Anne with an E Season 3 “A Hope of Meeting You in Another World” Recap

This episode of Anne from an E put the spotlight on the horrors of residential schools. But before we see that Ka’kwet is excited to be attending and even receives one of Anne’s old dresses as a gift that would help her fit in. Ka’kwet and her family see this as a good thing but when Anne goes to visit Ka’kwet while she is in Halifax, we see the true horrors of the school.

We see Ka’kwet has been given the name of Hannah and forced to sing Christian hymns and say prayers. When Ka’kwet sees Anne, she tries to scream to her her desire to go home. But the nuns drag her away. We also see that she has been given a new haircut and is punished with the strap when she starts speaking in her language.

Meanwhile, Bash is deep in grief over Mary’s death and barely hears Gilbert about the funeral plans and how to get Elijah to come. Eventually, when Bash goes to the bog, he learns from Mary’s two friends, Constance and Jocelyn, that Elijah never was in New York and refused to read Mary’s letter. They tell Bash where to find Elijah and when he does, he tells him that Mary has died and to please come to the funeral. Elijah tells Bash what is the point as it makes no difference to the dead. This causes Bash to punch Elijah and the two end up in a brutal fight where Bash gets the worse of it and has to be taken care of by Dr. Ward. The main characters in Avonlea attend Mary’s funeral and we see Elijah crying over his mother’s letter to him.

Speaking of Dr. Ward, it looks like Gilbert’s friendship with his assistant, Winifred is blossoming as the two are having tea again and he confides in her doubts of becoming a doctor. Gilbert then asks Winifred to visit him in Avonlea, which she doesn’t object.

Elsewhere, Anne and Marilla get into a fight about going to Halifax to learn more about her parents. Matthew steps in and gives Anne his permission to go. Matthew gets Marilla to realize how unreasonable she is being and need not fear Anne leaving them but instead should encourage her for wanting to learn more about her history.

While Anne is away, Marilla is taking care of Delphine, who continues to be one of the most adorable babies on television right now. Marilla is having a rough day with her fight with Anne weighing on her and also the rampant racism she receives from the townspeople who see her babysitting Delphine. But Marilla never lets that bother her as she continues to dote on the baby.

Before Anne journeys to Halifax, she is made to look more mature with the help of Cole and Aunt Josephine so she can go unchaperoned. Anne pours over lots of records until she discovers that her parents indeed died weeks from each other but that she is also Scottish. Anne shares this news with Matthew and Marilla. Marilla even encourages Anne to write to a church in Scotland to learn more about her family and even helps in her endeavor.

In other Avonlea news, Diana wants to break free from this proper upbringing she has been forced to endure. First she rides a horse for the first time not side saddle then she joins her maid as she does errands in Avonlea. When one of those errands leads to Jerry’s family farm, Diana fakes an ankle injury so she can spend the night with his family. For the first time, Diana is having fun and looks to be enjoying herself with Jerry’s family. From the looks of things, it seems the show is pairing up Diana with Jerry. I am wondering when Fred Wright will make his first appearance? Alas, Diana’s fun comes to a crashing halt when her parents bring her back home.

Finally, Rachel Lynde has kept her promise to fix up Miss. Stacey and the first suitor is her own son. Their walk date does not go well and the next date does not go well either. One of the things that I did like the later seasons of Road to Avonlea was the pairing of Miss. Stacey with Clive Pettibone and I am hoping that Anne with an E maybe adopts that bit into their show. Fingers crossed.

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