Arrow Episode Two “Honor Thy Father” Review

There is one thing that is going to get old quickly on Arrow and that is his catchphrase when going after the corrupt of his beloved Starling City and that is his uttering “[Insert name of person being revenged] you have failed this city.” I got sick of it as soon as Arrow uttered it in the first few seconds.

Oliver crossing people off a list is very reminiscent of ABC’s Revenge and I don’t know how long that storytelling can be sustained. In Smallville, the freak of the week only lasted a season before they delved right into the Superman mythos. I am not truly familiar with the Green Arrow mythos but I am sure future seasons will see Tommy become a villain and somehow Laurel becomes the Black Canary.

I can tell that Oliver’s bodyguard, John Diggle, is going to be let in on Oliver’s secret. I really think that he needs someone on the show that knows his secret and almost guide him in a sense. Diggle suspected something when Oliver saved Diggle from China White (Kelly Hu) by throwing a kitchen knife with precision that Oliver passed off as pure luck.

I also see that Laurel’s relationship with her detective father, Quentin, as a relationship that is very similar to the Lois Lane/Sam Lane relationship in Smallville. His protectiveness in tonight’s episode reminded me a lot of that relationship

Anyways, in tonight’s episode we are introduced to DC Comic’s China White who works for the Chinese Triad and who Laurel happens to be prosecuting the head for murder. Oliver first encounters China when she is sent to kill Laurel and later tangles with her as Arrow in a cool fight in an abandoned warehouse as Arrow was seeking justice for Laurel’s client. Both escape so we can expect more.

I am not quite sure what to make of Moira,Oliver’s mother. We find out, not surprisingly that the shipwreck was not an accident but was Moira behind it? Is she like Smallville’s Lionel Luthor? And what is with the that interesting symbol that is in Oliver’s revenge book and the one that appeared with that person in the limo?

Oliver continues to put on two faces. One to the public is the jerk boyfriend/douche but sometimes, especially in the scene with Oliver visiting Laurel’s apartment, for a nice heart-to-heart, he is a damaged man that has grown introspective and caring.

Amell and Cassidy continue to have nice chemistry and I saw a very nice spark between them in the scene mentioned and when they first met in the episode in the courthouse.

If I can predict something in future episodes of Arrow is that I see Oliver putting on the mask of jerk playboy to disguise the fact that he really is the introspective hooded vigilante. It is almost like he is Clark Kenting it. And so far, no one has called his alter ego Arrow or Green Arrow but referred to twice as Robin Hood or the Hooded Vigilante.

I also see Laurel and Arrow connecting. It was teased at in a promo after the pilot. I kind of like that idea. It reminds of the Lois and Blur relationship in Smallville. I see Arrow visiting Laurel to confide in her as the Blur did with Lois and them developing a close bond.

Of course another thing that was teased is a potential love triangle between Oliver, Laurel and Tommy but Arrow could make it a square. It would as if Oliver, like Clark, will be competing with his alter ego for his lady love.

And another thing that is so different about Arrow than Smallville is the fact that the show’s leading lady is someone I can get behind. I wrote in an earlier blog about my hopes for the show is that I love that it is Dinah/Laurel that is Oliver’s love interest on the show. Now I don’t know if Oliver had any other love interests in the comics but we know that the main one is Dinah. So unlike Smallville where the showrunners wanted me to root for Clark and Lana to get together, I really want Oliver and Laurel to get together. But we know that is a few seasons and many love interests off for both of them before we see them reunite. I only hope it doesn’t take 5 seasons (like in Smallville) for our hero to finally be with his soulmate.

Anyways, looking forward to what episode 3 holds and to see Arrow’s version of Deadshot.

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