The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 6 “Chocolate Week” Recap

Chocolate definitely makes the world better. So what is in store for our 6 remaining bakers?

Signature Bake

The Bake: 8x Ice Cream Sandwiches but chocolate is the star

My blue sugar cookie ice cream sandwich

The Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

What I would bake: I recently made ice cream sandwiches over the summer. I would make a black cocoa cookie with mint chocolate ice cream. Half the cookie would be dipped in white chocolate. I would use my Darth Vader cookie cutters for it

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

I am intrigued by Kristi’s and in particular her chocolate bao.

  • Chi: Chocolate Sesame Mochi Bears made with chocolate sesame ginger ice cream, sesame truffle and mochi brownie. Kyla noted the ice cream was a bit soft and said the candied ginger was uplifting. Bruno like the mochi brownie.
  • John: Chocolate Citrus Crunch made with dark chocolate semifreddo, chocolate orange cookie and a candied orange slice. Kyla liked the semifreddo and the orange was well balanced.
  • Kristi: Frosty Family Fusion made with Thandai Masala ice cream, nutty rose crunch and chocolate bao. Kyla loved the chocolate bao and says the fennel and rose flavours worked. 
  • Lauren: Flourless Canine Crunch made with peanut butter crunch ice cream, miso caramel, and black chocolate brownie. Bruno liked the texture of the ice cream and Kyla liked the brownie.
  • Rosemary: Toast to Chocolate made with whiskey molasses ice cream, chocolate bourbon biscuit and gold chocolate ganache. Bruno liked the flavour of the ice cream despite it not being set.
  • Zoya: Triple Threat made with saffron cardamom frozen yogurt, pistachio almond crunch, and gold chocolate chip cookies. The ice cream all melted. Bruno liked the flavours.

Technical Bake

The Bake: Sacher Torte

The Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

How I would have fared: Probably would do just okay. I think making the cake is fine but the glaze and tempering the chocolate would be a challenge. The jam would be an issue too. And whipping the cream by hand? No thanks. That is why I have a stand mixer and a hand mixer. 

How the bakers did:

First in the Technical

  1. Chi
  2. Kristi
  3. Rosemary
  4. John
  5. Zoya
  6. Lauren


The Bake: 3D chocolate reveal. A treat within a tempered chocolate shell. 

The Time: 3 hours and 15 minutes

What I would bake: My chocolate shell would look like Grogu’s bassinette when it is closed. When you open it up, it will be a Grogu white chocolate \butter cream matcha cake 

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

I like the sound of Chi’s 3D chocolate sculpture. 

  • Chi: Citrus Surprise filled with lime or orange cream puffs with craquelin. Bruno called the orange cream puff a clean flavour.
  • John: Covert Triple Chocolate Cake filled with while and milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate raspberry sponge. Bruno wanted him to be a bit more creative. Kyla called the mousse and cake text book.
  • Kristi: Clandestine Cognac Layer Cake filled with a kek lapis sarawak and chocolate mousse. I liked how Kristi lit it on fire to reveal the treat. Bruno liked the mousse and the kek lapis sarawak.
  • Lauren: Chocolate Surprise Par-Tea filled with choux religieuse filled with thai tea creme diplomat and topped with gold chocolate ganache. Bruno called it fun to eat and Kyla called it a tea party she would love to join anytime.
  • Rosemary: Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Bushel filled with apple and white chocolate entremets. Bruno said the apple needed a bit more acidity.
  • Zoya: Tiger Tail Blooming Flower made with chocolate anise mousse and orange gelee. Kyla suggested putting in a dot to help it bloom. Bruno loved the gelee.

Up for Star Baker: No one is mentioned but said that everyone could have been Star Baker

Star Baker for Chocolate Week

In danger of going home: Rosemary

Star Baker: Lauren

Going Home: Rosemary

Quick Thoughts: Can’t believe next week is the quarter finals. The season has flown by so fast. Kristi and Chi a bit stumbled this week. Lauren really shone and is going to give John a run for his money to be part of the final three. Not too surprised that Rosemary went home. She was skating by each week. 

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