The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3 “Finale” Week

It the final three and I called it back in Chocolate Week that Colin, Nataliia and Jodi would be in the final three. Last week, I predicted that Jodi will win so let’s see if I was right.

Signature Bake

The Bake: Fraisier. Bakers can have any flavours as long as it compliments the strawberries but also shows off their mousse, sponge and cream work.

The Time: 3 hours

What I would bake: I honestly probably would do exactly what Jodi did. A chocolate strawberry combo. I actually will try my hand and make this next summer as I have strawberry plants in my backyard that has gotten out of hand so I think I am going to a good crop.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

Colin: French toast fraisier with maple mousse. Kyla really loved Colin’s French toast fraisier and the maple flavours. But Bruno noted that the mousse and strawberry didn’t quite come together and become seamless.

Jodi:  Strawberry chocolate fraisier. Bruno liked how the strawberries and mousse came together but he and Kyla were disappointed that the strawberry jam didn’t set. Despite that the judges both loved the flavour.

Nataliia: Strawberry matcha fraisier. Nataliia’s fraisier simply looked stunning and the judges loved it. They also loved the match flavour but didn’t like how it overpowered the other flavours.

If I had to say who one this round, I would say Nataliia but each baker had some mistakes that the judges noted.

Technical Challenge

The bake: Marjolaine. This cake combines layers of nutty meringue, praline buttercream and chocolate ganache

The time:  2 and half hours.

How I would have fared: Probably not well. Like most technicals, I have not heard of this. Taking a look at the recipe that the bakers had to work with, it had a lot of steps. I would have gotten overwhelmed.

How our bakers fared:

3. Jodi

2. Colin

  1. Nataliia – who won her first technical of the season

So going into the showstopper, the front runner is Nataliia – can my pick to win it all come through in the Showstopper. Let us proceed to see.

The Showstopper Challenge

The Bake:Pièce montée – a pastry sculpture made of choux pastry, cake and cookies.

The Time: 4 and half hours

What I would bake: Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. When I went to Shanghai, I was obsessed with the Oriental Pearl Tower. I took so many pictures of it that it really got out of hand. I would do round vanilla cake with coconut butter cream, the bottom would be gingerbread cookies to hopefully hold up the round cakes and mango cream eclairs to connect the other round cake and use the same for the top.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

Colin: CN Tower pièce montée. Elements included a milk tea cake, matcha eclairs and kransekake. Kyla liked the lychee buttercream of the milk tea cake but Bruno noted that the choux pastry was under baked. Both admired that Colin took something he learned from an earlier week (kransekake) and used it for his last showstopper.

Jodi: Eiffel Tower pièce montée. Elements included a strawberry cream puff, petit fours, meringues and sugar cookies. Unfortunately, time got away from Jodi and she was missing a side and didn’t give the finishing touches to her petit four, which Bruno noted that it was dry. Both judges did love the strawberry cream puffs. The judges also admired the ambition and height of the pièce montée.

Nataliia: Motherland Monument pièce montée. Elements included a chocolate prune cake, pistachio cream puff, ginger cookies and macaron. The judges admired the details in Nataliia’s pièce montée and liked the flavours of all the elements.

After seeing all the bakes and the judges thoughts, you can pretty much know who the winner is.

The Winner of Season 3 of The Great Canadian Baking Show is…..







Not too shocking as Nataliia’s bakes have consistently been top notch and just so artistic. A bit disappointed that Jodi had a bad two days and just fell out of contention. Colin definitely had a chance and went big.

I am hoping that CBC renews this for a season 4 and that Aurora and Carolyn come back as hosts, they were a riot and loved how they loved the bakers. I am definitely going to apply again and fingers cross I get an audition and then get on the show. I know my main struggle is being artistic like Nataliia and being bold in flavours like Chris. I really hope to not play it safe if I ever were to get on the show. But I am working on improving in this department. Follow me on Instagram for my baking journey at @gotobreadbakery.


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