The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3 “Old School” Week Recap

When I saw that “Old School” was the theme this week, I wasn’t sure what the show meant by old school. I am a child of the 80s and to be honest bakes back them seem to be same as bakes today – at least to my memory so it was interesting to see how the show defined this.

Signature Bake

The Bake: 

A coffee cake with a streusel topping and it must be moist.

The Time:  90 minutes

What I would bake: 

Be still my beating heart, I actually would do very well. This my kind of baking. So many possibilities but I am going with a favourite recipe when I went to UBC: Ponderosa cake. It pretty much is a banana cake but I will do a brown sugar and cinnamon streusel topped with chocolate chips. I may add caramelized bananas on top. I have made this but it was a long time ago. So perfect for old school week.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

Of all the coffee cakes, Jay’s and Jasmine’s are ones I want to try.

Chris: chai spice coffee cake with poached pairs and chai streusel. Kyla liked the details and the flavours but Bruno said the cake was dry.

Colin: Fig and oat coffee cake with a honey glaze and topped with an almond fig streusel. Bruno called the cake tasty but Kyla’s notes that the streusel melded into the cake.

Jasmine: Peach and raspberry coffee cake with a cinnamon sugar streusel. Bruno said her cake looked appealing and the fruits tasty and not that sweet.

Jay: Memphis coffee cake with a peanut butter bacon streusel. Kyla liked the streusel topping but the cake was raw. Despite that the flavour was good.

Jodi: Strawberry rhubarb coffee cake with an orange glaze. Kyla loved the flavour but wished it had a swirl

Liam:  poached pear coffee cake with whites chocolate streusel. Bruno like the presentation and Kyla said all the flavours came together.

Nataliia: fresh strawberry and apple coffee cake with an almond streusel. Bruno said while the cake was tasty it was too wet.

Technical Challenge

The bake: Creme caramel

The time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

How I would have fared:

I think I have made this just once and it can be finicky but I do like eating them. I think I would probably do just okay maybe somewhere in the middle.

How our bakers fared:

7. Natalia

6. Jay

5. Liam

4. Jodi

3. Jasmine

2. Chris

1. Colin

The Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: extra large celebration cake. Single tiered but can be multi layered and any delicious fillings we want.

The Time: 3 and a half hours

What I would bake: For my niece’s third birthday I made a her really big slab cake. It was a yellow cake but I might make it an earl grey lemon and lavender cake. It will still be to my nieces for winning a hockey tournament and my filling would be a raspberry jam. The top would be goalie gear stuff like a mask and goalie stick. The icing would be a vanilla buttercream and would write MVP three times on top.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

I am with the judges in this one as I think I would love Jasmine’s cake too.

Chris: Chocolate banana cake with coffee buttercream for surviving medical school Bruno notes the lack of decorations and Kyla said the bananas made the cake too moist. Despite all that Kyla loved the flavours.

Colin: a retirement cake: chocolate tiramisu cake with candy jewelry. Kyla notes the wonky writing in his cake but liked the sugar jewelry. Bruno said the cake was dry.

Jasmine: a grad cake with a Strawberry moscato cake with strawberry buttercream. Drunk said it was well decorated calling it exciting a vibrant. Bruno called the flavours stunning.

Jay: Pride cake with raspberry whipped filling. Kyla loved the sprinkles in the cake. But Bruno notes that the flavour was a bit flat.

Jodi: 10th wedding anniversary cake made from raspberry vanilla cake. Kyla said she nailed the height of the cake and Bruno loved the piping of the roses. Flavour wise, Bruno said it was smart to add fresh raspberries.

Liam: a carrot cake for a cariboo with cheese cream filling. Kyla called the cake moist and good distribution of spices.

Nataliia: Spinach mint cake with marscapone raspberry filling for her mother in law’s 70th birthday. Bruno said the cake looks beautiful in and out. Bruno called the cake delicious.

In the running for Star Baker: Jasmine, Jodi and Natalia

In danger of going home: Chris and Jay

Star Baker: Jasmine


Going Home: Jay

Next week is chocolate week. I would be very interested to see what they have to make to see how I will fare.



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