Revolution “The Song Remains The Same” Recap & Review

Revolution - Season 1Tonight’s episode we discover how they lights when out around the worlRachel explains to Aaron that the blackout was caused by a piece of tech that is the size of a virus and that there are a quadrillion out there that absorbs power. Rachel tells Aaron that they are breathing it in We also learn that these viruses can be programmable and it is programmed via the Tower. Aaron wants to go to the Tower to re-program the viruses to turn the power back on. But Rachel doesn’t want to leave Charlie alone.

In one of the rebel’s hiding places, Miles and Jim are training the troops, including Charlie, to better battle Monroe and his men.

As they train, Neville and a convoy is passing by their base of operations, Neville is in a Humvee listening to Lionel Ritchie on an iPod until there is an explosion that lets the rebels capture Neville.

Before leaving for this Monroe-commissioned mission, Neville’s wife (Kim Raver) can’t pretend that their son, Jason, is dead but Neville warns his wife that if Monroe finds out that their son went AWOL, it will put their loyalty into question and pretty much means the end of their lives.

Rachel wants to kill Neville but Miles feels that he is more valuable as a prisoner to question. Rachel is not happy at this decision, as she wants the man that killed her husband punished.

Miles goes to question Neville who is un-phased at any of Miles torture tools. Miles wants to know where Neville is going with a haul of diamonds and what does Monroe want to do with them. Neville doesn’t answer him but taunts Miles over Danny’s death and how rescuing Danny would have alleviate the guilt over those he killed while in the militia. Miles starts to beat Neville senseless and will continue to do so until he talks.

Revolution - Season 1More rebels descend upon our gang and among them is Jason, who is now a rebel. Jason has come to talk to his father but Miles won’t let him as he doesn’t trust him.

Night falls and Rachel goes to see Neville but before she can, Charlie wants to know what she is doing. Rachel simply tells her daughter that she is going to kill Neville. But Charlie wants her mom to wait; they need Neville alive. Rachel wants Charlie to move out of the way because Neville needs to pay for the deaths of Danny and Ben. Charlie becomes the voice of reason and they can’t let emotions into play here. Rachel tells Charlie that she is starting to sound like Miles, which Charlie says that it isn’t such a bad thing. Upset, Rachel runs into Miles, who comforts her.

Jason does indeed eventually confront his father in his jail. Neville finds out that his son is now a rebel. Jason wants to know something from his father and that is where he went wrong in his eyes even after he did everything he asked him to.

Neville tells him he was hard on him because he didn’t want him to turn out weak like him but he is still proud of him. Jason doesn’t believe him as he feels his father used those honeyed words so he could cut him loose. Before Jason could leave, Neville throws his mom in his face and if he doesn’t complete the mission, Monroe will kill her. That seems to have appealed to Jason who helps his dad escape and wants to go with him. Just when we think Jason is a turncoat, letting Neville escape was all part of the plan in finding out where Neville was headed: a cement factory in Philadelphia. With that information in the hands of Miles et al. Neville is once again a prisoner.

But Neville doesn’t remain a prisoner for long, he manage to un-cuff himself and kills his guard and Nicholas (Derek Webster).

Miles and company start their plan towards Philadelphia and the cement factory.

The gang towards Philly includes, Miles, Nora, Jason, Jim and Charlie. Charlie identifies Randall at the cement factory. Randall has with him a briefcase and the rebels try to stop him from escaping and then a battle at the cement factory ensues with gunfire, sword fights and bows and arrows flying. The rebels win but Randall has escaped.

However, in the cement factory, the rebels find cases of radioactive material.

Neville has returned home to get his wife to run away from Monroe before they are killed.

Miles and Jim debrief Rachel on what they found at the cement factory and brings her the plans they found. It seems that Randall bought a nuclear bomb. Jim seems ready to surrender but Rachel says there is something they can do.

Rachel tells Charlie that she is leaving the rebels to go to the Tower to turn the power on for all, the good guys and the bad guys. Before she leaves, she asks Miles to promise to take care of Charlie for her. Miles won’t let her leave and Rachel gets kind of cryptic about their relationship. That is when Miles and Rachel get hot and heavy with a pretty steamy kiss.

But Rachel leaves anyways and takes Aaron on this journey with her. Charlie wants to go with her but Rachel doesn’t want her to come since she doesn’t plan on coming back. They affirm their familial bond and Rachel and Aaron leave.

So will Rachel and Aaron be successful in their mission? Will Rachel and Charlie reunite? And what about that kiss between Miles and Rachel?



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