laurel believes that Arrow will not let anything happen to her. Lance is not comfortable with Arrow protecting him. Tommy suggests that Oliver can help considering they have tons of security surrounding them and he believes Oliver is their best bet in keeping Laurel safe.

So off Laurel and Taylor go to the Queen Mansion. Diggle goes over the security detail with Laurel while Moira welcomes Taylor to her home with open arms.

When Oliver needs to leave to take care of Deadshot, Tommy seems to take offence to it but Laurel lets Oliver go. Tommy seems very reluctant to Oliver leaving as he is the reason why they are Queen Mansion but Oliver promises them that they will be fine.

At the Big Belly Burger, Thea and Roy are on a date and Thea discovers he has a police scanner on him to track Arrow’s movements and when he hears something, he leaves their date.

Roy arrives on the scene of what he heard over the police scanner but it was a sting by Lance to get his scanner back.

At Arrow Cave, the mission to kill Deadshot is in full swing until the Rasmus case intrudes. Rasmus is fleeing to Shanghai and maybe with it the hit on Laurel and Taylor but this may be the opportunity to catch him. Oliver has a choice: go after Rasmus or Deadshot. He chooses Rasmus.

At the site of ARGUS sting operation, we see Diggle as ARGUS agents are on the look out for Deadshot. It  seems that Deadshot it late.

Vancouver filming side note: The building of the Deadshot sting operation is the University of British Columbia’s Life Sciences Building. It was also used as the hospital for Emily Owens, MD.

Just when it seems that Deadshot is on the scene, Lyla thinks that he didn’t take the bait but Diggle sees Deadshot who starts shooting at ARGUS agents and Lyla is hit. Diggle then starts shooting where Deadshot is at. Diggle runs after Deadshot and just as it looks Diggle is about to kill him, Deadshot gets the upper hand and points two guns at him, Deadshot taunts him and shows him the tattoo of his brother’s name and says there is space next to it for him. Remember that Deadshot tattoos the name of his victims on his body. Deadshot then gives Diggle a swift kick and escapes.

At the Arrow Cave, Diggle is licking his wounds with Felicity stitching him up. Diggle is not pleased that Oliver didn’t show up. Oliver tells him that he had to get Rasmus instead before he skipped town. Because Oliver re-prioritized, four agents died at the hands of Deadshot. He believed that if Oliver were there they would have gotten Deadshot. Diggle is further pissed that he chose to go after Rasmus not for Taylor but for Laurel and he will always choose her with everyone else be damned.

Felicity looks on and holds her tongue at their argument.

Home Invasion

Shado (Celina Jade) teaches Oliver (Stephen Amell) how to shoot a bow and arrow

Back on the island, Oliver is still having problems shooting a bow and arrow. Shado  tells him that he thinks too much and proceeds to show how it is done. She simply tells him to listen to the sounds of the bowstring and just let go, to give into his sense and don’t think. They then share a kiss but Oliver pulls away because of Laurel. Shado asks does Laurel know how much he loves her. Oliver replies no but as soon as he comes home she will.

Back to the present, Laurel is looking at a photo of her and Oliver at what looks like to be their prom. Moira reminisce of her time with Oliver when he comes in to tell of the arrest of Rasmus and how he confessed to everything thanks to the vigilante.

Now that it is over, Tommy wants to get out of Queen Mansion as soon as possible but Moira insists that they stay, which Laurel agrees. Plus she is not pleased at Tommy’s behaviour.

At the precinct, Rasmus lawyer visits him but it is actually Mr. Blank. Rasmus is trying to call off Mr. Blank from killing Taylor but he can’t since the boy has seen his face and so has Rasmus. After applying slight pressure over his wrist, he creates an embolism that causes a clot that kills him. Mr. Blank then simply walks out of the station.

Thea too is at the station looking for Roy and is pissed at him for stealing the police scanner. Lance then takes Roy and Thea to see Arrow’s latest kill. He tells the couple that Arrow has killed 26 people. Roy tries to defend Arrow by saying his victims deserve it and that he saved his life. Lance says that very well may be but he can just as soon take it.

At the Queen Mansion a storm is brewing outside, Oliver tells Laurel that Taylor is safe now and they have a nice moment of how Oliver has changed since coming back from the island and they hug. You see that chemistry that is still there and so does Tommy.

A package arrives for Laurel with security saying that the person’s ID checks out, when the security opens the door we see the delivery guy shaking and the guard knows that this is a set-up but unfortunately for the guard and the delivery guy, they are both killed by Mr. Blank. The power goes out, thanks to Mr. Blank, and Oliver sense trouble. He gets Tommy and Laurel to stay with Taylor on the excuse to check out the fuse box of his family old mansion. He then kicks the door knob off to keep them in the room.

Gunshots are heard and Mr. Blank wants to know where Taylor is but when a guard is uncooperative, he kills him.

Oliver is walking the halls of the mansion and Mr. Blank comes across him and shoots and misses him. Laurel wants to go out because she is concerned for Oliver.

But Oliver is doing fine on his own as he and Mr. Blank battle it out. Blank wants to know what happened to Oliver on the island and tells him he is about to find out. After fighting some more, Oliver kills him with a fire poker.

When the police come on the scene, Oliver tells Lance that Mr. Blank was going to kill him but then the security guard, Mr. Robbins jumped and killed Mr. Blank with the poker thus saving Oliver but sacrificing his own life instead. Tommy calls the guard a hero.

Tommy realizes that Oliver still loves Laurel. But Oliver says that it doesn’t matter how he feels because of who he is, Laurel probably wouldn’t be with him so Tommy has nothing to worry about. Oliver also says that she can’t ever know his secret but Tommy says he doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know, he does. And because he does know, he fears that if Laurel ever found out that Oliver is also Arrow, she would choose him.

After Taylor’s grandparents arrive to take charge of him, Laurel needs to talk to Tommy but finds that he has packed his bags. He tells Laurel that he is not ready for the type of commitment that she is looking for but Laurel doesn’t believe that he wants to break up with her at this point in time. Laurel believes that he is a changed man and wouldn’t do this to her but he coldly tells her that he hasn’t changed at all and walks out of her apartment. I am actually okay with this development to be honest. Tommy and Laurel were boring and much prefer Oliver and Laurel, despite the times that I ship Felicity and Oliver.

We then are with Thea and Roy again. She asks why it is so important for Roy to find Arrow. He tells her that he can’t stop thinking of the night Arrow saved him. He feels that he owes Arrow and that experience has opened his eyes to not go back to the way he was before. He feels connected to Arrow now. Thea is on board with Roy helping find Arrow because he means a lot to her.

At the Arrow Cave, Oliver and Diggle have a talk about their differences and hopes that they can get back on the same page. However, Diggle breaks their partnership and walks out of the Arrow Cave.

Back on the island, Slade wants an update on Oliver’s training but before an update can be provided, Yao Fei comes in and father-daughter have an ever so brief reunion. Slade asks how he escaped and Yao Fei said he didn’t as Fyers’ men descend on our island misfits. Yao Fei walks up to Oliver and simply tells him that his time on the island is at an end.

Is anyone really confused now where Yao Fei’s loyalties lie? Because we thought it was always on the side of good to keep his daughter safe but now that she has escaped, there really is no reason for Yao Fei to keep on helping Fyers. Let’s hope this question gets answered soon.

Also, just because Laurel and Tommy broke up in this episode, doesn’t mean that Oliver and Laurel will get back together by the end of season 1. I anticipate a long run for this show and I expect many more love interests for this pair before they get back together.

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