Arrow Season 5 “Invasion!” Recap

As far as 100 episodes go of a series “Invasion” was a solid one. Not only does it offer a nice continuance to the “Heroes versus Aliens” cross–over event but honors Arrow’s past.

With Oliver and company (not the Disney cartoon featuring Billy Joel) MIA, Cisco has arrived at the Arrow Cave to vibe on something of Oliver’s (his old bow) to get his location. What Cisco sees  his Oliver, Diggle, Thea, Ray and Sara all on the Dominator ship in some sort of stasis. Cisco has brought over a piece of tech off the Dominator ship that may help them track where Oliver and company are at. Curtis is posiigely giddy at being able to hack alien tech.

Curtis manages to develop some sort of translator that will speak to the alien device. Unfortunately, when combining human and alien tech, it causes the piece of the Dominator ship to overheat. Curtis realizes they need a regulator from Van Holt Industries but that piece of tech was stolen by a woman who used it to enhance herself to become sort of Cyborg Woman with super strength. This forces Felicity to call in the Flash and Supergirl to help the recruits recover the regulator.

Rory and Curtis are honored to meet the Flash and Supergirl while Rene isn’t so impressed as he believes anyone with super powers are bad. When Rene goes to confront this Cyborg Woman, he is about to get his ass handed to him by a laser blast when the Flash whisks him away. The Flash then goes after Cyborg Woman and pins her down. He then tags in Supergirl and the two work together to knock her out. This time out, the Flash and Supergirl’s role in this particular cross-over is minimal.

In possession of the regulator, it translates the Dominator language into what looks like gobbly goop but Rory sees that it is a form of Hebrew. With that piece of information, Team Arrow knows where Oliver and company are at. More on that later.

Back on the Dominator ship, Oliver is in a dream world. And we open the episode with him running through the forest like he did in the Pilot. Instead of being on the island, he emerges on the grounds of the Queen Mansion.

After taking a shower, out emerges Laurel, alive and well and also engaged to Oliver. One subtle difference is Oliver has no tattoos on his perfectly sculpted body.

The next day, Thea gives Oliver his wedding gift and it is the same arrowhead shaped rock that Oliver gave Thea back in season 1. Then Robert and Moira Queen come in the room and note how proud they of the man Oliver has become. Laurel has comes in and we see Oliver see flashes of her in a hospital gown.

Robert then takes Oliver for his tuxedo fitting. Afterwards, Robert wants Oliver to take over for him as CEO of Queen Consolidated as he will soon be mayor of Starling City. Oliver doesn’t want to be CEO and suggests that Walter Steele is a better candidate but Robert says the board will never consider him. A mugger comes upon them and tries to rob them.

Oliver steps in front of his father to protect him but then the Green Arrow comes to their rescue. When the Green Arrow flees, Oliver stares up to see the Smoak Industries building.

Before heading off to his rehearsal dinner, Oliver goes to see Captain Lance at the Starling City Police Station. Lance tells him that the person that saved them, they are calling the Hood (his season 1 name). Lance sees that Oliver looks troubled and hopes he isn’t getting cold feet. Oliver assures him that he isn’t. Lance then tells Oliver that he has become a man that he would be proud to call his son-in-law.

Oliver doesn’t go to his rehearsal dinner but makes his way to the Merlyn Industries and finds an elevator that leads him to the Arrow Cave where he sees Felicity and the Hood. When the Hood confronts Oliver, he starts to have flashes of their friendship and calls him by his name. Oliver then has flashes of his relationship with Felicity. Diggle lets Oliver go and tells him to go back to his life where he has everything.

Other flashes Oliver sees in this episode is the Queen’s Gambit going down, his father killing himself, his father’s warning how taking Sara on board is a mistake, and Oliver’s first run for office.

The next morning, Sara is helping prepare Laurel for her big day. Oliver arrives to see Laurel and asks to speak to her privately. Sara agrees and tells Oliver that he is lucky that she isn’t a trained assassin. When alone, Oliver apologies profusely for missing the rehearsal dinner. Oliver then suggests they elope because he wants to start their lives now and that only thing that matters is he loves her. Laurel declines the elopement as his parents spent a lot of money on the wedding. Their conversation is interrupted by Diggle who asks to speak with Oliver.

It looks like the two have come to the realization that they are in a shared hallucination. A part of this hallucination involves the return of Deathstroke. The two men battle him but are saved when Sara’s assassin memories are reawakened and takes down Deathstroke.

With Sara, we saw her arrive the day before the rehearsal dinner with tons of luggage in tow. Sara sees a necklace that Oliver gave her of a Canary that causes her first flash. At the rehearsal dinner, Sara meets Ray, who says he is a business associate of Robert. The two have flashes of their time traveling adventures and wonder if they’ve met before.

Meanwhile, with Thea, she gets her first flash after sharing a warm mother-daughter moment when she remembers the moment Slade Wilson killed Moira.

At the party before the wedding, we learn why Tommy isn’t at the wedding. Apparently, he is busy being a doctor in Chicago (a nod to Colin Donnell’s role in Chicago Med) and that Thea runs Verdant (the club in season 1 and 2). At this party, Sara needs to get Ray to remember. When Sara pulls Ray away from his fiancee Felicity, he does recall that his fiancee’s name actually was Anna. So with everyone remembering they are in a shared hallucination created by the Dominators, they realize their ticket out is going to the Smoak Industries building that doesn’t exist.

Oliver says an emotional farewell to his parents before grabbing Thea. Thea wants to stay in this dream world where her parents are alive and Laurel is alive. Oliver accepts this and leaves with the others.

They all figure the Dominators won’t let them go that easy. So they are confronted with the Dark Archer/Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, Deathstroke 1.0 and Deathstroke 2.0 and Andy/Hive soldiers. Thea has a change of heart and rejoins her friends and family. Thea takes on “Malcolm” while Sara takes on “Darhk”, Diggle takes on “Andy”, Oliver “Deathstroke 2.0” and Ray “Deathstroke 1.0). Eventually, all of their past enemies are defeated and they make their way to Smoak Industries where they find the portal home.

Before Oliver goes through, he sees images of his mom, Felicity, Tommy, Roy, Laurel and his father repeating words to Oliver about what they mean to him and who he really is and that is a hero.

Everyone wakes up and out of their sleep pods. They make their way through the ship and encounter Dominators. Oliver finds a weapon and blasts his way to an escape pod. Unfortunately, no one knows how to steer the thing and a whole bunch of Dominator ships follow. This particular scene looks something out of that old video game Galaxia.

Thankfully the Waverider arrives and tractor beams them into its cargo hold. Nate is their rescuer thanks to information from Felicity and company.

Before leaving the Dominator ship, Ray heard them say something that Gideon translates into something being almost ready. They also seem to determine that they were taken because they weren’t meta humans. Regardless, Gideon notes that the Dominator mother ship is headed directly to Earth.

To be continued on Legends of Tomorrow

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