Arrow Season 5 “The Recruits” Recap

In this week’s episode, we see relevance to the flashbacks, Green Arrow trying to be patient with his new team, we see the setup for Diggle’s return to Team Arrow and Thea gives Quentin a life line.

The Hurt Locker

We are at Camp Braiwood, Latvia. Diggle is on some mission to retrieve a trigger for a nuclear but he and his team are ambushed. A solider he was mentoring gets wounded and when Diggle leaves to seek some help, discovers his commanding officer and the rest of his team trying to steal the weapon to protect themselves from meta humans and magical people. The CO, shoots the private that Diggle was mentoring with his own gun and knocks him out The CO plans to pin murder and the stealing of the WMD on Diggle and plants a false confession so this way Diggle gets court martial.

Quentin’s New Job

Thea sees that Quentin is drinking again and offers him the job as Deputy Mayor. Quentin thinks it is a bad idea to have a drunk be deputy mayor but Thea disagrees. Thea says Quentin will make a good deputy mayor as he is a former captain of the SCPD that wants to honour Laurel’s memory. As well, being deputy mayor will give him a reason to stay sober.

Russian Flashback

One of the Bratva’s recruitment method’s is for the recruits to try and ring a bell. There are many failed attempts until Oliver and the other team up. Oliver rings the bell but the others are shot and killed. Oliver asks Anatoli why did he kill the others and he replies it is because he rung the bell and the others didn’t’. Oliver said he wouldn’t have used the other if he knew that would be the outcome. Anatoli has to remind Oliver that in the Bratva it is every man for themselves.

Team Arrow 2.0

It looks like Oliver is starting to build Team Arrow 2.0 but everyone is still quite green and not ready to be out on the field.

We open the episode with Wild Dog chasing after a criminal. We see how green Wild Dog is because he doesn’t quite jump off a roof gracefully so the Green Arrow has to catch him,

The Green Arrow yells at Wild Dog that he told him to stop being a vigilante but Wild Dog is all stubborn. As the Green Arrow leaves, he drops an address for Wild Dog to meet him at.

At the Arrow Cave, Curtis is unsuccessfully trying the salmon ladder when Oliver comes to tell the news of training the new recruits. Oliver wants to do it behind the mask of the Green Arrow and wants Felicity to also wear a mask. Felicity doesn’t think it is a great idea to hide behind a mask and lie to the new team who exactly is training them.

Before any training can begin, Oliver does some mayoral duties such as securing sponsorship from Amertech for a free health clinic event he is hosting. Amertech thinks sponsoring would be great PR.

However, later that evening an Amertech VP, Evan Winders is killed by a guy in rags (Joe Dinicol).

ar502a_0162b_8fb5e11fMeanwhile at the training facility. the Green Arrow is getting the recruits to ring a bell but none of them can and only gets cuts and bruises from the attempt.

Because of the attack on the Amertech employee, Janet, the CEO wants to pull out of event but Oliver guarantees extra security in the form of the SCPD and the ACU (as well as the Green Arrow). Felicity shows Oliver footage of Ragman and they determine they are either dealing with a meta human or a magical being. Felicity convinces  Oliver to use the new team to help keep an eye on the event but to not engage.

At the event, Wild Dog makes snide remarks about Oliver and things seem to go okay until Ragman attacks Janet. The Green Arrow breaks Janet free but when Ragman seems to attack another person, Wild Dog steps in and manages to grab a piece of Ragman’s rags before he disappears.

ar502a_0219b_52f7d831Back at the training facility, Green Arrow is yelling at the team. Felicity pulls Oliver aside and thinks he should go easy on them and won’t learning anything if he is abusive to them. Oliver insists his his methods work. Felicity says Wild Dog got the only credible evidence and goes to her boyfriend Detective Billy Malone to use the SCPD’s forensic lab to find out more.

Later on, Oliver returns to the training facility and learns from Curtis that Evelyn and Wild Dog quit. Oliver says that means they weren’t right for the team. Curtis yells back at Oliver that no one saw the point of his bell exercise and Oliver says it was for them to work as a team. Curtis tells Oliver that the reason why everyone quit is because Oliver doesn’t trust them and in return they don’t trust him. Oliver is tearing people down instead of building people up so Curtis quits too.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity finds Oliver in a contemplative mood. Felicity tells Oliver the reason why the original Team Arrow worked was because they trusted and respected Oliver Queen. Oliver relates to Felicity how in the Bratva no one knew anything about each other, not even their names so no one fells a loss. That is why Oliver didn’t want the team to know who he really was so he wouldn’t feel any more loss like how he felt Laurel’s loss.

As Thea is trying to get back in the good graces of Amertech, she spies Janet meeting with Tobias Church to sell weapons that will let him control Star City.

ar502b_0095b_7f76a783Thea meets Oliver at his mayoral office to tell him what she overheard. Felicity arrives with the findings of the rags and how it is 2000 years old and has radioactive isotopes. The trio realize that Ragman is not a bad guy but is trying to stop Amerteck from selling weapons. They use the radioactivity to find Ragman and Oliver decides to take this mission alone.

At the weapons sale, Ragman interrupts it and blames Janet for providing the missile that Damien Darkh used on Genesis Day that destroyed his home: Havenrock. Ragman is the only survivor. Felicity hears this and feels the guilt as it was her that redirected the missile to hit Havenrock. When Green Arrow’s fight with Church goes awry, he asks Ragman for help and he saves him but Janet get away.

On a rooftop, the Green Arrow wants to know why Ragman saved him. Ragman says it would have been something his father would have wanted him to do. Ragman relates how on Genesis Day hisfather saved him by wrapping him up in ancient rags that would keep him safe. Ragman feels he needs to avenge his father’s death. The Green Arrow shares how his father saved him and wanted him to save Star City in ways he couldn’t and asks Ragman to join his team to honor their fathers.

Back at the training facility, the new recruits are asked back where Oliver reveals his true identity. Everyone jumps back on board even Wild Dog but he wants a new code name but Oliver says not a chance.

At the episode ends, Prometheus attacks Church and tells him to leave the Green Arrow alone as he is his to kill.

Who is behind the Prometheus mask? Is it someone we know? Curious to find out.

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