Arrow Episode Three “Lone Gunmen” review

First off congrats to Arrow for getting a full season pickup from the CW. I don’t know if it will have a 10 season run like Smallville did but I am glad that we will get to see 22 episodes of this cool new action show.

So in “Lone Gunmen” we are introduced to Deadshot (Michael Rowe), a character that we’ve seen before in two Smallville season 10 episodes: Shield and Collateral. Here in Arrow, he is an advisary of Oliver/Arrow (whereas in Smallville, he was an advisary -as a member of the Suicide Squad – turned ally, thanks to Chloe), who took out one of Oliver’s revenge list before he had a chance to. I’m actually glad that Deadshot did this because Oliver didn’t get a chance to use his catchphrase when nabbing a baddie.

It appears that Deadshot was hired by a rival of Oliver’s stepdad in an auction to buy an energy company and he is next on Deadshot’s kill list.

Fun Fact: The building where the auction was being held is the SFU Segal Building but was also home to the Royal Canadian Mint’s display of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paraolympic medals that I stood in line for 90 minutes to see but some people stood in line for 4 hours to see.

Back to my review. Before all the assassination attempts, Oliver tracks where Deadshot is staying and they get into a little gun/arrow fight with a draw being declared and Oliver walks away with his laptop but because it was damaged, he brings it to Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).

There really is no explaination as to why Oliver goes to Felicity other than the fact that she works IT for Queen Industries. Felicity is Oliver’s Chloe. They are both blonde and are fantastic with computers. It looks like Felicity will be in several episodes this season and am wondering if Oliver will let her in on his secret so she can be his Watchtower.

I didn’t really care for the B storyline with Thea and Moira. Yes we know that Thea is a hot mess cause of her dad’s death and Ollie’s disappearance but there has got to be more to her character then someone who Oliver needs to fix and someone that spills the beans on other people’s secrets. Unless she does indeed become Speedy, Arrow’s sidekick, I can see her being an expendable character like Whitney Fordman was in Smallville.

And Moira’s shady dealings was not advanced in this episode. I truly see her become this complex villain like Lionel Luthor.

The secret that Thea spilled was that Laurel and Tommy had a fling when Oliver was missing for 5 years. Tommy wants to date Laurel but she is unsure that he can be a one-woman man. Plus, Laurel is still hung up on Oliver – that chemistry is still there in their one brief scene together.

In that nightclub scene we see Laurel kick some ass, not kick ass like Lois Lane but this may perhaps foreshadow her becoming Black Canary. I really hope she does become her. It would be great for Oliver to have a fellow hero working side by side with.

But right now they really need to give Katie Cassidy more to do than being the champion lawyer, getting over Oliver and comtemplating dating Tommy. And Tommy needs a story to other than wanting to date Laurel and be Oliver’s best friend.

I can see that friendship descend into enemy territory like Clark and Lex’s did in Smallville.

Anyways, the episode ends with Deadshot dead as Oliver shot him in that special eyewear that he wears.

The island flashbacks, we see Oliver being tended to by a mysterious Asian man speaking to him only in Mandarin (I think) which is probably why Oliver is multilingual since he spoke fluent Russian in this episode.

I am continually impressed with Stephen Amell as Oliver. Yes he is still hot (except the awful wig he wears in the flashbacks) and impressed with all the physical stuff that he does but I really like him when he is that brooding introspective guy/hero and not the playboy act that he puts on. He blows that persona so hot and cold. But he is using that playboy persona to build a nightclub in a part of Starling City that is known as The Glades – a poor part of the city. This night club happens to sit on top of his lair and will be his cover to explain where he goes every night. Oliver’s excuses are just as bad as Clark’s when he goes off and does Blur duties.

Which is why I am glad that Oliver decided to let Diggle in on the fact that he is Arrow. I think Diggle suspected it based on the lame excuses and Oliver’s athletic prowess.

The show needs someone that is connected to both Oliver and Arrow. Plus, Oliver really needs someone to confide in and bounce of off, which is why Smallville initially had Pete know Clark’s secret to make his character useful but then found it was more useful having Chloe know.

Anways, next week’s episode airs on Halloween but the only one wearing a costume in the episode will be Oliver. Here’s hoping that Laurel becomes more connected to Arrow.

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