Arrow Season 5 “Penance” Recap

We get Arrow’s version of Prison Break and we see our rookies go out in the field without Oliver and it doesn’t go quite well.

Prison Break

ar504b_0311b_6003fcef-1024x711At the end of the last episode, Lyla visits Oliver to ask him to break Diggle out of a high security military prison. When Lyla returns to the Arrow Cave to find out what Oliver has planned, she sees that Felicity isn’t on board with Oliver committing a felony. Lyla is worried that Felicity will be a liability but Olive assures her that she won’t be a problem.

In order to help break Diggle out, Oliver has to steal an anti-molecular compound from Palmer Tech.

After the break-in, Felicity knows it was Oliver and she tells him that Diggle wants to be in prison for what he did to Andy while he believes that Diggle shouldn’t be in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit.

At the military prison, Lyla gets Oliver in and he gives her access to the security cameras so he can safely get to Diggle’s cell but he isn’t there and has been moved to general population making their escape that more difficult. If Oliver waits for Diggle to return to his cell it would be outside of their window to escape so he creates a situation that forces Diggle to return to his cell early.

Diggle is surprised to see Oliver in his cell and tells him that he shouldn’t have come as he wants to be there. Oliver understands that Diggle wants to pay penance for what he did to Andy but he doesn’t have to do it sitting in prison.

Using the anti-molecular compound, Oliver creates a whole in the floor and the two escape to the sewers with soldiers on their heels.

They eventually make it to the surface and Oliver gets Diggle to wear a harness. When the two get cornered, they are whisked away to a waiting cargo plane.

Once cack in Star City, Diggle thanks Lyla for breaking him out and Oliver takes him to hideout in Hives old headquarters.

Russian Flashback

Anatoli tells Oliver that he needs to pass a third and final test before he can truly be part of Bratva and then go after Kovar. Anatoli tells OLiver that he needs to talk to someone in Kovar circle who happens to be sitting in a Russian jail. Oliver gets himself arrested and talks to the guy who launders money for Kovar. After threatening the man’s family, he gives up to Oliver how he can find Kovar, which is an IP address that is used to meet him on the dark web.

Oliver kills the guy anyways and when he gets out of jail tells Anatoli that he completed his test. Anatoli says that their two sides now trusts each other and tells Oliver he is now Bratva.

Team Arrow 2.0 versus Tobias Church

The Green Arrow has taken his new recruits to stop a criminal from stealing something from Kord Industries. As the criminal escapes, the Green Arrow wants Artemis (Evelyn’s codename) to take the shot but an impatient Wild Dog starts shooting forcing the Green Arrow to intervene in order for the mission to be complete. The Green Arrow gets the team to take the criminal, Vasquez, and the Kord Industries case to the ACU.

Afterwards, Oliver wants to know why Rory aka Ragman wasn’t available for the mission and when he goes to visit him, Rory tells him that he has to quit the team. Rory tells Oliver is that he can’t work along side Felicity as every time he looks at her, he is reminded of the family that he lost.

The piece of evidence the team stopped from being stolen is some kind of computer chip that Tobias Church wanted.

To ensure the case makes it to Kord Industries, Chase and Lance sees it makes it to the evidence locker. However, Church uses the computer chip to blow a hole in the locker to steal a whole bunch of dangerous weapons. Chase and Lance make it out safely.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Lance tells Felicity about what happened so she sends out the team to find out why they want the weapons. Felicity also goes to see Rory and explains how the team needs him but he still can’t join despite Felicity’s heartfelt explanation and apology for what happened at Havenrock.

Team Arrow 2.0 find out where Church is headed and it is the ACU bunker where Vasquez was dropped off. We see Chase interrogating Vasquez and trying to get him to flip on Church. Chase gets a bit aggressive saying it is the vigilante bringing justice in Star City. Before things get too far, Church arrives guns a blazing. Felicity doesn’t think the team should go out as they might get killed. Felicity gets on board after Ragman rejoins the team.

ar504a_0412b_eddd3335-1024x686At the ACU bunker, Team Arrow 2.0 manage to get Chase et al out but unfortunately, Mr. Terrific gets hurt forcing Artemis and Ragman to take him to safety leaving Wild Dog to battle Church who defeats him and leaves him alive as he believes there is some use for him. Artemis and Ragman want to go back for Wild Dog but Felicity and Lance tell them they need to leave him behind.

At the Mayor’s office, Chase rethinks his stance against vigilantes perhaps hinting his fate as Vigilante. Lance then asks Chase if there is any word on Wild Dog but alas there is none.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity can’t find Rene anywhere and Rory notes the guilt she feels and the two come to an agreement that if they are to work together, they cannot let each other feel any guilt. When Oliver returns to the team and he vows to find Rene.

Hopefully the team finds Rene soon because he is being tortured by Church and it doesn’t look to good for Wild Dog..



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