Burdent of Truth Season 3 Finale “Shelter from the Storm” Recap

Season 3 has seen Joanna and Billy face a series of losses and as we head into the finale, things are not looking good. Despite their best efforts, Team Crawford and Chang cannot seem to find anything on Solomon Stone. With less that 24 hours to their first day in court, Joanna tries to rattle opposing council but to no avail.

Their only tactic is for Joanna to prep Kodie for her testimony and Billy to hope and pray his dad will show up and testify to retract his parental neglect complaint.

Not helping matters is that Team Crawford Chang has to rely on Mercer and his testimony that he knew things got fishy when Stone took over as Chief Medical Officer of ClearDawn and that child apprehensions increase in Millwood.

Day 1 happens and Kodie does okay while being questioned by Joanna but things fall apart when ClearDawn’s lawyers bring up her arrest for credit card fraud 6 years ago. Things get worse when Billy’s father shows up. While it starts out fine where Billy’s dad does retract his parental neglect claim, it goes downhill when ClearDawn’s lawyer tells the court that Billy’s dad is drunk and requests that his testimony be stricken. Unfortunately for Joanna and Billy, the judge agrees and it is another loss for them.

It is during a conversation with Luna that Joanna realizes that they need to dig further into the past of Solomon Stone/Stafford even all the way to childhood to see why Stone is so hell bent on separating children from their parents.

Joanna gets Stone on the stand to read some lab results which state that Kodie was on crack. Joanna shows Stone another test that states the same but the twist is that is was actually Stone’s test but used Kodie’s name. Joanna wants to show a clear bias that Stone has against Kodie. But Stone seems to smooth talk his way out of this with answers to still prove his credibility.

Luna does come through and gives Joanna a file about how Stone’s sister Heather died in a house fire. We learn that this happened when Stone was 4 and tried to save his sister but couldn’t. Also, we learn the fire was set by his mom and her cigarette. Stone is still calm on the stand but Joanna keeps on pressing him about his neglectful mother and why he let his bias slip in when reading test results. Eventually, Stone snaps and says that people like Kodie doesn’t deserve to be parents. This leads the judge to rule in Kodie’s favour and she gets her kids back. In fact, the 57 child apprehensions by Millwood Family Services are also over turned.


  • Diane explained to Owen why she had an affair. It was because her husband drifted away from her and while she said she would never betray Owen, she feels him drifting away. Owen disagrees, declares his love and the two seem to be back on track.
  • Taylor isn’t happy that Mercer got off scot free but has an ace up her sleeve. Taylor gets Mercer asking to buy dirt on Owen on her voice memo. This breaks Mercer’s plea deal and he gets taken in.
  • Owen arrests Mayor Shepherd for her part in ClearDawn and Millwood Family Services.
  • We then take a time jump where Crawford Chang is now bustling (thanks to taking on the hedge fund client). Also in this time jump:
    • Luna won a case in small claims court and seems to have found a new love in law school.
    • Taylor is now a RCMP cadet thanks to some words of encouragement from Owen who said that Taylor would make a great cop.
    • Joanna is about to pop at any moment but at the closing moments of the episode she speaks to her unborn child. First apologizing for probably screwing them up but also encouraging her child that she and Billy will be there for them.

And that ends season 3 of Burden of Truth and from the way the episode ended, it felt like a series finale versus a season finale. And I think that this might be the last season of Burden of Truth as I haven’t heard or read anything about CBC renewing it.

What are your thoughts on the season finale and do you think that this was the series finale? Sound off in the comments.

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