The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 6 “Biscuits and Bars Week” Recap

This year, I set myself a goal to make 100 baked goods. Despite my really busy schedule, I would the majority of the 64 bakes I have done so far have been cookies/biscuits and bars. My favourite has been this mocha chocolate chunk cookie recipe from Jesse Szewczyk. It is so good that it is going to be my contribution to a charity bake sale this week.

Let us see what sort of cookies/biscuits and/or bars are remaining 9 bakers have to make.

Signature Bake

The Bake: 12 x Meringue Bars

The Time: 2 hours

What I would bake: Lemon Meringue cheese cake bars with a cardamom shortbread base. 

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

I am liking the sounds of Nigel’s, Andre’s, Jomar’s and Chi’s meringue bars

  • Andre: Brazilian Millonaire bars made with Scottish shortbread, caramel and Cupuacu chocolate ganache. Bruno said from bottom to caramel, it was perfect but overall it was too sweet.
  • Chi: Tropical Dream Bars made with pineapple and yuzu cheesecake bars, yuzu marshmallow and coconut shortbread base. Bruno said they took cuteness to a higher level. Kyla called it light and delicate and enjoyed the coconut flavour.
  • John: Black and Blue Meringue Bars made with a thyme-lemon shortbread, blueberry mousse and topped with a vanilla Italian meringue. Bruno liked the thyme but Kyla thinks the meringue could use one more step.
  • Jomar: Beat the Heat Bars made with classic shortbread, mango custard and peppermint Italian meringue. Kyla didn’t think the components came together.
  • Kristi: Best Queer Bars in Town made with vanilla shortbread, lemon curd, marzipan pride flag and amaretto mascarpone mousse. Kyla likes the Amaretto and lemon flavours.
  • Lauren: Mum’s Margarita bars made with lime and tequila curd and cayenne shortbread. Bruno noted it tasted like a real margarita
  • Nigel: Burnt toast and raspberry jam bars made with burnt toast crust, raspberry curd and toast crumbs. Bruno thought it looked like s’mores and not pretty but liked the flavour. Kyla liked the burnt toast flavour.
  • Rosemary: Sweet and Tangy Chamoy bars made with a pecan shortbread, chamoy curd with chili lime seasoning. Bruno liked the buttery shortbread. Kyla likes the ancho flavour.
  • Zoya: Pretty in Pink Bars made with hibiscus shortbread, hibiscus guava cheese cake, guava puree and Italian meringue. Bruno said the guava was so subtle that the cheesecake took away from it.

Technical Bake  

The Bake: 36 Chocolate and Vanilla Alfajores

The Time: 2 hours

How I would have fared: It is interesting that it uses a pressure cooker to make the dulce de leche. I am curious to try and make it using my Instant Pot. I might be able to okay at it. I think I would fail at tempering the chocolate. The last time I tempered chocolate was when I made GCBC’s digestive cookies and it was such a time suck. 

How the bakers did:

  1. Rosemary

    First in Technical

  2. Lauren 
  3. Andre
  4. John
  5. Kristi
  6. Zoya
  7. Nigel
  8. Jomar
  9. Chi


The Bake: Fairy tale cookie scene.

The Time: Fours

What I would bake

My favourite fairly would probably be Beauty and the Beast. I would probably do cookies of all the magical objects and recreate “Be our Guest”. The base would be a gingerbread dining table and the magical objects would be a black chocolate cookie.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:  

  • Andre: Central Park Carriage Ride made with light and dark gingerbread and coconut macaroons. Bruno noted some things were missing in his showstopper. Kyla said it takes a moment to get the spice in the light cookie. Bruno liked the orange in the dark.
  • Chi: Hansel and Gretel’s Revenge made with maple walnut sandwich cookies and Earl Grey sugar cookies. Bruno liked the Earl Grey cookie. Kyla liked maple flavour of the sandwich cookie.
  • John: Fairy Door made with oatcake, meringue mushrooms and kransekake. Kyla called it enchanting. Bruno loved the oatcake and noted the kransekake lacked some crunch.
  • Jomar: Ugly Duckling Cookie Scene made with Earl Grey Pink peppercorn shortbread and Italian meringue cookie ducks. Bruno loved the pink peppercorn cookie and liked the ducks.
  • Kristi: Legend of the Jade Rabbit made with almond five-spice sugar cookie and black cocoa and cardamom ginger bread. 
  • Lauren: Billy Goats Gruff mad with Pepparkakor and almond shortbread. Bruno admired her flooding skills but finds the almond cookies a bit burnt. Kyla liked the Scandinavian cookies. Kyla said the cookie was hard to chew and she liked the balance of the 5-spice cookie. 
  • Nigel: Jarashi the Eternal Cookie Dragon made with Jasmine tea sugar cookies and dark coffee gingerbread. Kyla liked the isomalt work. Bruno called the jasmine cookie a ugly delicious cookie.
  • Rosemary: Twelve Dancing Princesses made with light and dark shortbread, butter cookies with raspberry ganache and moss cake. Kyla loves the enchanting look of it. Bruno finds the light shortbread very spicy.
  • Zoya: Rapunzel and the Radish Guards made with cardamom and fennel gingerbread and black pepper cumin cookies. Kyla said she could eat a whole platter of the cookies and Bruno didn’t find the horseradish overpowering. 

Up for Star Baker: Chi, Kristi and Zoya.

Star Baker again!

In danger of going home:  Andre and Nigel

Star Baker:  Chi

Going Home:  Andre

Quick Thoughts: Chi is definitely the front runner and I predict they will be in the final along with Kristi and Jomar. Not too surprised that Andre went home as he can’t seem to execute his vision for his bakes. 

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