The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 2 “Pastry Week” Recap

I do enjoy making pastry. I make a mean apple pie that people love but I do find it time consuming to make my own pie crust. With that being said, there is something satisfying making homemade crusts versus store bought.

Signature Bake

The Bake: A slab pie – a rectangular pie with fruit of your choice

The Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes.

What I would bake: I would make a strawberry mango slab pie. It is two fruits that I enjoy. But like Mengling, I’ve never made a slab pie before but I am sure it can’t be that difficult. In terms of the decorative topping, most likely something Star Wars related like maybe recreate a scene. If I learned anything from making my last apple pie, to avoid the soggy bottom, I actually cooked my filling a bit to get some of the liquid cooked off. I then strained the apples before putting them in the shell. I also then drizzled the filling with the left over juices.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

Timothy: Tiny Dancer slab pie using a curtained decorative backdrop with a blueberry and banana filling. Rochelle called his presentation spectacular. Bruno noted the pastry isn’t baked. Rochelle thinks the flavours worked.

Megan: Farm views slab pie with torched meringue filled wth Saskatoon berries. Rochelle noted the pie looked wet and Bruno said the crust was not cooked.

Devon: Dungeons and Dragons slab pie with peaches and apricots and plum butter. Bruno could not see the dragon and the dough was raw.

Sachin: Apple fangipane slab pie with a decorative peacock design. Bruno likes the concept but felt there was no colour contrast. Bruno noted that while the apple tasted fine, the pastry over powered the apples and Rochelle said the fangipane made the pie more cake like.

Mengling: Three Dog Moon pie with blueberries and elderflower pie. Bruno loved the design and lacked some bake on top. Rochelle called it sensational and elegant. Bruno said the pie had a good ratio of filling.

Andrei: Strawberry Garden slab pie with balsamic vinegar. Rochelle calls the smell of the pie divine. Bruno said the pie has a good bake and the fruit is sweet and shiny.

Technical Challenge

The Bake: 12 sweet and 12 savoury Palmiers

The Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

How I would have fared: I’ve made Palmiers before but never made a home made rough puff but I did by a stand grater so I can attempt to make it. So I think I might do decent like not come last but also not at the top. It was interesting to know that Palmiers needs to be folded versus rolled because I was rolling them in the past. Maybe that is why my Palmiers never turned out the way they were supposed to.

How our bakers fared:

6. Devon

5. Timothy

4. Megan

3. Andrei


2. Sachin

  1. Mengling

The Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: 18 breakfast pastries: 6 danishes, 6 croissants and 6 sweet buns. Andrei’s croissant is something that I might want to try and make one of these days. But Devon’s basket sounds and looks like the one I would devour. I have to say that Timothy’s pineapple buns look so cute.

The Time: 4 hours and 30 minutes

What I would bake: The croissant: lemon croissants with lemon curd filling and a lemon glaze. Sweet buns: cinnamon pecan bun and the danish: spinach and cheese.

Mengling: Yuzu Strawberry pastry basket: Yuzu filling croissant, strawberry cream cheese danish, and maple pecan sweet bun. Bruno loved the rusting presentation of the basket. Rochelle noted her pastry was not laminated enough. Bruno said the flavour of the sweet bun was good but overbaked. Rochelle liked the flavour of the danish but both judges noted Mengling made technical mistakes.

Andrei: Petit Dejeuner: Cocoa stripped croissant, apricot danish and swirly sweet bun. Bruno said if he was in Paris and called room service, he would get Anderi’s basket. Rochelle said Andrei nailed his lamination and loved his croissant. Bruno liked the creme patissierre in the danish. Bruno thinks Andrei should open up his own bake in Paris.

Timothy: Happy Morning pastry basket: Melonpan aka pineapple bun shaped like a bear, almond croissant and caramelized onion and mushroom danish. Bruno called TImothy’s bun cute and Instagram worthy. Rochelle called Timothy’s croissant great. Bruno said Timothy’s danish had great flavours.

Megan: All our Favourites: Pear danish, candied hibiscus flower croissant and coconut lime bun. Bruno called Megan’s sweet bun delightful and her pear danish was a poached to perfection. Rochelle said Megan’s croissant was cake-like and Bruno called it dry.

Devon: The full brunch pastry basket: Espresso croissant, swiss chard danish and hazelnut and chocolate bun. Bruno said his bake on the danish was good and Rochelle like the flavour. Bruno said the croissant lacked flakiness but is saved by the flavour. Rochelle said the bun was made from scrapped dough that wasn’t good to bring with.

Sachin: Christmas morning: Almond croissant, orange spice bun and smoked cheddar and mushroom danish. Rochelle sad the aromas from basket are beautiful. Bruno liked the flavour of the croissant and like the smoked cheese in the danish. Bruno stated he wanted to take Sachin’s basket home.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

In the running for Star Baker: Andrei, Megan, Sachin, Timothy

In danger of going home: Devon, Mengling

Star Baker: Andrei

Going Home: Devon

Not too surprised that Devon went home. Devon was skating on thin ice every week. I think next week Timothy is going home followed by Mengling and in the finals is Megan, Sachin and Andrei. I predict the winner is Andrei of season 2 of The Great Canadian Baking Show.

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