Saving Hope Season 5 “All Our Yesterdays” Recap

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

It was an emotional Saving Hope as we say goodbye to one character while a fan favourite returns.

But before we get to that, let’s see what’s up with Cassie. It seems from the last episode that Cassie has been named the interim Chief Resident. However, Cassie seems to having some self-doubt especially when friends now turned staff aren’t listening or respecting her, especially Dev. Charlie eventually gives Cassie the job on a more permanent basis which gives Cassie the confidence in doing the job.


Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller and Dejan Loyola as Dev Sekera

It seems that not only does Dev have an issue with taking orders from Cassie but he is now dating nurse Serena, the same nurse that Zach dated shortly after Joel’s death. Dev’s medical case is Wilfred who has drunken himself into an alcohol induced hearth condition.Wilfred’s drinking was brought on by the death of his wife. Wilfred’s case seems to have inspired Dev to talk sense to his patient and also learn to enjoy Serena’s partying lifestyle.


Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Stacey Farber, as Syndey Katz

Maggie is surprised to learn that the sister of her patient is Sydney Katz. Sydney insisted her sister Becca see Maggie because of her cancer study. Becca is 14 weeks pregnant but also has ovarian cancer. Despite helping her sister get treatment, it still looks like Sydney’s parents have not accepted her after coming out. Even though the cancer study has moved to another hospital, Maggie still agrees to work on treating Becca. During the surgery, Maggie sees that lesions are everywhere making it difficult to remove the tumor and try and save mother and child. However, Maggie pushes through and works on removing the tumour. Maggie removes the ovaries and it looks like Becca is in the clear and will put her back on chemo that won’t harm the baby and wait till the baby is viable. Later, Maggie asks Sydney out for dinner to catch up. Before Sydney accepts, she tells Maggie that while she was in Israel, she thought about her everyday and kisses her. Sydney hopes that she and Maggie can be something more to each other and hopes she feels the same way.


It looks like Jared Joseph’s time on Saving Hope has come to an end. Dana spies Manny looking at his phone and he confesses he got a job offer from his old hospital in Detroit. Manny is hesitant to accept as he really wants to make a go of a potential relationship with Alex. However, Manny realizes the failure of them not able to connect while Alex is away is a sign that they weren’t meant to be. So it seems like Manny has taken the job in Detroit and is off the show.


Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris and Peter Keleghan as the Great Randal

A John Doe has arrived and is in really bad condition after being hit by a subway train. The man had a journal on him and it is filled with drawings and names written all over it. One of those names is Charlie Harris and his name appears multiple times. Another name that appears that is Randall as in the Great Randall from season 1. Charlie knows for a fact the John Doe is Randall after his spirit appears before him. Randall tells Charlie that he got overwhelmed with seeing spirits again that it go too much for him and that he put himself in front of a train. Randall tells Charlie that this will happen to him eventually. In fact there is one spirit, Blake, that won’t leave Charlie alone. Randall tells Charlie that one way to make his gift manageable is something tethering him to life or the world of the living. I think Randall is suggesting that Charlie have someone to share his gift with. Eventually, Randall’s injuries prove too much and he dies and his spirit disappears.


Jennifer Dale as Martha Reid and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Alex and Martha are at their family farm. Martha is busy cleaning it and isn’t interested in reading the palliative care facilities. Martha drops two bombs on her daughter: 1) she is selling the family farm and a realtor is coming over soon to look at the property and 2) Martha wants her daughter to help her die.

Before Alex has a chance to talk about bomb number two, the realtor comes over and he ends up being a high school classmate of Alex’s. After touring the property, Martha asks Nick to be their realtor and toast to the agreement. Martha then starts to have problems with her balance and memory. Nick leaves and Alex brings Martha inside. Mother and daughter have their talk. Martha asks why Alex named her son Luke and she said it was to remember him. Then over a puzzle Alex doesn’t want to be the one the end her mom’s life. Alex says that she may be a doctor but she is also Martha’s daughter. Alex asks her mom to think about Doug and Jasper, her other sons. Martha is not concerned considering they haven’t visited her for 10 years and leaves to go to her room. We see Martha take out a pill bottle and it looks like she is about the down the pills when Alex goes to her door to confess she is pregnant.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Outside, looking over their horses, Alex admits the baby is Charlie’s and admits they can’t be together. Martha admits she always thought the bad luck that befell their family was because of her and hope it ended with Alex. Alex tells her mom that no such luck that it has continued on with her and Charlie. Martha thinks that is nonsense and Alex should return to Charlie. Later on, Alex agrees to help end her mom’s life but when she enters her mom’s room, she finds that she overdosed on the pills. Despite trying to save her life, Martha has passed away.

The police gives Alex an envelope and she sees it is family photos and behind one is a message from her mom.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Alex returns home to her condo and finds Charlie there. Alex simply asks if “she” is there. Charlie nods yes and Alex asks Charlie to tell her that she loves her. Charlie tells Alex that she knows and we pull back to see Martha’s spirit behind him. Tears fall on Alex and Charlie and the audience as the two hug.

It looks like Alex and Charlie are maybe back together from the previews for the next episode. And the next episode won’t be until June 8 on a new night and time.

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7 Comments on Saving Hope Season 5 “All Our Yesterdays” Recap

  1. Ann Wallace // May 10, 2017 at 8:05 am // Reply

    This was an emotional episode. I am glad Dana told Manny what she did, he was just in the way and not the right person for Alex. Charlie and Alex has unfinished business and needs to have a really good talk. Wasn’t impressed with Randall’s comments to Charlie. Randall was a jerk and didn’t treat anyone well, his advice was his own cynical view. He never did anything to help anyone. Alex Mom’s gave her a good piece of advice, in that she makes her own destiny. I am hoping Charlie and Alex find their way back to each other. I hope also Maggie and Sydney find happiness together.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that this recap does not appear under the Saving Hope category.

    It only appears under the Latest Posts category.

    Thanks again for the recap!!!
    Can’t wait for the back half and final episodes of this show.

    Even though this show will be over soon, here’s to hoping Erica will be in something new and on our screens again in the near future.

  3. I am glad, they (Maggie and Sydney) found their courage to be with each other. I was moved. I think, their story is one of the main ingredients of the show. Great JOB 🙂

  4. Bring Manny back. This will add a new dimension to the show. Alex needs a chance to express her feelings to. MANNY. DAna had no right to do what she did. I would be furious if someone did that to, me

  5. No synopsis or images for the new episode?
    I saw from their official twitter site that SH returns today.

  6. Someone tell me WHY CHARLIE LEFT THE SHOW. I can’t find anything explaining why he left.

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