Orphan Black Episode “Variation Under Nature” Recap & Review

Episode three was the one that we saw an exclusive clip of during Comic Con Toronto and in that scene was the one where Sarah meets one of her clone compatriots, Cosima in a bar so Sarah can know more about being a clone and Cosima can get Katiya’s briefcase.

But the episode begins with what I think is a pretty cool sequence. In that scene, we see three Tatiana Maslany in one scene as Sarah, Alison and Cosima. The visual effects in that scene is so seamless that I am thoroughly impressed. Anyways, it seems that Felix is on on clone club as he went searching for Sarah and ended up meeting her clones.

Felix wants Sarah to take the clone situation seriously and find out what is going on but Sarah wants to stay the course in getting the money back from Art to start a new life with her daughter.

She goes to the police station to retrieve the money from Art but he refuses until she is back on active duty, which doesn’t take along as she is reinstated and her first case is to investigate the discovery of a dead body: Katiya’s. Luckily for Sarah, the body face is unrecognizable but an arm has been recovered and they plan on getting fingerprints from it.

In that conversation from the bar, Cosima tells Sarah that the fingerprints will match Sarah’s. She also tells Sarah that the European clones are being hunted and Beth was helping Katiya find out who is after them and asks Sarah to remain as Beth to help them. Sarah agrees and gives Cosima, a Ph D student in evolutionary biology, the briefcase to discovers who created them.

Back at the precinct, Art and team receive a phone call from a disguised voice but it has an accent talking about how he killed Katiya and gives up the location of the shooting. Art goes to investigate with his new partner while a benched “Beth” stays behind to check who called and learn about the fingerprints.

Art and partner are at the location where Katiya was killed and where Sarah was shot and find several clues including tire tracks from a motorcycle and a doll’s head that looks like Katiya.

Sarah manages to delete the fingerprints and his safe for now. She then goes to visit her foster mother who tells her that Sarah can see Keira again once she sees that Sarah will stay put.

Sarah phones Cosima to let her know that she destroyed the evidence and fears her cover being blown because she is not a very convincing cop and her time at the gun range will prove that. Cosima tells her she knows someone who can help: Alison. And thanks to her help, does well with target practice.

Alison brings up the fact that the $75,000 is money that she gave to the cause that will help them buy information that they can’t get legally and Alison wants her to get the money.

In a funny scene, Felix babysits Alison’s kids while Sarah and her are at target practice and when she comes back her kids have cross-dressed and have really taken to Felix.

Even after knowing that the money belongs to Alison, Sarah tells Felix that she doesn’t want to return the money to her but stay the course. Paul comes home unexpectedly and after a brief argument the two start to get hot and heavy all the while Felix watches but Paul puts a stop to their make out session.

I really do hope there is more to Paul than what we are seeing and from what I’ve been reading, there is but I am getting a little impatient. Also, I would love for Sarah to actually fall in love with Paul because her and Dylan Bruce to have nice chemistry.

Anyways, at the gun range, Art and “Beth” discuss the evidence that they’ve found including the motorcycle.

At the home of the motorcyclist, Sarah finds a photocopy of Katiya’s driver license, which she takes before Art notices but what she shares is a biblical verse that is all over the apartment. Sarah then notices a gun from the window and moves Art out of the way but he has been hit. Art orders her to pursue. When she confronts their attacker, it is another clone, this time a frizzy blond-aired Ukrainian. This woman thinks she is Beth and after knocking her down goes to kill her but Sarah tells her that she is not Beth and this causes the latest clone to not kill her yet. Sarah manages to wound her but she still gets away before Art arrives on the scene.

Art feels guilty that she wasn’t there for “Beth” as backup so to make up for that, he gives back all of the $75,000. Ssrah then proceeds to put her plan in action but just as she is about to kidnap her own daughter, she realizes her foster mom has a point and decides to get her daughter back the right way. Plus, Sarah feels that she can’t disappear with Alison’s money with letting them know about how another clone is the one that killed Katiya.

We see this new clone pulling the rod that Sarah used to stab her out of her gut and as we pull away, we see her back with several cuts and gashes up and down her back that look like veins. We are unsure if that’s what will happen to these clones eventually or this was inflicted on her.

More questions abound and Orphan Black keeps on getting intriguing on the strength of Maslany’s convincing performance of infusing her different clones with distinct personality traits.

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