Arrow Episode 4 “An Innocent Man” review

Four episodes in and I am officially in love with Arrow and that is because we get a lot of Arrow and Laurel interaction but more on that later.

We start episode 4 where episode 3 left off with Diggle finding out that Oliver is the hooded vigilante. Oliver revealed himself because he wants Diggle as part of his team to take down the corrupt individuals who have ruined the lives of innocent people in Starling City on their way to the top.

Diggle is disgusted at the offer because Oliver has killed on his way to take down these corrupt individuals and quits as his personal bodyguard. But Oliver is persistent and explains why he does what he does and it is because of his father and a book he had filled with names of the people that are ruining Starling City. By episode’s end Diggle, wanting his life to mean something and that he wants to do some good, decides to join Oliver in his quest but won’t be his sidekick and his there to remind of who he is and let him descend into a remorceless killing machine.

The meat of the episode however centered around Peter Declan (Lane Edwards) who is on Death Row awaiting execution for the murder of his wife but Oliver believes he is innocent because he has a connection to last night’s list target, Jason Brodeur. It appears that Declan’s wife was a whistleblower in one of Brodeur’s company and was going to blow the lid on the fact that his company was dumping toxic chemicals in the river and Brodeur had her killed and her husband framed.

To help him prove Declan’s innocence, Oliver as Arrow enlists Laurel’s help. Before hand though, Thea mentions to Oliver that he really should show Laurel who he really, the new him.

Oliver does do that as Arrow when he goes and asks for her help. He uses a voice modifier to disguise his voice kinda of like Smallville’s Oliver does when he dons those sunglasses or when Clark was first talking to Lois as the Blur.

Their scenes together were really good and displayed Stephen Amell’s and Katie Cassidy’s chemistry. At first Laurel is disgusted at Arrow but as they continue to talk about the case, you can tell that Laurel is starting to develop a crush on him as she declares that the city needs more people like, people that care more for other than themselves. When he leaves the scene, Laurel has a slight smile on her face, clearly indicating that she is smitten.

Or is she? Because when word gets out that Brodeur plans on killing Declan in a stage prison riot, Arrow comes in and rescues Laurel and Declan but a prison grabs Laurel and is choking her to death until Arrow sees this and starts to beat the guy to death until Laurel stops him. Laurel declares to her dad that he was right that Arrow is a killer that showed no remorse. But I am wondering if Laurel is just saying that to appease her father because she really does like what Arrow is doing to help her city. It seems that way based on some spoiler images for future episodes.

Before the prison stuff goes down and after their conversation where Laurel makes her declaration to Arrow, that seems to put a smile on Oliver’s face as he tells Thea that he showed Laurel who he really is and it seems to be working. This could be building up to a triangle built for two or a square built for three if you factor in Tommy (who was absent in this episode).

In the flashbacks, we learn that the Chinese man can speak English and encourages Oliver to kill a bird to survive and that he should stop staring at the picture of Laurel he keeps in his wallet because that is what he needs to do to also survive. I actually loved the fact that he keeps Laurel’s picture in his wallet because it shows that he really loves her although at the time he was a jerk that cheated on her with her sister. But Oliver still has her picture and uses it as a bookmark in his revenge book.

The B-plot was actually significant to the overall show storyline. Walter has discovered that $2.6 million has gone missing from Queen Consolidated (guess they can’t call it Queen Industries because Smallville used it there). He enlists Chloe 2.0 …sorry I mean Felicity Smoak… to help find what happened to it. Well it looks like Moira used that money, not to invest in a friend’s startup as she said, but in a company called Tempest that bought a warehouse. Walter, easily guessing the password to the warehouse (come on we all should know that passwords need to be a combination of letters, numbers, capital, lowercase or characters) and what he sees inside is the yacht that shipwrecked Oliver.

And Moira goes and meets a Well-Dressed Man (John Barrowman) who tells her that Arrow is targeting “the list.”

The episode ends with Laurel’s dad coming in to arrest Oliver because security footage of the night Deadshot took aim at Walter showed Oliver getting ready to go into Arrow mode.

So next week, we will see how Oliver gets out of that pickle. I think it is too early for everyone to know that Oliver is Arrow.

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