The Flash Season 3 “Shade” Recap

The Flash -- "Shade" -- Image FLA306b_0052b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Dr. Alchemy and Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

We finally get our first look at the other big bad of season 3, Savitar, near episode end and perhaps the identity of Dr. Alchemy.

Before any of that, we open with Wally having dreams of being Kid Flash and saving people. When Joe hears of these dreams he grows concerned as this is how it started with Frankie/Magenta and fears that his son might turn evil. Wally doesn’t think so as his dreams were all about helping people. Joe tells Barry about Wally’s dream. This forces Barry to tell Wally about his Flashpoint life as Kid Flash and he and Iris were a sibling crime fighting duo. Iris and Wally are upset at Barry for not telling them but he defends himself by saying that they didn’t want to know about their Flashpoint lives. Wally actually hopes to get powers but sees that Joe doesn’t trust him and leaves. Joe grows concern when he cannot contact Wally but he turns up at CCPD to tell his dad that he safe. Joe tells Wally that he trusts him but not what is happening to him. Wally understands but then he starts to have flashes of his fight with the Rival in Flashpoint and the moment where he gravely injures him and falls down in pain.

Joe takes Wally to STAR Labs but is fine. The team decide to stick Wally in the pipeline so Alchemy can’t get to him.

While all of this is going on, Central City is dealing with a metahuman nicknamed Shade by HR. This metahuman powers is he is a shadow and killed a stock broker. Julian and Barry are tasked to find out who the culprit could be.

And remember the slight thaw between Julian and Barry from the last episode well it has frozen over again as the two become antagonistic. However, the two are going to be working more closely together as Cecil has made Barry a full-time member of the meta-human CSI division to find out who or what is behind the husks popping around Central City.

Also, Joe finally got up the courage to ask Cecil out on a date and it is to movie in the park. Joe wants to cancel on the date to tend to Wally but Iris and Barry says they will stay with him. Joe intended for Iris and Barry to join him so Cisco, Caitlin and HR take the couple’s place.

HR is able to go out in public because he brought over a tool from Earth-19 that changes his face to appear like his partner’s Randolf Morgan. Earlier, HR wanted to make himself useful by re-opening STAR Labs as a museum. Caitlin and Cisco have to tell HR the bad news as Harrison Wells on Earth-1 was evil and convicted of murder. So HR being the face of the STAR Labs Museum is not a great idea.

Other drama at STAR Labs is Cisco accusing HR of stealing his power-dampening cuffs but it really was Caitlin who stole them to stop her from using her Killer Frost powers. Caitlin tells Cisco of her manifesting powers and asks him to vibe her to see if she becomes evil and if he does see that then she feels she has to leave the team. Cisco does and he sees a Vibe versus Killer Frost showdown. Cisco lies to Caitlin saying that she doesn’t become evil.

However at movie in the park, Caitlin asks Cisco for the truth and he does. Caitlin then asks Cisco not to tell the team about her powers.

The Flash — “Shade” — Image FLA306a_0055b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West, Danielle Nicolet as D.A. Cecile Horton and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

As movie night in underway, we learn that Cecil has an 18-year old daughter and HR is quite flirty with her much to the chagrin of Joe. As the movie starts, it gets interrupted by Shade.

Back at STAR Labs, Iris and Barry are watching Wally in the pipeline. Iris feels powerless as she feels like she can’t contribute to the team but Barry says that there is no Flash without Iris West. Barry then gets alerted to Shade at the movie and goes to help. While Barry is away, Wally starts to hear Alchemy voice and he also writhes in pain. Wally begs Iris to let him out and at first resistant, she does eventually. But Wally isn’t himself and forces Iris to knock out her brother.

At the park, the Flash arrives and fights Shade. Cisco hacks into all the vehicles lights to turn them on to overheat Shade so he reverts to his human form. When he does, Caitlin gives Barry the power-dampening cuffs.

The team realizes that the Shade attack was meant as a distraction for Alchemy to get to Wally. Cisco is unable to keep Caitlin’s secret and this forces her to reveal her icy powers. Caitlin didn’t want to tell her secret and leaves the cortex. Barry talks to Caitlin to apologize for creating this timeline where she has powers. Later, Cisco vows to Caitlin that they will find a way to help her so she won’t become evil.

Since Alchemy is after him, Wally decides to use himself as bait so they can capture him. Barry is against it while Joe thinks it is their only option. Eventually, Barry gets on-board and go to Alchemy’s lair. As the CCPD SWAT team gather, Joe wonders where Julian is and Barry says that he didn’t come into work, which is strange to Joe. Are we lead to believe that Julian is Alchemy? Time will tell. Another clue is that Julian turned down Barry’s offer to join him at movie in the park.

The Flash — “Shade” — Image FLA306b_0372b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Wally approaches him first and Alchemy promises him his Flashpoint life if he wants it. Wally says the only thing he wants his for Alchemy to disappear and this gets him to realize that it is a trap. The Flash arrives but Alchemy uses his crystal to fire at him. The CCPD and Joe arrive and stops Alchemy’s attack on the Flash. Alchemy drops the crystal that Wally eyes. The CCDP, Joe and the Flash think they have Alchemy but escapes their crutches when Savitar appears and starts to take out police officers while Wally grabs the cystal and is enveloped in a cocoon. Savitar then grabs Flash and introduces himself as the God of Speed.


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