Orphan Black “Instinct” Recap & Review

Orphan Black episode 2Episode two opens up moments after episode one with Sarah as Beth on the phone with a mysterious woman asking about Katiya the German. When “Beth” informs her that Katiya is dead, the woman panics and says that “they are killing us.” She then asks “Beth” if she got Katiya’s briefcase but “Beth” answers no. The mystery lady asks “Beth” to bury Katiya but before she does to take samples of her hair and blood, which I don’t think Sarah does.

In a remote location, Sarah does buries Katiya but before she does, she empties her pockets and pulls out a hotel key.

After cleaning Beth’s car in and out of Katiya’s blood and getting the windows fixed, Sarah returns to Felix’s loft, where Sarah’s wake has just finished and a drunk Vic just misses Sarah coming.

Sarah asks Felix whether or not her daughter thinks she is dead but Felix doesn’t know. She also asks Felix why did they hold the wake but Felix says that it was Vic’s idea as well as contacting their foster mother Mrs. S. Felix also tells Sarah how Vic wants to get to know her daughter. This doesn’t sit will with Sarah but then proceeds to tell Felix that she successfully got Beth’s $75,000 which will allow them to tak Keira away and start a new life together. But when Felix opens up the case for the money, he instead finds case files about the shooting that get Beth suspended that were left behind by Beth’s partner Art Bell.

An angry Sarah as Beth calls Art asking what he is on about with taking the money. It turns out that Art thought it was a pay off of some sort to get Beth back on the force instead of trying to clear her name via the internal hearing. Art tells “Beth” that he won’t return the money until she is re-instated.

Meanwhile, at home, Beth’s hunk of a boyfriend Paul start pointing out some differences he has noticed in Beth. “Beth” passes this off as stress of her the shooting. Paul thinks it also has to do with all the meds she takes. Paul then briefly moves out. This allows Sarah to study Beth’s case intently so that she can better face the internal hearing.

Elsewhere, Felix pays his foster mom, Mrs. S a visit. We do find out that Keira doesn’t think her mother is dead since she keeps on asking when she will see her again. The young girl playing Keira is quite cute and precocious. Anyways, Felix and Mrs. S discuss Sarah while Keira is out of the room and how disappointed Mrs. S is in Sarah for abandoning her daughter especially since she left the UK for Canada to give them and Felix a better life.

While all this is happening, Sarah keeps on getting phone calls from this mystery lady who keeps on asking “Beth” to retrieve Katiya’s briefcase. Sarah does eventually go to her hotel room and notices that it has been trashed. The hotel staff knows this to and wants her to pay for the damages that Katiya has blamed on hard partying. It also turns out the hotel has been keeping safe the briefcase.

Sarah opens the briefcase and notices X-rays and blood samples like one for a Danielle Fournier. She then notices a whole bunch of IDs of young woman who like exactly like her but of different nationalities. Sarah once again receives a call from this mystery lady and Sarah thinks it is Alison, one of the IDs we saw in the first episode. When Sarah stops pretending to be Beth but herself, the mystery lady questions who she is but Sarah keeps on pressing the lady to reveal her identity. The lady hangs up.

In the briefcase, Sarah finds Alison’s address. She lives in Scarborough, suburb on Toronto. Sarah follows Alison to a soccer field and discovers that she is an uptight soccer mom. Sarah manages to confront Alison but still questions aren’t answered.

After her confrontation with Alison, Art calls “Beth” again who informs her that the hearing is off because her shrink deemed her unfit for duty. “Beth” gets a meeting with her shrink and after blackmailing her about over prescribing “Beth”, “Beth” gets another hearing, which she manages to pass with flying colours and it looks like she will be back at work.

Alison then calls Sarah back asking her to meet back at her house that night. Sarah brings Felix in for backup. She tells Felix that Katiya is dead but won’t reveal anything else.

Sarah goes to meet Alison in her home and there she meets another her, a young lady with dreads and this her is the mystery lady that Sarah has been talking to.

In the previews, Sarah finally learns that she is a clone and someone is killing them off.

So I congratulate Orphan Black you have sucked me in and Jordan Gavaris was wrong, he said I would be asking this question after episode 1 but I am asking it now. I am curious to see where this show is going.

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