Burden of Truth Season 4 “The Homecoming” Recap

The homecoming in question of the episode’s title is Helen’s daughter, Samantha, coming home. Joanna meets with Samantha and tries to get her to stand up to the mine and refuse to sell. However, there is still bad blood between Samantha and her mom so she wants Joanna to meet with the mine and tell them to make her an offer.

With that bust, Joanna is still looking for avenues to help Helen’s case and unloads her woes to Diane. It is nice to get a scene with these two women!

Joanna meets with Elise with a new offer but it is not at all as great as the initial offer. Elise says that Helen’s property is no longer a priority but they still want it and are only offering stock options. Joanna reluctantly takes the offer but before she can go and bring it to Samantha, she finds a tire on her car slashed. Just as Joanna makes this discovery, an Oro North truck drives by.

While this was happening to Joanna, Billy was meeting with the mine worker’s union and gets a document from the union president about some document the mine company wants the workers to sign.

Billy comes home to find Joanna determined more than ever to discover what Oro Mine is hiding. This eventually leads her to the City Hall archives where she discovers that the mine’s current land assessment is basically a word for word copy of the assessment the mine did way back in 1982. Joanna goes to confront the mayor on this and he tries to bribe Joanna a legal counsel job on a committee meant to keep the mine in check. Joanna refuses the job offer.

Meanwhile, Luna and Stevie are going through every legal option to untangle Dee from her pimp Wesley and also get her the money she needs for a clean start. Luna and Stevie think the best course is for Dee to sue Wesley for grooming her for the life of a sex worker. Luna goes to consult Joanna on this idea and she tells her sister that it would only work if Wesley has deep pockets.

Speaking of Wesley, he has found Dee at Taylor’s and tries to get her to go with him. Thankfully, Luna stands up to him and warns him that he is trespassing at a cop’s house and he stands down.

Dee thinks that she will never be able to escape Wesley and worries about the other women who are being held captive. Taylor, Luna and Stevie discover that Dee can retrace her steps just by sound and this helps lead them to where the women were taken: Oro North Mine Housing.

This gives the deep pockets that Luna needs to get Dee the money she needs. Luna goes to Joanna and Billy to say they want to use Oro North for human trafficking.

The four of them work through the night coming up with sound legal arguments but one thing Billy is sure is that Oro Mine is covering up that they are a cover for a human trafficking ring but that in fact that this gold mine company has no gold at all.

Elsewhere in Millwood….

  • Joanna learns her fate from the legal disciplinary board but we do not
  • Joanna visits her couple’s therapist to dig into her issues with her father
  • Taylor shares her dysfunctional relationship with father with Dee
  • Diane admits to Owen that she stayed longer in Guyana because she couldn’t handle being around Owen who just doesn’t share his feelings with her. This creates a bit of tension between the two but they make up and re-affirm their love.
  • Kip overheard Diane questioning to Owen why he was there. This caused Kip to runaway but Diane and Owen find him and bring him back to their place.
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