The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 2 “Bread Week” Recap

I think I might have mentioned this on my season 1 blog about Bread Week but bread is my baking weakness. I think the reason why I don’t bake bread is the kneading of the dough and waiting for it to proof. But for the season 2 bakers, bread doesn’t seem to be their Achilles Heel well maybe except for Mengling.

Signature Bake

The Bake: A quick bread but in free form style and served with a homemade spread. Either two loaves or 12 pieces.

The Time: 90 minutes

Sun dried tomato and Pesto bread

What I would bake:  I can’t believe that quick bread is the signature bake. Part of my application process and questions they asked me during my audition is what is my speciality and I said it was quick breads. My pseudo bakery is called “Go to Bread” because of my love of making quick breads. However, I have never made quick breads in free form. With that being the case, what would I make? I am thinking a sun-dried tomato, pesto and chive bread with a garlic parmesan butter.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

Out of all the contestants bread, Mengling was the only one to go sweet and I do love that flavour combination and out of all the savoury ones, Timothy sounds delicious but spicy.

Ann Marie: Rosemary Asiago Soda Bread with chilli butter. Bruno likes the colour of the bread. Rochelle was not getting enough flavour

Timothy: Rise and Shine quick bread with jalapeno spices and onion and bacon cream cheese. Rochelle noted how much stuff was in it and Bruno said the bread was salty.

Megan: Tipsy Tex-Mex Jalapeno Cheddar bread with onion bacon butter. Bruno liked the shape of the bread and Rochelle noted how moist it was. Bruno loved the butter that Megan made.

Devon: Red Velvet loaf wth walnuts and beet puree with goat cheese spread sweetened with honey. Like Timothy, Rochelle noted how heavy Devon’s bread was. Bruno noted the walnuts sunk to the bottom and was too sweet.

Sadiya: Sesame Coriander Naan with tomato chutney. Bruno and Rochelle are impressed that Sadiya pulled off a naan bread and loved it.

Sachin: Summer Picnic bread aka Apricot Walnut bread with blue cheese bacon butter. Rochelle like the flavour combination.

Mengling: Hazelnut chocolate chunk quick bread with rum soaked cranberries with cranberry honey compote. Bruno noted that it was underbaked and Rochelle said that Mengling stuffed it with so much cranberries and chocolate that the rise was inhibited.

Andrei: Russian Blini soda bread made with buckwheat flour and dill cream cheese salmon roe and frozen vodka. Bruno loved the flavour combination and Rochelle said it tasted like a blini.

Technical Challenge

The Bake: 20 Hot Cross Buns

The Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

How I would have fared: I have never made hot cross buns and I don’t really care for it as I don’t really like dried fruit in my bakes. I liken these to cinnamon rolls in the sense that they are sort of shaped the same way so I think I might so just okay, probably rank somewhere in the middle.

How our bakers fared:

8. Devon

7. Ann Marie

6. Timothy

5. Sachin

4. Sadiya

3. Megan

2. Mengling

  1. Andrei

The Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: Savoury Sandwich Cake. Sub out the cake for bread and icing for savoury fillings.

The Time: 4 and a half hours.

What I would bake: This challenge goes way beyond my skill level that I have no clue what I would bake.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

Everyone’s bakes sound great and all features great flavours that I would enjoy.

Sachin: Muffuletta sandwich cake with salami, prosciutto, mortadella with provolone and olive tapenade between white bread. Rochelle and Bruno liked the presentation. Bruno liked the ratio of filling and bread and said it belongs in an Italian deli.

Andrei: Koi pond sandwich cake with tuna tataki, cucumber and strawberry and savoury cream. Rochelle said the edges could have used some more finesse and Bruno said there was too much filling and the cake fell apart.

Devon: My Big Fat Greek Sandwich cake with lamb souvlaki, saganaki and tzatziki and using two different kind of breads (olive quick bread and multigrain bread). Bruno liked the bread but the fillings were too dry and not enough.

Sadiya: Memories of Bahrain sandwich cake with chicken schwarma, tabbouleh and labneh cream cheese. Rochelle loved the smell of the cake. Bruno loved the bake and the flavour. Rochelle said Sadiya’s cake was a magical combination.

Timothy: Rou Jia Mo sandwich cake with whole wheat bread, prosciutto roses, Chinese pulled pork and coleslaw. Rochelle wanted a better presentation. Bruno said the bake was perfection.

Ann Marie: Seafood Extravaganza with crab and lobster between whole wheat bread and iced with salmon frosting. Rochelle wanted more attention to detail on the decoration. Both said it needed more time in the oven. Bruno loved the flavour of the fillings.

Megan: Garden by the sea sandwich cake with pollock, cucumber and dill sandwiched between Scandanavian rye bread. Bruno admired Megan’s vegetable carving skills. Rochelle noted how bread heavy the cake was.

Mengling: Mall Sushi Cake with fake crab, smoke salmon, avocado between sesame seaweed bread. Rochelle loved the colours on the cake. Bruno liked the flavour and said the bread was a bit chewy.

In the running for Star Baker: Sadiya, Megan

In danger of going home: Timothy and Ann Marie


Star Baker: Sadiya

Ann Marie

Going Home: Ann Marie

Timothy once again escapes elimination and he really needs to step up or else is will be gone next week. Three weeks in and I am predicting now that for sure Andrei and Megan are going to be in the finals. Joining them I think will either be Sachin or Mengling or maybe Sadiya. Next week is International Week and it looks like doing different bakes from around the world and I am excited to see what that could be.

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