The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 4 “Italian Week” Recap

We are down to 7 bakers in season 4. Mahathi emerged as a front runner along with Larry. Who will join them at the front of the back and how did our bakers fare in Italian Week? Let’s read to find out.

Signature Bake

Chocolate-Almond Cantucci.

The Bake: Biscotti. Two dozen in two difference flavours. 

The Time:  1 hour and 30 minutes.

What I would bake: I made a version of biscotti a while ago called a cantucci. It was a double chocolate-almond cantucci so I would do one of my biscotti as that. The second one would be strawberry and cream biscotti using freeze dried strawberries with vanilla bean mixed in and dipping them in white chocolate. 

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

I am intrigued by Mahathi’s savoury mango jerk biscotti. Very curious to see how a savoury biscotti would taste as I’ve never had one. Sheldon’s biscotti has flavours that I can get behind. Another biscotti flavours that I can get behind? Maggie’s!

Sheldon: Memories of Summer Camp Biscotti. His flavours are a s’mores and oats and nuts biscotti. Kyla noted that his oat and nuts biscotti was too soft. Bruno calls his s’mores one creative and it had a great crunch.

Tanner: Buon Natale Biscotti. HIs two flavours are chocolate orange with almonds and cranberry white chocolate drizzle. Kyla says she can taste the holiday flavours.

Dominike: PB&C Biscotti. Her two flavours are cherry powder biscotti and peanut butter and chocolate biscotti. Bruno noted the peanut butter biscotti was too soft but the cherry one had a better crunch and Kyla called it playful.

Maggie: Family Favourite Treats Biscotti. Her flavours are chocolate-pistachio and pecan praline biscotti. Kyla called them ooey-goody good. Bruno calls her chocolate ones overcooked.

Larry: Pistachio and Cherry Almond Biscotti. His flavours are pretty much in the title of his biscotti bake. Bruno noted the inside of one of the biscotti’s just needed a touch more time in the oven. Kyla liked the topping of Larry’s cherry biscotti.

Raufikat: Mum and Dad Biscotti. Her flavours are chocolate drizzle (dad) and lemon cranberry (mom) biscotti. Kyla noted that Raufikat showed off the control of her baking and overall her flavours are lovely.

Mahathi: Taste of Jamaica. Her two flavours are Jamaican Sorrel and Mango Jerk biscotti. Kyla noted the inconsistent bake and Bruno liked the mango jerk biscotti and called it innovative. 

Technical Bake

Last week’s Technical Bake was Stroopwafels. Head over to my Go to Bread Blog to see how my version turned out (spoiler alert! They did not). 

The Bake: 12 Cannoncini aka Italian Cream Horns. Made with puff pastry and filled with a pistachio cream.

The Time: 3 hours and 15 minutes (the longest technical ever on the show)

How I would have fared: I’ve never heard of this but I love cream horns. Making the puff pastry shouldn’t too hard. I think I can make puff pastry (did a version for the time I made the Kouign Amann) and the cream shouldn’t be too hard. The only thing is do I want to buy the moulds for this? Can I use something else and achieve the same result? Based on me trying to make the stroopwafels, it is best to try and use what the show recommends instead of a substitute. The only time it worked for me was using a lye substitute for the pretzels. Then there is pistachio paste. Is this something I need to buy or can I make by buying pistachios and turning them into a paste?

How the bakers did:

7. Dominike

6.  Raufikat

5. Tanner

4. Maggie

First place finisher in the technical bake.

3. Larry

2. Sheldon

  1. Mahathi



The Bake: Edible version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower needs to be made of three different sweet or savoury Italian treats. 

The Time: 4 hours

What I would bake: I am a bit stumped here. I am not super familiar with Italian baking. So I would probably make my tower with S-cookies, Italian meringue and a sweet focaccia (flavour TBD). Have no clue how the structure will look.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:  

Sheldon: Magical Italian Tower made with sfogliatelle, Amaretti and Almond Croquette. Bruno calls his tower insane and Kyla thinks it looks free and relaxed. Kyla loves the lobster tail and the ricotta in it. Kyla also loves the amaretti and Bruno called it perfect. Kyla calls the almond croquette not too sweet.

Tanner: Calabrese Tower made with amaretti, ciambelle, pignolata and pitta ‘mpigliata. Kyla called it fun and liked the look of the ciambelle. Bruno liked the amaretti and calls it perfect. Kyla said Tanner challenged himself and gave a solid showstopper/

Larry: Torre Geniale made with lemon zeppole, pangiallo, cherry-almond cookies, and grissini shelves. Kyla calls the zeppole beautiful and Bruno says the flavour was well-balanced. Both liked the grissini.

Dominike: That’s Amore Tower made with almond amaretti, lemon bombolini and struffoli. Bruno said that Dominike could have done with out the Italian flags. Bruno said the bombolini absorbed too much oil. Kyla said that Dominike could have done without a whole cherry in the amaretti.

Maggie: Wedding Tower made with espresso meringues, baci di Dama, rainbow cookies and cannoli. Bruno liked the cannoli and like the tartness of the cherry. Kyla liked the kiss of chocolate in the baci di Dama. Kyla liked it despite the burnt meringues.

Raufikat: Tower of Tuscany made with spice panforte, bomboloni and amaretti. Bruno calls her showstopper homey, inviting and elegant. Bruno loved the donuts and Kyla said the flavours were there. Kyla noted the heat in the panforte and called it nice. Kyla and Bruno noted that Raufikat nailed the amaretti.

Star Baker for Italian Week: Sheldon

Mahathi: Fashion Week Tower made with pistachio baci di Dama, chocolate orange zeppole and savoury taralli. Kyla wanted more scale on her showstopper. Bruno said the zeppole was underbaked but liked Mahathi’s baci di Dama.

Up for Star Baker: Sheldon and Raufikat

In danger of going home: Dominike and Maggie

We said goodbye to Dominike.

Star Baker: Sheldon

Going Home: Dominike 

Quick Thoughts: Yeah for my Vancouver boy Sheldon for getting Star Baker. Sheldon is starting to pull through and getting his presentation equal to his presentation. Not surprised that Dominike was sent home. Dominike hasn’t really wowed the judges throughout her time on the show.

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