Orphan Black “Effects of External Conditions” Recap and Review

We open up the episode with the Russian clone that killed Katya and tried to kill Sarah in the bathroom stitching herself up (Sarah stabbed her in the last episode) while she keeps on repeating “I am not Beth” (this is what Sarah told her). Then a little boy walks into the bloodied bathroom. The Russian clone tells him to be quiet and pulls him into the room.

Before we find out the young boy’s fate, Sarah visits Alison to tell her of this new clone and she is shocked that one of them is killing them. She fears for the safety of her kids and when she finds out that Sarah has a biological child instead of adopted, like hers, she is intrigued by the news. Later Alison sends her kids to her parents for safety.

Meanwhile, Cosima is helping Sarah find out more about the knife that the Russian clone use to attack Sarah. Also, Sarah feels that the best way to find more about her is to still be Beth the cop, working the case with Art.

And we find out that the boy is okay, ID the intruder as female and a bloodied fortune teller note for Sarah as the Russian clone knew that she would be investigating the crime scene.

Back at the police station there were trying to profile her and has several of these bloodied notes that they then find out reveal addresses. They go to one of them and discover a simple drawings of a female figure where one has a question mark above its head indicating the next victim. While Sarah as Beth and Art and the other female officer that I never got the name of are at the Russian clone (we learn her name is Helena through a phone call to Sarah), is at the precinct pretending to be Sarah, rummaging through her desk, pretending to be Beth when Paul calls and leaves the evidence room with cryptic photos.

And because Sarah is knee deep in police work, she can’t make her appointed visit with her daughter. If she misses it, Mrs. S won’t let her visit her daughter anymore. She then asks Felix to ask Alison to help her out, who reluctantly agrees And Felix gets all Henry Higgins and teaches her how to be Sarah.

At the precinct, Sarah soon realizes that Helena was there pretending to be Beth. She knows this cause there was a picture of Maggie Chen on the desk. Sarah soon realizes that Helena was responsible for Maggie death based on a pattern on Maggie’s neck that matches one found on the hilt of Helena’s knife.

Paul comes to the precinct after Helena as Beth told him to come pick her up as she has been beaten. He nearly comes to blows with Art but “Beth” intervenes. Paul wants to know what is going on with “Beth” and she says that it is the case that is working her up. Paul wants to work things out with “Beth” and they kiss until “Beth pulls away.

Cosima figures that Helena is doing this because of some religious belief that if she kills her clones that it might bring her absolution or something like that. Anyways, Helena contacts Sarah again and wants them to meet. During their conversation we see that Helena cuts herself, which explains the scarring on her back. Helena gives Sarah an address via email and also a video message that Helena as Beth says that she murdered Maggie Chen and her death was no accident.

Meanwhile, Alison goes to visit Keira. So far she manages to get past Mrs. S but Keira knows right away that Alison is not her mom but she gets Keira promise not to say anything. Alison is so successful as Sarah that she managed to get Mrs. S to agree to let her walk Keira home from school the next day.

The address that Sarah happens to go to is actually Maggie Chen. Before heading into the apartment, Sarah leaves a message to Art pretty much telling the truth minus the clone bit. At the apartment, Helena is there and I believe she tells Sarah that Maggie was the one that made them. They discuss being clones and the people feeding Helena these lies about being the original clone and being special. They are interrupted by Art but before he enters the apartment, Sarah lets a dying Helena go.

Art is now in the precinct with Sarah and their boss wondering why she was at Maggie Chen’s apartment. She feeds them a lie that she just happened to be there but says that she came back too soon and quit the force.

We then see Helena, only in a nightie stumbling along in the street, she collapses and looks very pale. A van comes upon her, we see someone pick her up wearing a ring that contains the same symbol that was on Helena’s knife and she is placed in a van that drives off.

I have to say that Tatiana Maslany continues to impress me on this show. I think I said it last week but she does such a good job at making each clone so different and you can tell there is a difference even when she is Alison pretending to be Sarah. It may be confusing but she some how makes it work. If anything, Tatiana Maslany keeps me watching this show and I think by now I am invested in finding out what the heck is going on.

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