Anne with an E Season 3 “A Secret Which I Desired to Divine”

A new season of Anne of an E means new things for Anne and the folks of Avonlea. The first episode of season 3 introduces us to Ka‘kwet, a Mi’kmaq girl that Anne befriends at the outdoor hockey game. It seems that Ka’kwet’s father makes hockey sticks for the boys of Avonlea including Gilbert. Anne is fascinated by Ka’kwet and asks to interview her and her family for the school newspaper. Ka’kwet and her father agree and we see Anne taking a look at the Mi’kmaq way of life and Ka’kwet telling Anne all of about her family’s history. Knowing about one’s history is starting to become important to Anne as she is soon to turn 16.

There are other changes happening too for our characters. We learn that Diana is going to be sent off to Paris in 183 days for finishing school while Anne is off to Queen’s University along with the rest of the class. Diana feels isolated from her peers because of this but her parents insist on her going to Paris as it gives her a better chance for a husband.

And it seems that romance is in the air at Avonlea school as rumours are flying about Josie Pye and Billy Andrews. Meanwhile, Ruby Gillis unrequited crush on Gilbert seems to grow and Anne tries to help that along but it backfires as it becomes increasingly clear that she herself is starting to fall for Gilbert. And it seems that Mr. Blythe feels the same way. On another romance front, Rachel Lynde seems to have made it her mission to fix Miss. Stacey up with an eligible bachelor in town. I am wondering if they follow in Road to Avonlea’s footsteps that it might Clive Pettibone (season six and seven).

One couple that are strong and more in love with each other is Bash and Mary, who have recently welcomed baby daughter Delphine. Bash and Mary are living at the Blythe farm and Marilla visits three times a week to help Mary out while Bash is out at work.

On the day of Anne’s 16th birthday, Marilla and Matthew play it real cool and act like it is any normal day but end up surprising her with a cake and a 50 cent coin. Anne is moved and surprises Marilla and Matthew by declaring she wants to know about her parents. Anne has thought through her plan to go to Nova Scotia with Gilbert as a chaperone to Charlottetown and Cole as an escort to Nova Scotia. At first reluctant, Matthew and Marilla allow Anne to know about where she comes from. Despite their reluctance, both worry privately to each other about what this mean to their family. Matthew is worried that Anne would be heartbroken with what she finds while Marilla worries that Anne will find a distant relative and decide to live with them.

Diana throws another surprise party for Anne and it is a tea party for the girls of Avonlea discuss how stupid boys are.



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