Arrow Season 5 Premiere “Legacy” Recap

We are back for season 5 of Arrow and any long-running show, we got some call backs to the Pilot but more on that later.

ar501c_0161b_6bdd39e8-1024x683We open with Oliver running late for a police fundraiser for the anti-crime unit. Thea is Oliver’s chief of staff and making excuses  for him to Captain Pike. The reason why Oliver is late is he is on Green Arrow business stopping Anarchy from blowing up a bomb. Another vigilante shows up, Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez), trying to help but Green Arrow waves him off and tells him not to help him anymore and shoots an arrow in his leg.

Back at the fundraiser, Oliver tells the press while the ACU, he believes it cannot accomplish anything while corrupt cops are on the force. Thea doesn’t think that it was such a brilliant idea to call the cops corrupt.

But we do see some corrupt cops get in on some stolen money. However, the tables are turned on the corrupt cops by on Tobias Church (Chad L. Coleman) who wants to become the new crime lord of Star City.

Detective Malone (Tyler Ritter) and Pike investigate the crime scene and Malone thinks Pike should bring Lance back on the force but not in his present condition. Green Arrow overhears this conversation and as Oliver pays Lance a visit. Lance is a complete mess as he has started drinking again and we learn that he and Donna are no longer together. Lance chides “Mayor Handsome” for not doing his job but Oliver defends himself that it is more important for him to save the city than run it and once the team is back, he can focus on running things. Oliver is hinting that Lance should be back on the team as a man on the inside as part of the police force.

Oliver then mentions the ceremony honouring Laurel/Black Canary but Lance doesn’t want to go as might embarrass her memory

At ceremony, Oliver says a nice speech and Lance does show up and is moved to tears at his words on Laurel. The statue is unveiled but Church arrives and takes Oliver and others as hostages.

ar501c_0034b_f1583e22-1024x683In a warehouse, we see Church kidnapped Oliver et al to draw out the Green Arrow but Oliver says that he isn’t coming as he is tied up and gets lippy with Church who gets a corrupt cop to drag Oliver away.

At the Arrow Cave, Thea knows the police will be of no help because of the corruption but refuses to suit up as Speedy so is up to Felicity and Curtis to find him. Lance updates Thea and says they found Church and he wants her to suit up while she wants him to help. Thea is reluctant to be Speedy again as she says she is starting to feel normal for the first time in a while and Lance says Oliver’s speech made him realize he can’t hit pause on his life after losing his job, daughter and gal.

At warehouse, we see the corrupt cop beat up Olvier and we get a replay of the scene in Pilot. Oliver breaks free and kills the cop as to keep his secret. Speedy arrives and the two realize they have to leave before they can save the rest of the hostages as a kill cordon has been setup.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Thea is not happy that killing is back on the table but Oliver says that after everything with Laurel and his hesitation to kill Damien Darhk that he is now willing to do the things that are necessary.

At Laurel’s statue, Lance and Oliver meet and shows him a file of cops he can trust that includes Lt. Cunningham and offers to be part of his new team.

At the Arrow Cave, we see Lance running point of the Green Arrow/Cop team up at the warehouse to rescue the hostages. Green Arrow and Church fight Church gets away and the kill cordon is tripped. Luckily everyone makes it out safely before it goes boom. Green Arrow hitches a ride on Church’s helicopter. Their fight resumes but Green Arrow gets thrown off and he lands safely thanks to a parachute arrow. We then see Church gather all of Star City’s crime syndicates to say that he is their new leader.

ar501a_0060b_700c73a1-1024x683The next day, Oliver holds a press conference announcing the four trustworthy cops are part of the ACU with them reporting to Oliver. Later on we see one of the cops, Cunningham getting attacked by an archer that we know to be Prometheus.

Laurel’s Last Words

Before Laurel dies, she gets Oliver to promise that she won’t be the last Canary so that a part of her will always be a part of the team.

Team Arrow 2.0

Throughout the episode, Oliver is reluctant to get a new team up and running as he holds out hope that Thea and Diggle will return. But Felicity wants to recruit Wild Dog, real name Rene Ramirez, Evelyn Sharp, whom we saw last season, and some guy in ski goggles as they are out on the streets as vigilantes inspired by the Green Arrow. Curtis, who is acting like Team Arrow’s tech support also wants to join the team after being mugged seeking out Wild Dog. Oliver is reluctant at first as he doesn’t want to put this team of rookies in danger for their lives. Oliver even seeks out Diggle’s blessing to start a new team at episode’s end. Diggle mentions Oliver’s desire for things to go back to normal and wonders if this extends to getting back together with Felicity. However, we see that Felicity has a new man in her life and it is Detecive Malone.

The Russians are Coming

ar501d_0026b_787481d3-1024x683In the last season of flashbacks, we are in Russia and Oliver is part of a fight club and wins a fight that he isn’t supposed to and is kidnapped by the Bratva. A Bartva henchman (Mike Drupod) seems very interested in the book of names from season 1 and we hear names of the season 1 people that Oliver took down. Oliver wants his book back and is about to be shot in the head but is saved by his old island friend Anatoli. When the two are left alone, Anatoli asks why Oliver is in Russia and he says to kill Kovar because he promised someone and Anatoli says that is a big mistake.

Anatoli reluctantly says he will help but knows that Oliver is probably going to get himself killed. In order to defeat Kovar, Anatoli tells Oliver that he needs to be part of the Bratva and in order to gain entry, he needs to survive a savage beating.

I am curious to see how Flashpoint is going to affect Arrow as we didn’t see it here and also how will the incorporate Laurel in as Katie Cassidy is a series regular across the Arrowverse.

But it is a solid starts to season 5 and looks like the show is back to season 1 basics, at least, for now but all will change when Supergirl joins Team Arrow in the crossovers.

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