Arrow Season 5 “What We Leave Behind” Recap

It’s Christmas time in Star City and Prometheus is in a gift giving mood but more of the revenge kind than a pair of socks kind. In fact, Prometheus can thank Evelyn for granting his Christmas wish. Evelyn has given Prometheus photos of Team Arrow 2.0 and their addresses. Evelyn wants to be there when Prometheus kills Oliver but instead Prometheus revenge is to wish he were dead.

At the City Hall Christmas party, Oliver is impressed that Thea managed to pull together the party on short notice considering they were kidnapped last week by aliens. The two briefly discuss the world the Dominators showed them and how their parents would be proud at how their kids turned out. This Christmas party is also an opportunity for Oliver and Felicity to meet their new significant others in their lives. Oliver finally meets Billy while Felicity is surprised that Oliver is dating Susan Williams.

At a press conference, Oliver says his favourite Christmas movie is Die Hard but his second favourite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life (it’s my all-time favourite). Oliver shares how he saw the movie again last week (really it was his Dominator experience) and how it renewed his resolve to continue fighting to improve Star City.

Also at the party is Curtis and his husband Paul. It seems like Curtis has been explaining his late nights as working with Felicity on a start-up. When Felicity unconvincingly tries to play along, Paul sees something is up. Paul really knows something is up when they leave the party early and Prometheus targets Curtis and he sess him try and take the serial killer down. Curtis is down for the count when he gets injected with some sort of drug.

Meanwhile at the Arrow Cave, they are celebrating Christmas too and Evelyn has gifted them with home made stockings.

At the hospital, Curtis fails miserably trying to explain how he could take on Prometheus but is saved from continuing to lie to Paul by Felicity and Oliver. Paul goes to answer Billy’s questions about what he knows about the attack while Curtis, Felicity and Oliver realizes that Prometheus knows who they are, secret identity and all.

ar509a_0227b2_3da67ac3-1024x683When Oliver learns what drug was used on Curtis, he realizes it is connected to Justin Claybourne, someone on his list that he killed four years ago. We see in flashbacks how Claybourne developed a TB drug and later jacked up the prince when a TB outbreak occurred in an impoverished town. We see the Hood give Claybourne a chance to change his ways or he will still come after him. When Oliver realizes there is a connection to another corporation, Oliver goes to Felicity in IT and gives a lame excuse to get the address of said corporation. We see the Hood take out people in this building until he reaches Claybourn who is unapologetic so the Hood kills him.

Knowing the Claybourne connection, they see the old Claybourne Industries warehouse has powered up again so Team Arrow 2.0 go to it as they believe Justin Claybourne isn’t dead but is Prometheus. However, it is a trap that Prometheus set for the Green Arrow and the two fight. Oliver notes Prometheus as a familiar fighting that he saw in Russia.

Wild Dog saves Oliver from Prometheus but unfortunately, Evelyn’s betrayal is revealed as she helps the two of them escape.

Back at the Arrow Cave, they found some ashes that when put through a DNA sequencer and discover it belongs to Justin Claybourne. So Prometheus identity still remains a mystery.

At the hospital, Curtis receives a phone call from Rory about Evelyn’s betrayal but Paul thinks it the man Curtis is having an affair with. This forces Curtis to tell Paul about being a vigilante working with the Green Arrow. Paul cannot stand by and worry about Curtis getting hurt or even killed every night and gives him an ultimatum it is either him or being a vigilante and leaves. Paul is no Lois Lane and Curtis deserves a person that understands his need to wanting to help people.

Meanwhile, Billy has ignored Felicity pleas to not investigate the Prometheus/Claybourne case by going to the Claybourn warehouse where he finds a baby picture that he texts to Felicity but that’s all he can do as Prometheus kidnaps him.

Adrian Chase calls Oliver to let him know about Billy and gets his blessing to shoot to kill Prometheus on sight.

At the Arrow Cave, Thea is staying there for her safety when the team learns  that the baby picture is of Claybourne’s illegitmate son who is now 30 years old.

While waiting for Prometheus, Thea has suited up as Speedy and gives Oliver some words of wisdom. Oliver then remembers the address he procured from Felicity all those years ago and goes to the address alone and sees that it has been staged or littered with dead bodies in the same position as the bodies he killed four years ago.

On the same rooftop where Oliver killed Claybourne, he finds Prometheus. The two fight again and go over a roof top but has a rope where they smash through the window a few floors below.

Prometheus taunts Oliver saying he knows all about him, those he loves and trusts and how they will all turn against him. Oliver then sees Prometheus and shoots three arrows in his chest.

Of course this is Arrow and we know it isn’t that easy and we see that Oliver actually killed Billy who was dressed as Prometheus and had his mouth taped shout. Speaking through a speaker, Prometheus taunts Oliver once more.

Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave to tell Felicity the bad news. Felicity doesn’t blame Oliver but Prometheus. Oliver wants everyone to leave him as he hurts those around him. But Diggle refuses to and pulls him into a comforting hug. However, Diggle unintentionally leaves as he was set up to go out in public in fear of Lyla and JJ’s life. When Diggle arrives at the safe house, military police are waiting for him.

Oliver then goes to see Susan and gets some words of comfort and a kiss. When Oliver goes back to the Arrow Cave, there is a visitor there and it is to my surprise Laurel!!!!!

So I have no idea what is going? Is Laurel alive or is this a vision? We know Prometheus is Justin Claybourne’s son but is it someone we’ve seen before. So many questions that won’t be answered until 2017.

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