Saving Hope Season 5 “Knowing Me, Knowing You” Recap

Wendy Crewson as Dana Kinney and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

It is our first ever Alex-free episode of Saving Hope. Kind of reminds me of the days when Erica Durance was not in an episode of Smallville. However, with the way Alex has been behaving this season, can’t say I missed her at all whereas anytime Lois wasn’t in an episode of Smallville I missed her.

But this week we see fallout over last week’s episode and also Manny catching on of Charlie’s gift. First we get some comic relief with Shahir and his partner Jonathan (Christopher Jacot).


Huse Madhavji as Shahir Hamza and Christopher Jacot

Luke is running a fever and is pulled from daycare. Shahir and his partner Jonathan are watching over him while Charlie is at work. It seems that Jonathan quit his finance job to follow his dream of selling homemade healthy cookies. Jonathan as a meeting with the Hope Zion’s head of food and beverage in hopes of the hospital buying some of his cookies. Dawn buys a dozen samples (at a cost of $96 total!!!!) and in exchange Shahir has to write a letter of recommendation for her when she applies for Chief of Surgery (more on that later).

However, we see Shahir switch Jonathan’s cookies for store bought. When Jonathan returns from his meeting, he said it went well. Later that night though, Jonathan knew that Shahir switched his cookies. This forces Shahir to admit that Jonathan’s cookies were awful. Jonathan appreciates Shahir lying to him to protect his feelings but they need to be honest with each other. Shahir then admits that he wants to be a father with Jonathan.

Hope Zion: Who Will Be the Next Chief Resident

With Maggie’s cancer study moved to Mississauga General, she is looking for something to do. Charlie suggests Maggie help Dawn evaluate potential candidates for Chief Resident. Charlie believes their different styles will help determine the right candidate.

Meanwhile, Dawn wants her Chief of Surgery job back. Dawn thinks she has her job back when she learns that Thomas has resigned as CEO of Hope Zion but did ask the board to give Dawn’s job back. Unfortunately, the board tells Dawn that Charlie will remain interim chief and the job will be psoted shortly and Dawn is welcome to apply. Zach encourages Dawn to be nice to her colleagues so they will give her letters of recommendation.

In the doctor’s lounge, Maggie lets Cassie, Dev and Billy know that the three of them are in the running for Chief Resident. Cassie is pissed because Thomas said the job is hers. Maggie says that is no longer the case now that Thomas is gone as the CEO.

Kim Shaw as Cassie Williams and Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin

Their next case comes in and it is a father who has a ninja throwing star in his throat. The man’s son, Samuel, comes in and we learn that it is just the two of them as the mother recently died. It seems that Samuel’s dad was taking them on a lot of adventures that included throwing some ninja stars. Because of there the ninja star was in this throat it requires surgery. Dawn observes the surgery and sees Billy struggle to come up with any answers while Dev and Cassie knows what to do. During the surgery, things are stable until Billy removes the star thinking that Maggie give the okay. Luckily, Cassie, Dev and Maggie save Samuel’s dad.

Throughout the episode, Billy comes across as an arrogant asshole. However, Billy is really good with Samuel but the experience leaves him humble. Billy asks Maggie to be his mentor but asks in an arrogant way. When Billy gets honest and says he still has lots to learn and likes Maggie’s style that will help become as good as Dev and Cassie.

Kim Shaw as Cassie Williams and Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell

Cassie is still fuming over having to compete for a job she thought was hers so she goes to Dawn to voice her displeasure. Dawn tells Cassie that she has to work as hard as Dev and Billy because she is a woman and has to prove herself. Dawn tells Cassie that it is an unfortunate fact of life but admits that she does deserve to be Chief Resident.

Later, Cassie wishes Thomas well and he hopes he didn’t make life difficult for her now that he he is going. The two share a kiss and this is probably the last time we will see Thomas since the actor, Joe Dinicol moved on to be on Arrow as Ragman.


Charlie is called in to consult on Mario (not his real name) who fell and damaged his hand on a glass coffee table in a hotel. Dana was the initial plastics consult and she encounters Mario being amorous with a woman who he knows as Claudia. Dana assumes they are newlyweds the way they are all over each other but apparently they are not but a couple who meets only once a year.

Wendy Crewson as Dana Kinney

When Charlie examines Mario’s hand, we learn that he and Claudia met at a conference three years ago and immediately hit it off and started an affair that only happens at this conference. But Mario fell in love with Claudia. Claudia comes in overhearing the conversation and wonders why Mario never said anything. Charlie goes to leave the two alone but quickly realizes that he actually saw spirit Claudia when Mario thought Charlie was abandoning him.

Charlie goes to talk to Claudia and we see blood near her mouth. Charlie asks where Claudia came from and runs in that direction. Manny sees Charlie rush to the elevator where we see Claudia collapsed on the floor bleeding from her mouth.

Manny rushes her to the IR and the bleed is only stopped because of the scope down her neck. Manny, Dawn and Dana are trying to figure out where the bleeding is coming from and what caused it. Dana remembers that Claudia was choking in the hotel room that caused Mario to fall. Charlie learns from Claudia that they had eaten before hand and he realizes that she choked on a fish bone. Manny wonders how Charlie knows that and is he sure. Charlie assures that he is 100% sure. The team rushes to the OR before the fish bone can rupture her aorta. Charlie goes to get a full medical history on Claudia.

Mario is no help but Claudia’s husband Derek is. We learn that Claudia’s real name is Claudine and we see that Derek is a great guy. Charlie also learns that Claudine has asthma that helps Manny, Dana and Dawn during the surgery. While the three are performing on Claudine, she and Charlie talk about how being Claudia makes her feel freer. Also, being with Mario is different than Derek as he surprises her whereas her husband no longer. Charlie encourages Claudine talk to her husband to save their marriage. Manny observes Charlie talking to himself and calls him a nutjob in front of Dana and Dawn.

Claudine ends up being okay and has that talk with her husband. Mario gives Charlie his real name and number to give to Claudine in case she wants him in her life.

In the hospital chapel, Charlie and Manny have a talk. Manny asks Charlie how he knew what he knew about Claudine. Charlie answers he happened to be at the elevator when Claudine was found and he knows all about bones. Then Manny asks if Charlie heard from Alex as he has heard nothing. Charlie tells Manny that Alex is probably at her family’s farm wearing her dad’s old sweater. Manny assumes that Charlie heard from Alex but he says he hasn’t but just knows her.

When Charlie returns to Alex, he brings home some dinner as thanks for Shahir and Jonathan for taking care of Luke. Charlie goes to throw out a napkin when he sees the positive pregnancy test.

Next week, it looks like a full hour with Alex as she takes care of her mom and comes to grips with her illness. And at last, it looks like her mom might get Alex to smarten up and go back to Charlie. We will see if this comes true.

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2 Comments on Saving Hope Season 5 “Knowing Me, Knowing You” Recap

  1. I don’t understand how Maggie’s storyline can go from something so intense (Bree’s character was very interesting) to something so boring…Again. This show has its great moments but it often blows them off. They could have expanded on that. I hope they go back to that storyline at some point. Alex so boring too. I’m liking Charlie right now.

  2. Ann Wallace // May 6, 2017 at 12:46 pm // Reply

    I am sorry they move Maggie cancer study, she had found her calling. I hope she finds someone great to be with. Alex needs to stop acting like a eighteen year old and more of a mature woman. She needs to drop Manny and whatever that mess is. Charlie, who had a rough life growing up, is a very compassionate person. I hope he remains Chief of Surgery. Dawn and Cassie needs to learn some humility and compassion. This was a great episode. Luke is cute and I hope Shahir becomes a father.

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