Burden of Truth Season 2: The Milk of Human Kindness Recap

It looks like the separation of Winnipeg and Millwood might be coming to an end based on what transpired at episode’s end. But before we get to that, let us find out what lead us to this cliffhanger.

Billy and Shane

Billy gets a phone call from Shane saying he needs a ride as their sister’s van broke down, an outside of town. When Billy asks where exactly where they are, Shane indicates that they are at their dad’s. Billy arrives but refuses to go in to see their dad.

The next day, the Crawford brothers engage in some sort of old childhood competition for the Crawford Cup. Shane tells Billy that he should see their dad as he is the only parent they have left and should just forgive him. But Billy refuses to forgive a man who beat them up and was forced to be the man of the house when he left. Billy was only 8-years old when told all this. Shane had no idea that Billy went through all that and he said that means he did his job. Billy then kicks Shane out of his house so he can have some alone time.

Joanna and Noah

Noah interrupts a potential new client meeting at Joanna’s law firm to tell her that his livestream of his court hearing has gone viral but for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, the alt-right is using his tirade as an affirmation to their right to free speech. They head into her office but Noah is all paranoid but he has good reason to as he finds a wifi camera in her smoke detector that has been broadcasting everything that has happened in her office.

So Joanna reconvenes with Noah and Mara at their place in order to some damage control from the viral video.

Once there, Joanna tries to get Noah to take down his app, GenBreach, but he still refuses. To get Joanna to understand what is at stake here, they get her to play “Human Complex” the Lovand game that data mines the gamers to invade their privacy. When Joanna sees that the game has gleaned a lot of very personal stuff about her life, she is ready to see Lovand burn at the stake. A key to that is a Toronto security company that Lovand had hired and used Joanna’s old firm for write up the contract. Noah and Mara were hoping Joanna could call upon her dad to help. But when Joanna calls her dad she decides that she can’t ask him once she learn he is in Millwood. More on that later.

So Joanna crafts a statement denouncing the alt-right’s viral take on his video which Noah posts on Twitter. However, this has made things worse as Lovand hacks into Noah’s Twitter account to post a photo of him with a man that was one of the faces of the white nationalist protest in the United States. This image has caused all the universities to cancel their talks with Noah. This further plunges Noah into a deep depression. Joanna gets Noah to post a YouTube video denouncing the photo. But when Noah does, he breaks the NDA he had with Lovand. By the end of the episode, Joanna sees that Noah has given up.

Teddy seems to see the writing on the wall and pulls Joanna off the case to work on the pharmaceutical company case. Joanna doesn’t want to give up but Teddy orders her to and give the case to Sunil. But before handing over the case, Joanna goes back to Noah and Mara’s. Noah is ready to sign the injunction but Mara pleads for him not to give up as other people who believe in their cause will be arriving later that night. Noah signs the injunction and says he will take down GenBreach but Joanna gets another idea after learning more about the visitors.

When Joanna returns to her office, she gets Sunil to photocopy some confidential files as it relates to Noah’s case. However, Joanna catches Sunil taking photos of those files with his phone. Joanna realizes Sunil has been working with Lovand and sabotaging her case. Sunil is promptly taken away by security and Joanna is back on the case. Joanna meets with the Lovand lawyers to say that they will post on Twitter all of the very personal information “Human Complex” gained from its users saying it is a violation of their privacy unless Lovand drops the case against Noah. I am not 100% sure what happens but it seems like it was a victory for Noah and Joanna as they are seen celebrating with drinks later that night. However, Joanna’s victory is cut short by a phone call to Billy.

Millwood via Winnipeg

Before we get to what led Billy to call Joanna, we see Luna out with Bear Clan, patrolling the streets. Luna comes across a young boy and gives him a granola bar but soon a violent fight ends up happening in front of her. It gets broken up by Doreen, a fellow First Nations woman. Luna later meets Doreen in the washroom and learns she is a single mother and also a sex worker. This latter fact is on Luna’s mind and she hitches a ride with Taylor back to Millwood to see her mom.

Taylor has gone back to Millwood to see her dad after reading his letter. But Taylor soon leaves after seeing that her dad is not apologetic for getting the town sick. An upset Taylor calls Luna and the two make plans to hang. Luna is also upset as she tells her mom about Doreen and wondering who out there will protect her.

When Luna goes to meet Taylor at her motel, she runs into David who is in the room next door. David is not in the mood to talk to Luna and tells her to get her mom to accept the settlement. Luna doesn’t know that David visited Gerrilynn earlier and offered her $500,000.

Hearing about the offer, Luna flies into a rage and when David tries to call the police, the two engage in a wrestling match for control of the phone. We later see Taylor texting Luna wondering where she is at. Luna apologizes to Taylor to say something has come up and she won’t be able to make it. We see Luna all upset in her car and ends up sitting underneath a tree.

We start to piece things together as to why she is upset. The reason why Billy called Joanna is for her to come back to Millwood because her dad was found dead, presumably murdered by a broken bottle of scotch to the eye. We see the police gather evidence around the motel room including a strand of black hair. We also see Luna slip into bed next to her mother.

The episode ends with Joanna arriving at Billy’s doorstep.

So we are to assume that Luna killed her father or at least is the prime suspect which will lead to Billy and Joanna defending her. With that new plot twist, does that mean Noah’s case is done? Noah did say that Lovand is going to back again so who knows. I will be honest, I didn’t see that coming. I read somewhere that David was going to help Joanna with her case against Lovand but that certainly isn’t true now.

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