Anne with an E Season 3 (Series) Finale “The Better Feelings of My Heart” Recap

It turns out that the season 3 finale of Anne with an E was actually the series finale. And that is too bad because the show will not hit several of the novels beats that the show didn’t get to. In particular, we won’t see the death of Matthew and how that devastated both Anne and Marilla. We will miss Rachel Lynde moving in with Marilla after the death of her husband. We also won’t get to see Marilla take in Davey and Dora Keith.

If we go by the universe of the show, then we won’t know what will happen to Ka’kwet and if the show would have brought together Miss Stacey and Bash.

But there was one thing we did get (and am most happy about) is Anne and Gilbert finally getting together and admitting their love.

But this journey almost didn’t happen. The episode opens with Gilbert breaking up with Winifred because of Anne. Winifred is humiliated especially since she believes that Gilbert dumped her because of his feelings for Anne that he believes is unrequited. Winifred gets Gilbert to promise not to tell anyone what has happened until she leaves for Europe in two week’s time.

When Gilbert returns to Avonlea, he is at Miss Stacey’s awaiting the results of their Queen’s college exams. It turns out everyone passed and got in (even Diana). Gilbert speaks to Miss Stacey in private to seek her assistance in getting into the University of Toronto since the Sorbonne is a no go.

While everyone is happy getting into Queen’s, two people are decidedly not and that are Diana’s parents. The two are livid at Diana and her mom thinks she failed her daughter. Mr. Barry states that Diana only had one job and that is to nab a husband and pretty much tells her to go to finishing school.

Meanwhile at Green Gables, Matthew is all distant and cold towards Anne by making plans for having Jerry move into the house as if replacing her. In reality, this is Matthew trying to deal with losing Anne and later the two do reconcile.

In other developments, Elijah visits Bash to beg forgiveness for his behavior after his mother’s death. Elijah wants to be in Delphine’s life but Bash is not on board with that. After seeing how sincere Elijah is and how much really wants forgiveness and atone that Bash allows his stepson to stay.

Before the Avonlea students part ways, Gilbert pays Green Gables a visit to find Anne and profess his love but she is not at home. Instead, Gilbert writes a heartfelt note with her fountain pen to say that he loves her and is not engaged. However, when Anne comes home and sees the notes, she assumes that it was Gilbert rubbing it in that he is engaged to Winifred and immediately rips the letter into pieces. Soon Anne thinks that it might have been a confession of love and goes to gather the piece. Unfortunately, the pieces she gathers just confirms her original assumption and she goes to tell Diana so.

The girls of Avonlea (Anne, Ruby, Tilly, Jane and Josie) arrive at their boarding house and are all excited to begin this new chapter. Anne has her own room and lays down her heart locket on the bed that was supposed to be Diana’s.

Elsewhere, Marilla has been writing to the first person to take Anne in and is disappointed that she did not have any further information on Anne’s parents. However, a letter for Anne arrives from Scotland so Marilla and Matthew journey to Charlottetown and Aunt Jo’s so the three of them can open up the letter together.

When Anne opens up the letter, it contains nothing of significance. Anne says she is okay with the news but Cole knows better and comforts her later.

Not to be dissuaded. Marilla realizes that are only a ferry ride away to meet the first person to take in Anne. When Matthew and Marilla meet her, they end up finding items that belonged to Anne’s parents, in particular a book on flowers that had an inscription to her mom from her dad.

Later, Anne decides to go for a walk around Charlottetown and see Winifred. Winifred is upset at seeing Anne but soon realizes that she has no clue that Gilbert and she broke up. We don’t see it on screen but we assume that Winifred told her as we see Anne rush through the streets of Charlottetown to go home.

On the train presumably to Charlottetown, Gilbert sees Mr. Barry and Diana. Mr. Barry congratulates on his engagement but Gilbert tells him that he is not. Diana is happy to hear this news and confronts Gilbert for toying with Anne’s feelings. Diana berates Gilbert for always being in love with Anne the moment she hit the slate over this head (true that!) and that his feelings were very obvious doing dance rehearsals. Diana gets angrier at Gilbert for taking Winifred to the carnival and then asking Anne how he felt about her and only giving her 30 seconds to announce her feelings. Diana then mentions Gilbert ignoring Anne’s letter where she professed her love. Gilbert has no clue what Diana is talking about but this leads him to run through the streets of Charlottetown and to Aunt Jo’s (I think) or maybe the boarding house.

It is there Anne and Gilbert finally get together and share a beautiful kiss. Anne has to pinch herself to make sure this isn’t a dream. Anne then kisses Gilbert to confirm that she has feelings for him too. The two promise to write to each other while he is at the U of T. Mr. Barry arrives with Diana, who all of sudden is allowed to go to Queen’s (I feel like we missed something here), and tells Gilbert he can take his carriage back to the train station. Before Gilbert leaves, he kisses Anne one more time.

Marilla and Matthew return and show Anne the book they found. Anne is touched at the inscription but is further moved when she finds a painting of her mom by her dad that shows that she too was a red head.

Later that night, Anne writes her first letter to Gilbert to say that she looks like her mom.

So ends Anne with an E. Overall, this show was just okay. I really didn’t like how off book the show became and tried to add 21st century sensibilities and thinking into an early 20th century show.

I know I am biased but I will always love the 1985 mini-series. Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie will always be my Anne and Gilbert, Richard Farnsworth my Matthew and Colleen Dewhurst by Marilla.

However, I really liked Dalila Bela as Diana much better than Schulyer Grant. Bela has such great spunk that I enjoyed every much. I also liked Geraldine James as Marilla as she was sort of like Dewhurst. The only person that I couldn’t really accept was R.H. Thomson as Matthew. I was first introduced to Thomson as Jasper Dale on Road to Avonlea and Jasper pretty much was like Matthew, a shy man. There are times when I was writing my recaps that I accidentally typed Jasper only having to backspace to type Matthew.

While it would have been great to see where the show would have taken Anne and Gilbert in a potential season 4, I am okay with it ending because at least the show put them together in the end.

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