DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 “Abominations” Recap

DC's Legends of Tomorrow --" Abominations"-- Image LGN204a_0085.jpg -- Pictured: Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

I feel like I am promoting my Legends recaps on Twitter like how Chuck calls their episodes like “Chuck versus….”

Tonight we got the Legends versus zombies but the twist is that our Legends had to travel 1863 Mississippi to battle a horde of Confederate soldiers who were infected by a time pirate who crash landed in the time period and spread the infection.

Before crashing, the time pirate sent off a temporal distress call that our Legends receive. The Legends don’t know about the zombies and think the mission is to simply destroy the time ship and then leave.

Since Ray is without his Atom suit, Sara gets him to stay behind and run comms and he helpful packs everyone a lunch. Martin questions why Jax would want to be part of the mission. Jax understands Martin’s concern considering they are going to the era of slavery but he says he will be fine.

The Legends arrive and easily find the time ship and Mick uses his heat gun to destroy. Jax tells Martin that this was their easiest mission but this jinxes them as they see a freed slave running away from confederate soldiers. Firestorm takes out the confederate soldiers. However, these soldiers don’t stay down for long and we see that they are zombies but Martin doesn’t want anyone to se the term. The Legends do manage to take down the zombies but the freed slave, Henry Scott, is mortally wounded. Scott is a Union scout and was on a mission for General Ulysses S. Grant to break into the Collins plantation to steal plans that will help the Union army win the Civil War. Scott gives Jax his mission orders that outline this.

When the team return to the Waverider, we see a newspaper article that sees the United States has become two countries since the zombies has allowed the Confederates to win. We also see that Henry Scott was considered a war hero and a high school was built in his name. Jax convinces Sara to let him complete Scott’s mission and she lets him but only if he takes Amaya,

Meanwhile, Mick has been infected and this further intensifies Martin’s fear of zombies. Ray is tasked in finding a vaccine to cure Mick but when Ray goes to inject him, this turn Mick into a zombie. So Ray and Martin lock down the Waverider while the figure out how to cure Mick. As they do so, Ray is questioning his role on the team without his suit. Eventually, Ray figures out they need to spray the vaccine and when Ray gets knocked out by Mick before he can do so, it is up to Martin to do it and he does so. At first it doesn’t work as zombie Mick tackles Martin to the ground and just when it looks like he is about to bite Martin, Mick return to his usual self and wonders if he was about to kiss Martin. Later, with things back to normal, Ray visits Mick in his room and he tells him feels like an outsider to the team now that he doesn’t have his suit. Mick then gives Ray’s Snart’s cold gun and asks him to be his new partner. Ray seems very open to becoming the new Captain Cold.

While Martin and Ray were fighting off zombie Rory, Jax and Amaya make their way to the Collins plantation. The two come across Collins about to whip a slave. Amaya is ready to step to stop it but Jax stops her to say they can’t because you don’t know what time aberrations could occur so the whipping is allowed to proceed. That night, Jax figures the way in is as a servant for a soiree that Collins is throwing, Jax gets in and searches the study but comes up empty. When Jax goes to start search the rest of the house, he bumps into a house guest and grabs her hand to apologize. Collins takes offense to this and confronts Jax. Jax is a bit confrontational and this gets him thrown and shackled in the barn with other slaves who were being punished. Jax loses his comms to Amaya. Seeing the other slaves and tales of how they are treated and what happens to slave who try to escape, Jax doesn’t understand how they don’t go mad. One of the slaves tells Jax that is what their owners want them to become but they won’t give them that satisfaction. When Amaya is unable to communicate with Jax, she makes her way to the party and then manages to get taken to the barn where she knocks out the guy who brought her and frees Jax. Jax wants to free the slaves too but Amaya asks what about changing history. Jax says that the history that needs to be changed is slavery. But the slaves don’t want to be freed as they fear what will happen to them. When the slave that was whipped recognizes Amaya’s necklace as one of a warrior. She knows this because her mom comes from the same village where the necklace originates. This convinces the slave to join Jax and Amaya in freedom. Before hand, Jax does tell the slaves that he is a Union scout for General Grant and one of the slaves knows where to find the Confederate plans. So Jax and the slave go to the plantation while Amaya leads the others to freedom. Hampering Jax is the appearance of zombies who have infiltrated the plantation and start attacking the guests and Collins. When Collins refuses to give Jax a weapon to help him fight the zombies, they overtake him. Collins asks for help but Jax just moves on runs up the stairs to drop off a gas lamp that burns the zombies. Jax and the slave escape with the Confederate plans and takes a moment to watch the plantation burn to the ground. When Jax returns to the Waverider Martin can sense the experience of witnessing slavery firsthand has changed him. One of the things Jax will take away from him is that when faced with unspeakable horrors, the slaves he met still had hope.

Sara and Nate have their own zombie fight and go to warn General Grant what is coming. At first, Grant doesn’t know what zombies are as that term wouldn’t be coined for another 70 years thus doesn’t believe their warning. But what really gets Grant’s attention is when Sara brings back a zombie’s head.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow –“Abominations”– Image LGN204b_0318.jpg — Pictured (L-R): John Churchill as General Ulysses S. Grant, Nick Zano as Nate Heywood and Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sara tells Grant that the zombie’s are less than a mile away. Sara tries to enlist the help of the rest of the Legends but they are busy fighting their own zombies. So Sara, Nate and Grant are figuring out what to do. When Sara sees a box of nitroglycerine, she knows what to do. The plan is to have Nate lead the zombies away from the Union camp, which he does, to the box of nitroglycerine, Nate would Steel On, blow up the box, killing all of the zombie and surviving but covered in zombie guts.

The next day, Sara applies Ray’s vaccine so zombies are no longer an issue, Jax gets the plan to Grant and says his name is Henry Scott thus preserving history. Also, Grant gives Sara a nice pep talk about being a good leader/

That is one of the aspects I am really liking about season 2. I am loving Sara as the leader of Legends and if/when Rip comes back, it will be interesting to see what happens. Also, I am really loving Nick Zano too. I feel that Zano has finally found the right role for him.

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