The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 6 “Botanical Week” Recap

The last time the show did Botanical Week as in season 4 and I remember the technical was garden chicken dumplings that I did make. So what floral delights await our remaining bakers the second time around.

Signature Bake

The Bake: 12 Pressed Flower Sandwich Cookies – any edible flowers or herbs.

The Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

What I would bake: I would probably make a rosemary shortbread with a white chocolate and raspberry buttercream filling. 

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

Chi’s, Jomar’s and Kristi’s had the most interesting sounding bakes. 

  • Chi: Jasmine and Peach Cookie made with a Jasmine and green tea cookie, peach curd filling and toped with a jasmine tea jelly. Bruno and Kyla called the look vibrant. Bruno called the flavours complex but the cookie was underbaked.
  • John: Forest and Flower Cookies made with fresh spruce tips and hibiscus jelly. 
  • Jomar: Alfajores from home made with jasmine flowers, jasmine cookie, and dulce de leche. Bruno called it gently elegance and like the floral foundation but noted the cookie was underbaked. 
  • Kristi: Both/And Cookies made with a sun-dried tomatoes and mint cookie and fresh herb chutney and peppered goat cheese. Bruno loves the bake and presentation and calls it sweet, sour and refreshing. Kyla called it perfectly balanced.
  • Lauren: Big Fig Wasps made with a thyme and walnut biscuit, burn honey and goat cheese filling and topped with pansies. Kyla called the presentation magazine worthy and liked the fresh after taste. Kyla said the flavour combination didn’t work and Bruno said the cookie was too thick.
  • Rosemary:  Bee-Crazy Biscuits made with honey buttercream and a blue cheese honey and rosemary biscuit. Kyla noted the filling was quite thick and Bruno called it waxy.
  • Zoya: Almond and Clover Cookie made with a Marcona almond cookie and mascarpone buttercream and apricot jam .filling. Kyla loved the colours and loves the apricot and mascarpone flavour. Kudos were given to her helpers that helped finish the bake.

Technical Bake  

The Bake: 16 Chebakia

The Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

How I would have fared:

My PVR description of this week’s episode revealed that chebakia would be the technical bake and I Googled it and I think what I would find most complicated is shaping the bake to look like a rose. I might find dipping it in the syrup difficult too. I am probably not going to make this because I don’t have a deep fryer. And 5 cups of honey! That is going to wipe out my entire honey stash in my pantry.

How the bakers did:

  1. Jomar

    First in the technical

  2. Lauren
  3. Kristi
  4. Chi
  5. John
  6. Zoya
  7. Rosemary


The Bake: An Illusion Cake to look like botanical object or thing.

The Time: 4 hours on the clock

What I would bake: A Death Star chocolate cake with the middle hollowed out to look like planter with a cactus cake planted in the middle. 

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:  

I am all about John’s cake. I love coconut rum and pineapple. 

  • Chi: Lettuce Eat Cake Salad made with an almond sponge cake, blackcurrant mousse and wafer paper lettuce that is topped with fondant fruit and vegetables. Kyla liked the different textures and Bruno liked the balance of acidity and richness
  • John: Boozy Vacation Pineapple made with a coconut rum cake and pineapple filling and ermine buttercream. Kyla called the layers even and says all the flavours flow together.
  • Jomar: Succulent Mini-Garden made with lavender vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache, succulent buttercream, and a chocolate devil’s food cake. Bruno loved his piping and loved the hint of lavender. Kyla wanted more of the lavender flavour.
  • Kristi: Bonsai Tree made with a chocolate beet root cake and hojicha tea buttercream and raspberry jam. Kyla called it a work of art. Bruno called the cake light and Kyla liked the tiny hint of raspberry.
  • Lauren: Squash Garden made with white chocolate chai ganache, pumpkin seeds and a kabocha squash cake. Bruno called it stunning and called the cake amazing. Kyla called it delicious.
  • Rosemary: Gravity-Defying Flowerpots made with a grapefruit bergamot cake and fondant petals. Bruno liked floral and citrus of the cake. 
  • Zoya: Terrarium for Nathan made with haskap berry jam, chocolate espresso cake, isomalt terrarium and buttercream succulent. Kyla called the haskap jam the star and Bruno agreed and said it went well with the chocolate.

Up for Star Baker: No one is specifically mentioned

Star Baker for Botanical Week

In danger of going home: No one is specifically mentioned

Star Baker: John

Going Home: Jomar

Quick Thoughts: No one really had a misstep and no one really shone this week so it was hard to see who was going to be Star Baker and who was going to go home. Not too surprised it was Jomar was going home since he came in last in the technical and his signature was under baked. However, I am really loving how everyone in this tent is so supportive of one another and giving a helping hand where needed. We saw this tonight the other baker’s helping Zoya during the signature and then Rosemary during the showstopper. 

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