The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 2 “Biscuits and Bars” Week

Cookie Monster is my spirit animal or monster or whatever. I adore that little Muppet. And I love making cookies so I really believe if I was on this season, this would be my week to shine.

Signature Bake

The Bake: 24 Dessert bars with three distinct layers

The Time: 2 hours

What I would bake: A grasshopper bar. The bottom layer would be a chocolate sugar cookie base with the middle layer being a mint mousse and the top layer an Oreo cookie crumble and gummy worms. But the only time I’ve ever made a three layer bar was when I made Nanaimo bars to prepare for my audition for season 1.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

Sadiya’s and Sachin’s bars sounds yummy with flavours I definitely like. And yes please to Megan’s bar. On the other hand, I don’t like Timothy’s bar as I dislike red bean.

Mengling: Walnut green tea bars. Bruno calls the top layer silky and smooth and the matcha flavour lingered very well.

Devon: Mascarpone date squares. Bruno notes the base was not crunchy enough.

Wendy: No-bake pistachio lime delights. No real comments from the judges more Wendy commenting all the things she did to correct her mistakes.

Sadiya: Brownie cheesecake bars. Both note the challenges Sadiya faced in that her bars didn’t bake. Rochelle noted that Sadiya tried to bake three elements together and it just didn’t work.

Ann Marie: Coffee Nanaimo bars. Time got away from her as her bake looked like a disaster but Bruno liked the coffee flavour.

Timothy: Red bean and sticky rice bars. Bruno loved the red bean paste and the texture of the rice cake.

Sachin: Pina Colada Bars. Bruno said the base is cooked perfectly and the flavour is perfection. Rochelle called his pineapple curd refreshing

Andrei: Chocolate Frangipane Pear Bars. Rochelle noted the chocolate drizzle ran and Bruno noted the base was over baked and the frangipane too wet.

Megan: Movie Night Indulgence Bars. Both judges think the presentation was fun and artistic. Rochelle thinks the brownie base is a bit dry but loves the sweet and salty element of the bar.

Technical Challenge

The Bake: 18 Digestive Biscuits

The Time: 90 minutes

How I would fare: I love eating chocolate digestive biscuits but have never made them. Taking a look at the recipe, it looks straightforward enough. I think I would have no problem making the cookie but my issue would be the decorating of the chocolate layer. And I would have issue with tempering chocoate.

How our bakers fared:

9. Wendy

8. Sadiya

7. Timothy

6. Ann Marie

5. Mengling

4. Andrei

3. Devon

2. Sachin

  1. Megan

Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: A biscuit box. 36 identical cookies inside an edible biscuit box

The Time: 4 and half hours

What I would bake: As a Star Wars fan, I think I would make a round gingerbread cookie box in the shape of the Death Star. The outside with be decorated with grey icing to look like the Death Star and inside would be like chocolate Darth Vader cookies inside or Admiral Ackbar cookies.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

Andrei’s cookie box sounds delicious. And Megan has wowed again with her artistry.

Devon: Classroom library shelf with Toffee Cookie dough and tea flavoured books. Rochelle noted his cookies were under baked.

Andrei: Grand Piano Biscuit Box with Dark Chocolate sugar cookie with shortbread music note cookies dipped in white and dark chocolate. Rochelle liked the orange and cardamom flavour of the cookies. Bruno thinks the piano cookie was bitter because it was overbaked.

Wendy: By the Sea Cookie shell with white chocolate madeleines and sugar cookies. Bruno noted the madeleine was dry but had good flavour.

Sadiya: Around the world tray with a brownie cookie tray and cinnamon cookies with maple icing. Bruno admired her piping while Rochelle didn’t note the cinnamon flavour but loved the maple flavour.

Timothy: Gingerbread GO box with black sesame and white chocolate macarons. Rochelle loved the simplicity and Bruno likes the black sesame taste.

Mengling: Black sesame treasure box with roasted soybean cookies. Rochelle and Bruno called it beautiful. Bruno liked the crunch on the cookie but wanted more depth in the black sesame flavour.

Sachin: Fall harvest gingerbread cookie basket with Apple cinnamon sugar cookies. Rochelle loved the apple cinnamon flavour and noted that they were all well baked.

Marie: Jellybean Row biscuit box with orange spice sugar cookies and gingersnaps. Her box didn’t hold and collapsed. Bruno liked the gingersnap cookie.

Megan: Galaxy gingerbread cookie box with cinnamon orange sugar cookies. Bruno liked the decorations but the bake was undercooked.

In the running of Star Baker: Andrei, Sachin, and Mengling

In danger of going home: Wendy, Ann Marie

Star Baker: Sachin

Star Baker: Sachin

Going Home: Wendy

Even though Sadiya looked to be in danger over the first two bakes, you knew she would pull through for the Showstopper so there was no doubt that she was safe. But next week is a different story as it is bread week and we don’t know anything beyond that in terms of which bakers are safe.

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