Saving Hope Spoilers: Images and Description for “Doctor Robot”

Jarod Joseph as Manny Palmer and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

From the images just released by CTV, Charlie and Alex shippers won’t be happy as we see what looks like Alex and Manny on a date. Also, it looks like Charlie is getting cozy with guest star Kristin Lehman at a bar.

The episode is called “Doctor Robot” (and probably not a follow up episode to “Doctor Dustiny”) and CTV describes it thusly:

When Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance) gets a call that her alarm is going off, she arrives home to an unexpected surprise. Then, with one of the participants in her cancer trial with Dr. Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross) not responding to medication, Alex and Maggie are forced to turn to Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks), the newly-appointed Chief of Surgery, for his opinion when they can’t agree on a method of treatment. Meanwhile, Dr. Zach Miller (Benjamin Ayres) is reluctantly transitioning the E.R. to an Urgent Care facility, until a patient who challenges societal conventions persuades Zach not to settle for second best.

“Doctor Robot” airs Sunday April 16, 2017 on CTV at 10pm ET/PT.

Check out the images:

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9 Comments on Saving Hope Spoilers: Images and Description for “Doctor Robot”

  1. Wow, so in the last season, it seems like all bets are off – anything can happen, huh?
    Is it because SH don’t have to worry about a renewal?
    I know Erica is a producer on the show, and she had always seemed like a firm supporter of Alex and Charlie.
    I wonder how could ED allow her character to pull a 180 in the last season.
    Surely it was obvious to all writers/directors/producers that Alex was looking like the bad guy in the Alex/Charlie break-up?
    And also Alex initiating the hook up with Manny last episode, just four episodes after breaking off with her “soul mate”? It was not done in good taste.
    As an Erica fan, I am in the habit of excusing her character’s silly flaws from Smallville days.
    So, I was okay with the Alex/Charlie parting, because I thought maybe Alex ends up alone in Saving Hope.
    But all the backlash against Alex made me actually watch the show, and the Alex/Manny sudden hook up seems as bad as the Lois/Grant one from SV.
    I really hope all cast members were not exaggerating, and we actually do get a resolution that befits a show which have lasted 5 seasons.

    • Oh, and I thought Dawn was Dr. Robot, but surprised to see no image of her. Did she lose her job to Charlie? And is the Jennifer Dale actress playing Alex’s mother?

      • In the last episode, Thomas said Dawn had to resign because of the heart transplant surgery she did so hence Charlie in the job. And good point about Jennifer Dale being Alex’s mom, makes sense.

      • I am trying to make sense of this season.

        And just remembered Charlie brought up Alex’s mom in an argument in s5 episode 2, I think.

        Plus, Luke already has a new nanny.

        So, given the “surprise” in the episode descriotion, the new character pushing Luke’s pram (which likely means Alex knows and trusts this woman), Alex sitting beside her bed at night, Jennifer Dale’s age…all seem to point that we will finally get to see Alex’s problems with her mom resolved.

        This could be a good thing for Alex and Charlie in future episodes.

      • Maggie literally says the words, “I wish I could be Dr. Robot” in reference to how difficult it is not getting involved personally with patients. Alex says, “No you don’t.”

    • You make very good points and totally agree with you about Lois and Grant. I only shipped her with Clark so I just bided my time till that happened

  2. Erica may or may not have had any say in the writing, but she said she likes the challenge of Alex this season and is bored by a happy home life on screen. I wonder if the writers expected this big of a backlash.

    I’m enjoying the season so far, still will always be good medical, ghost and secondary character storylines. I know Charlie and Alex will reconcile (inevitable) so just waiting to see how it happens. I think Alex’s mom will help set her straight.

  3. Just saw the new trailer that Saving Hope twitter posted today.
    If Charlie and Alex are both sleeping around so soon after their break up, then maybe their break should last longer or there should be a really good reason for them to get back together again.
    If not, this break/sleeping with others would seem like a gimmick to shock the viewers or something.
    Anyway, hope the backlash against Alex would lessen now, since she’s not the only one making out with others.

  4. I have been a huge fan of the show and always look forward to what the next episode brings. I was so disappointed to hear that this is the final season! Every episode brings something new and draws you into the story line. I do have to say that I find Alex and Charlie moving on to relationships with others this quickly very disappointing. Truly sad to show either of them ready to jump into bed with anyone this soon.

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