Supergirl Recasts Major Role with Smallville’s Erica Durance

Erica Durance as Dr. Alex Reid

Erica Durance as Lois Lane

With Saving Hope ending its five-season run by the end of this month, we’ve been wondering what will Erica Durance do next. Well, we now have our answer and that is Durance will be joining the CW’s Supergirl in a recurring role for season 3. According to,  Durance is replacing Broadway star and Melania Trump impersonator, Laura Benanti in the role. In a statement, Andrew Kreiserg said the following about the recast:

Laura Benanti (right) played Alura/Astrid for the first two seasons

“Unfortunately Laura, who Greg [Berlanti] and I have worked with for years going back to Eli Stone, was unable to continue in the role due to work commitments in New York. But we are so blessed that Erica has come aboard to offer her own interpretation of Kara’s mother. We had tremendous success with a former Lois Lane last season with Teri Hatcher. We know Erica will continue the proud tradition of legacy actors joining our shows and creating new and exciting takes on classic DC characters.”

Durance joins a string of former Supergirl/Superman related actors to appear on Supergirl that include Laura Vandervoort, Dean Cain, Helen Slater and most recently Teri Hatcher, another former Lois Lane.

With Supergirl filming in Vancouver and Durance a Vancouver-based actress, it makes sense that she would take over the role. While we will miss Benanti as Alura, we for one can’t wait to see Durance back on our TV screens and on a superhero show to boot.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the show also recasted Zor-el with Tom Welling but we all know that won’t happen. Can’t wait to see Durance on Supergirl when it returns to the CW on Monday October 9th, 2017 at 8pm ET.

1 Comment on Supergirl Recasts Major Role with Smallville’s Erica Durance

  1. Best News Ever!!!
    Supergirl will be my new favorite show from now on, lol.
    And the great thing is, I can actually watch this show in my country.
    Well, guess now I will have to catch up on your reviews of Supergirl 😉

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