Arrow Episode 8 “Vendetta” Review

Get Glue Arrow stickerThe episode opens shortly after the last one ended with Helena and Oliver having obviously slept together.

Helena sneaks offs to try and take out the head of the Triad so that it will weaken her father’s gang but Oliver as Arrow stops her while China White shoots at them. Oliver tells Helena that what she is doing isn’t justice but to let him show her what is that doesn’t put innocent people at risk.

At Dig’s sister-in-law’s diner, he explains to Helena that he only kills when necessary and explains how she does things can get someone like his mom killed and that there is a better way to take down her father but Helena refuses and thanks Oliver for the coffee and the sex.

Back at Oliver’s Arrow lair, we once again get our per episode Ollie training routine which is him doing an impressive set of handstand pushups (and later we get a reprise of the Pilot’s salmon ladder workout) but is interrupted when Dig asks Oliver what happened last night with Helena and recaps pretty much what happened in the last episode. Oliver adds to the tale and says that he revealed his secret to her.

Dig is dismayed as this war between Bertinelli and the Triad could lead to innocent lives being lost. Oliver believes he can help Helena but Dig doesn’t think so but Oliver wants to try.

Meanwhile, Moira tries to explain her actions to Walter and both agree to be honest with each other going forward but we will see how much that lasts.

Oliver shows up at the Bertinelli residence but before Bertinelli vows revenge on those that took down his right hand man while Helena looks on non-plussed at this threat. But instead of wanting to talk about that construction deal, Oliver wants to see Helena. She remains uninterested but Oliver goes and shows her Laurel sister’s grave site and explain how when things were getting serious with Laurel, Oliver screwed up their relationship by sleeping with Sara and explained how she died in his yacht and how it hurt Laurel’s family. He explains his pre-island life of being a selfish bastard and hurting the people that he loves. They have a moment where Helena reaches out and holds his hand. He says Helena is on an island. She wants to let Oliver in but explains how her fiancee was the last man she opened up to and won’t be hurt again. Oliver promises her that he won’t hurt her.

Back at Arrow’s lair or hideout, Oliver tries to teach Helena how to shoot a bow and arrow. This scene reminds of a similar scene in Smallville where in season 9’s Warrior, Oliver teaches Chloe how to shoot a bow and arrow that thus was the beginning of their romantic relationship.

This lesson is supposed to teach Helena patience and discipline. This is a pretty cool scene with Helena tossing random objects around and Oliver just shooting them down with arrows. I think I like this because I’ve always been fond of archery.

Ollie says that he and Helena have one thing in common and that is their fathers. He shows him the list and Helena sees an associate of her father’s in their. Diggle comes in and is very rude and cold towards Helena. Dig doesn’t trust her despite Oliver saying he could. Diggle is trying to be a voice of reason saying that Oliver is only with Helena because he is lonely.

I wish that Diggle has more to do as Oliver’s associate than just coming into scenes and being Oliver’s conscience.

And 18 minutes into the episode and we get Tommy and Laurel and their brief scene sets up Tommy asking Oliver for a job at his nightclub because Tommy is broke.

Felicity Smoak comes back in this episode and actually she is kind of funny. Smoak comes in with more information about Moira’s money funnelling. It seems that someone else was tracking it and finds the image that is in Oliver’s book and is associated with Mr. Merlyn. But Walter is pissed at Smoak’s nosiness. But believes her enough to start snooping around his and Moira’s room and finds a wood box in the grandfather clock and in it a notebook that looks similar to Oliver’s with the symbol and blank pages. Walter enlists Smoak’s help in finding about the notebook. He asks her to be careful as it could pose a real danger. Smoak wants to solve this mystery for Walter. And solves it she does, giving Walter a pair of special glasses, he sees the book is filled with names just like Oliver’s. I am starting to like Felicity Smoak more and more.

Oliver tells Helena that they are going after her father’s associate his way and bestows on her a crossbow and a costume. Since they are a team now, Arrow starts his awful catchphrase and the Huntress finishes it. But they take down the guy and no one got killed. Helena claims that felt good but also being with Oliver too and they share a kiss. Here they are starting to show a bit more chemistry than last week.

At the opening of the new restaurant in town, Tommy and Laurel run into Oliver and Helena. Laurel looks visibly jealous and we enter awkward double date night. The common history between Tommy, Laurel and Oliver makes Helena seem out of place as Helena realized that Laurel was the one that Oliver was seeing prior to the island. Tommy also picks up on the fact that Laurel is jealous of Helena and feels that it will always be Oliver and Laurel, which we know will be eventually. Tommy breaks up with Laurel because he feels that he can’t provide for her the way Oliver can and Tommy doesn’t want to be Oliver charity case. But Tommy comes by Laurel’s apartment to apologize and after a heartfelt talk they get back together. Tommy swallows his pride and admits to Oliver that his dad cut him off and Oliver offers him a job at his nightclub.

Helena is pissed at Oliver because she sees that Oliver still loves Laurel, even call her the love of his life. Oliver denies this but we all know the truth.

Oliver admits to Diggle that he was right about the situation with Helena. Oliver didn’t want to admit to Helena’s darkness and that darkness is the Huntress killing in the name of her father the head of the Triad and wants China White to know this. Oliver discovers what Helena has done and realizes that a gang war has begun.

China White descends on the Bertinelli household and starts taking out his henchmen but Oliver comes in an stops China before she can kill Bertinelli. But Bertinelli is taken down by Helena to get her revenge but Oliver comes in and stops her and they fight but Bertinelli shoots his own daughter with the very crossbow that Oliver gave her. Oliver whisks her away before the cops show up. Bertinelli is caught and will go to jail based on the evidence in the laptop that he was carrying.

Helena is okay and wants Oliver to leave her alone or she will reveal his secret. Oliver tells her everything that he has done was because he cares about her but Helena doesn’t feel the same way and walks away from him. So I am guessing that Helena will keep Oliver’s secret like the myriad of people that have kept Clark Kent’s secret after he saved them in Smallville.

Dig finds Oliver at his sister-in-law’s diner and have a talk about Helena. Dig is proud that Oliver opened himself to her even if it crashed and burned but said that this has made him ready to open up again to the right woman (Laurel).

I didn’t realize this before but when Helena aka The Huntress and Laurel aka Black Canary meet in tonight’s episode that these two are part of The Birds of Prey.

Back in 2002, the then WB had a show called The Birds of Prey. It featured The Huntress (in that version the daughter of Batman and Catwoman) and a teen Dinah Lance. The show lasted less than a season. I didn’t watch it and I think the WB wanted to capitalize on Smallville but the show I guess wasn’t good.

So Helena is gone for now but I am sure we will see her again. But I find when De Gouw is the Huntress her acting is a little flat and wooden but when she is just Helena and just talking to Oliver like they were at the diner on their second date, she can be fine. But she was wooden again when she was offering fake condolences to the widow of the dude she killed in the last episode. So I can take or leave Helena coming back as long as she isn’t a future roadblock to Oliver and Laurel getting together.

And I didn’t realize this but this is the second episode in a row where we didn’t get an island flashback.

Next week is Arrow’s first Christmas episode and its midseason finale that is supposed to be epic.

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2 Comments on Arrow Episode 8 “Vendetta” Review

  1. I’m liking Felicity as well. She brings levity to her scenes and her awkward moments are fun to watch. I would love to see more Diggle as an active character not just the conscience as you’ve mentioned. Nice review!

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