Man of Steel trailer evokes Smallville comparisons

I think I had a geekasm while I was watching the first full-length trailer to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. 

One of my first thoughts when I saw this trailer is that it is like Smallville the movie. It looks like Man of Steel is going to be an origin movie as we have a glimpse of Jor-el (Russell Crowe) and Lara (Ayelet Zurer) kissing a baby Kal-el goodbye was Krypton implodes on itself.

But the trailer starts off with Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) floating in the ocean after an obvious shipwreck. This is intercut with a young Clark running through a school hallway and the soothing voice of his mother, Martha (Diane Lane) comforting Clark as it looks like he just discovered his super-hearing.

The trailer also shows a teenage Clark rescuing his classmates from a bus accident and someone seeing what he could do. His father, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) warning Clark not to reveal his powers. Later on we hear Jonathan advise Clark on what kind of man he wants to grow up to be.

The trailer also shows us a grown up Clark, beard and all, looking like he is in the Fortress of Solitude and asking who he is to, I am guessing, the AI Jor-el.

We see Clark walking in the artic in his Superman costume and taking to the skies kind of like how Smallville’s Clark Kent (Tom Welling) did in season 4’s Crusade. One of the images in the trailer had just the Superman suit that looked encased in ice like in Smallville season 10.

We get images of a half-naked Clark emerging from a fire and whole bunch of action sequences of Superman in action. We also get Superman in handcuffs and we see Zod and I think we might have a glimpse at the back of Faora.

As well, we get glimpses of Christopher Meloni and Richard Schiff as Emil Hamilton. The only thing we don’t get to see in this trailer is Cavill as Clark Kent meaning with the geeky glasses and everything. We don’t see his life at the Daily Planet interacting with Perry White and that certain feisty reporter.

And we finally get to see Amy Adams as Lois Lane as the final minutes of the trailer show Lois and Superman holding hands as Clark (in a voice over) asks if people are ready for him. I think there is a part of the trailer of Superman hugging a woman in a doorway and that is either Lois or Martha. I am thinking the latter as I pretty sure this movie won’t have Lois knowing Clark’s secret. I am hoping that scene of Superman and Lois reaching out to hold hands means that there is some sort of romance going on. It looks like it the way they are looking at each other. I hope Cavill and Adams have as great a chemistry as Welling and Erica Durance did in Smallville as they are my all-time favorite Lois and Clark.

There are many similarities Man of Steel has to Smallville. We get to see young Clark struggle with being different and his supportive adoptive parents. As he grows into adulthood, both of these Clarks have doubts about who they are and what they want to be. Even the jacket that Costner’s Jonathan Kent sports in the trailer looks similar to the one that John Schneider’s Jonathan Kent sports in Smallville.

And I can tell that Martha’s role in this movie will be just as great as Annette O’Toole was in Smallville’s and that is the loving and supportive mom.

The question that Clark asks at the end of the trailer reminds me of season 10’s Harvest where Clark tells Lois that he doesn’t believe people are “ready to believe a stranger from a strange land.”

What I loved about this trailer is its epic scale and all the action sequences in it. That was missing in Superman Returns and the lack of romance between Lois and Clark/Superman. Henry Cavill is hot both as Clark, beard and all, and as Superman. He looks really good in the suit. I have high hopes for this movie that I hope I won’t disappointed. June 14, 2013 cannot come soon enough.

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