New Man of Steel Trailer is Epic

In the third trailer to this summer’s Man of Steel we see a stark difference to its predecessor. Previously, I mentioned how the second trailer reminded me a lot of Smallville the WB/CW TV series that traced a teenage Clark Kent as he grows to become Superman.

In this trailer, we open up with Krypton being destroyed and you see Jor-el (Russell Crowe) cradling a newborn Kal-el and kisses him goodbye as he is placed in a space ship. Lara (Ayelet Zurer) is worried that he will be killed on Earth but Jor-el assures her that where he is going, he will be a God.

What this trailer reminds me, especially in Jor-el’s speeches, is the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, in particular Marlon Brando as Jor-el. You know the speech about mankind and how they are capable of good but the need someone to show them the light, which is why he sent his son to Earth. A lot of the speeches in the latest Man of Steel trailer evokes that in me.

But this trailer still has hints of Smallville in it, like when Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) shows Clark (Dylan Sprayberry) his space ship, like it was done in season 1. And with Jonathan calling Clark his son and not pretending he is his son.

What excites me most about this trailer is we finally get to hear Amy Adams as Lois Lane and not just see her. We hear her give a narration and it almost seems like she is reading one of her stories on this mysterious savior that she is chasing down that turns out to be Clark (Henry Cavill). The way that narration was read, it just seems to me that it is something that will close out Man of Steel to the end credits and is not placed in the middle of the film.

In the trailer we also see Lois and Superman in a police interview room, where she is asking him questions like what does the “S” stand for on his costume. Superman responds that where he comes from it is not an “S” but a symbol for hope. Just as Lois is about to call him Superman (she only gets Super out of her mouth), they are comically interrupted.

There are still some stuff from the second trailer that is in this one like Clark as a fisherman but we see him do more rescues in and out of the Superman costume.  And plenty of flights and action sequences with Cavill in the Superman suit.

We also get to hear Zod (Michael Shannon) for the first time. In the trailer, it seems like he is threatening Martha (Diane Lane), whom we really don’t see in the trailer or that voice over could be him threatening Lara. We also see Zod determined to find Kal-el.

I can already tell that this movie is going to be way more action-packed than Superman Returns with the amount of explosions going on it but I can see some quieter moments too especially around Clark trying to find his identity.

I want to make a prediction on what will happen in this movie. So far, we haven’t seen the geeky Clark Kent that is part of all Superman incarnations. I predict that Lois will fall in love with Superman and when she thinks she won’t see him again, in walks into the Daily Planet as its newest recruit is a bespectacled Clark Kent but this time Lois will know that Clark is also Superman. However, I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t either.

Honestly, Man of Steel is the one and only movie that I can’t wait to see in all of 2013 and have high hopes based on all the trailers that I’ve seen. So please Zach Snyder, don’t let me down.

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