DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 “Camelot/3000” Recap

It’s a shame we have Nate taking over narration duties tonight as I still think Mick’s narration was such a hoot.

Regardless this episode had the team going to two different time periods. The Legends first stop is Detroit in the year 3000 where they are alerted to a possible location of a spear fragment. However, when the team arrives, they find former JSA member Doctor Midnite who Rip murdered earlier as the spear fragment was within him. Midnite identified Rip has his killer before he died.

Gideon the alerts the Legends to another possible spear location: Britannia in the year 507. Ray is very excited to be heading to the time of Camelot and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Nate keeps on trying to tell Ray that Camelot doesn’t exist and their costumes are more Medieval Times than historically accurate.

When the Legends arrive in 507, they truly are in the era of Camelot as they are surrounded by Guinevere and King Arthur’s knights. Ray, using his Camelot knowledge, gets the Legends out their jam and into the court of King Arthur. However, Arthur is reluctant to believe they are the good guys and asks Merlin to confirm. Amaya sees that Merlin is actually Star Girl/Courtney Fordman. Courtney tells Amaya that one of the last missions of the JSA was to find the Spear of Destiny with Rip. Rip broke the spear up into four different pieces and scattered it across time.

lgn212b_0357b_f00d684d-1024x683The Legends are settling into Camelot times. Sara bonds with Guinevere while Ray fan boys over Sir Galahad. However, the party is interrupted by Damien Darhk and Rip who have mind controlled Arthur into killing Galahad thanks to a device that Rip stole from Midnite. Darhk threatens the life of Arthur in exchange for the piece of the spear and arrange to meet on the battlefields of Camelot.

lgn212b_0504b_3846a837-1024x683Ray prepares to go into battle but Nate thinks he is being foolish in living out a boyhood fantasy.

Meanwhile, Amaya uses the medallion to find the location of the spear fragment. It is in the sword in the stone. Amaya uses her animal powers to retreve the sword and the spear fragment. Courtney tries to stop them but realizes that Amaya is the best person to protect the spear.

The team is about to take off when Nate informs them that Ray is going into battle and is going to be killed according to his storybook of the Camelot story. Amaya and Sara want to leave to protect the spear but the rest of the Legends want to help Ray. Amaya relents and says that being part of the team is more important than protecting the spear. So Martin, Jax and Mick are tasked in getting the mind control device of Midnite’s that Martin stole. If they can amplify the mind control device then the Legends can control’ Rip’s soldiers.

Meanwhile, Nate, Amaya and Sara join in the battle. The battle commences and we see Courtney using her Star Girl staff and Ray using part of his Atom suit to turn his sword into a light saber. Mick manages to get the mind controlled knights to stop fighting. Rip gets taken down and then on board the Waverider as a prisoner. Darhk gets away and Ray gives chase. The two engage in a sword fight. Ray knocks him down but ends up getting shot by Darhk who gets away. Thanks to Ray’s Atom suit he is going to be okay.

Amaya says her good byes to Courtney who encourages her to embrace being part of the Legends. And Sara gives Guinevere a good bye kiss.

Back on the Waverider, Jax pays Rip a visit in the brig and threatens him with violence if he hurts the team. Once Jax leaves, Rip calls for Gideon most likely asking the AI for help in escaping.

I thought maybe it would have been a better idea for the team to ask Gideon to figure out why Rip became evil instead of just throwing him in the brig. I really do hope we get the old Rip back.

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