Orphan Black Season 4 Finale “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths” Recap


Let’s dub the season 4 finale of Orphan Black as “Rachel Getting Evil” as we see her true motives unveiled.

Before we get to that we learn that Donnie and Alison (not seen in the episode) are hiding out in the woods with Helena eating her venison stew. Helena wishes she could be there to help her sestras.

But we open up the episode learning exactly what happened to Delphine after getting shot in the season 3 finale. We see that it was Duko that shot Delphine and just as he is about to take the kill shot, Krystal, oh sweet Krystal’s, cellphone goes off. When Duko goes to investigate, he is about to find Krystal hiding out behind a car but gets spooked he hears a black van arrive. Krystal goes to check on Delphine but out of the black van emerges Dr. Van Lier who immediately calls Krystal by name and tells her to leave. Van Lier immediately gives Delphine some medical attention as she put in the van. Next we see Delphine under the care of the older bearded man.

Back on the Island of Dr. Susan Duncan, Cosima has a break through with the fertilized Leda and Castor clones: she has made a cure. Cosima celebrates with Susan and goes to tell the good news to Sarah, Kira and Mrs. S. But during their celebratory Skype call, it gets cut off and Cosima no longer has access to the lab’s database. This cut off in communication puts everyone on high alert.

Ira also grows concerned that he cannot reach Susan but Rachel doesn’t seem as concerned as her Castor brother. Meanwhile over at Brightborn, we see the board pretty much firing Evie Cho but she won’t get away quietly and give up her life’s work. Unfortunately for Evie, Dr. Van Lier uses the bot in her cheek against her to kill her. We then see Dr. Van Lier at a press conference instilling him as the temporary CEO of Brightborn. Krystal sees this news conference and tells her friend that she has seen Dr. Van Lier before and was involved in the shooting of the French doctor. Krystal uses her clone phone to call Felix to say she has some information for him.



Felix arranges to meet Krystal at the comic book shop but she won’t give up any information until she knows the truth. Reluctantly, Felix takes Krystal to the basement where she finds Art and Sarah. Sarah flat out tells Krystal that she is her clone. But Krystal doesn’t believe her as she doesn’t think Sarah looks like her at all. But Krystal does reveal what she knows and that there are two factions fighting each other. Art can’t believe that Krystal is actually right but she isn’t quite right. Krystal thinks the fight is between Estee Lauder and Neolution and not two different faction of Neolution. Krystal then details what happened to Delphine to the group.

As all of this is going on, Ferdinand pays Rachel a visit in her hotel room and the two resume their Fifty Shades of Grey type relationship. As Ferdinand is tied up, Rachel reveals her true plan for Neolution. Ira interrupts to say that the two are about to get a call from Susan.

When Susan calls, Cosima overhears her telling Rachel and Ira that they now have a cure but more importantly she plans on using said cure to resume human cloning and is coming to them and to meet with the board the next day.

Cosima confronts Susan on using her but Susan makes no apologies and traps her what was Rachel’s room. While trapped, Cosima finds a painting that Charlotte made that is a map of the island. On this painting, we see a boat launch and a set of huts.



Thanks to Krystal’s intel, Sarah as Krystal crashes Dr. Van Lier press scrum in front of Brightborn spouting things like Neolution to get his attention. Sarah as Krystal leads Dr. Van Lier to a private area where Mrs. S awaits. Forcing him in a car, Van Lier realizes that he is in the presence of Sarah Manning. At gun point, the force Van Lier to reveal what Neolution is really up to. Van Lier also reveals that he taking orders from someone much higher up.

We soon learn that Rachel has other ideas and reconvened the board on her own. There she tells the board about Susan’s new discovery and that she wants to combine human cloning and Evie Cho’s bot therapy together. So basically Rachel wants to put bots in human clones. Later, Art and Felix find Ira tied up in Rachel’s hotel room and tells them where Rachel is headed. And Rachel is headed back to the island.

Sensing that Cosima and Charlotte are in danger, Susan gets Charlotte to spring Cosima free and orders the two to head to the boat launch. Before leaving, Cosima needes to grab something. Just as the two are about to leave, Cosima and Charlotte witness Rachel and Susan’s confrontation. Before hand, Rachel sees the older bearded man in her visions at the house telling her to remain firm. Rachel wants to know who the man is but Susan doesn’t reveal who he is.

The two argue over their conflicting plans for Neolution and culminates in Susan telling Rachel that she wishes she never created her as Cosima, Sarah and her other clone sisters are far better than her. Of course this is the last straw for Rachel as she grabs a kitchen knife and stabs her mother in the gut.

Cosima and Charlotte soon flee to the wintry woods of the island.



To save Cosima, Sarah, Art and Mrs. S gets Ira to send a helicopter to bring Sarah and Sarah alone to the island. Once Sarah arrives, she enters Susan’s house, notices blood on the kitchen floor, pulls out her gun and follows the trail. The trail leads her Rachel’s room where Sarah finds a bloody but still alive Susan trying to treat her wounds. Sarah drops her gun to help Susan and learns that Rachel took the cure. Rachel arrives and knocks her out with her cane. Rachel starts to beat Sarah with her cane and the two clones engage in a fight that ends with Rachel stabbing Sarah in the thigh with the knife she stabbed Susan with. As Sarah tries to drag her body to safety, Rachel stops her and taunts her about not really being part of clone club and only got involved because of Beth. Rachel starts to twist the knife further into Sarah’s leg but is stopped when Susan threatens to shoot Rachel with her gun. However, Rachel correctly guesses that Susan won’t shoot her but this distraction allows Sarah to remove the knife and lets her hobble away to safety. Later we see that Rachel has patched up Susan and tells of her plans and just leaves her mother locked up in her old room.

I can’t exactly remember when we find out about Dr. Westmoreland, the founder of Neolution back in the late 1800s but we learn that the man is still alive and is the man behind the curtain pulling all of the strings.



As night falls and the temperature drops, Cosima and Charlotte cannot go any further and stop to rest at a tree. We then see a flash light through the woods and come to Cosima and Charlotte; it is the older bearded man. Soon Cosima is brought to the Others (if you are a Lost fan then you will know what I am talking about).

And emerging from one of the huts is Delphine where she sweetly reunites with Cosima. Cosima is rushed into one of the huts and Delphine treats her for hypothermia. The bearded man tells Delphine that she can’t stay with Cosima but she tells the man that Cosima is her patient and will stay with her until she is better.

When alone, Delphine tells Cosima that they cannot trust the Others but we also see that Rachel doesn’t have the cure but Cosima. So it possibly looks like Cosima could be cured in the upcoming fifth and final season.

Meanwhile, Sarah has hobbled to the beach and calls Mrs. S for help but unfortunately for she and Kira are held at gun point by Ferdinand.

The episode ends with Rachel cleaning the knife that she used to stab Susan and Sarah and placing it back in the knife rack (so not food safe) and goes to speak to Dr. Van Lier to say her plans are on track. Van Lier tells Rachel that she is ready to meet the man behind the curtain and we see her give a triumphant smile to the camera.

So ends season 4 of Orphan Black. Season 5 should be interesting to see how we wrap things up. I predict that the cure will work and Cosima and Delphine will live happily ever after. Helena will give birth to her babies and end up living with the Hendrixes in suburbia. Of course, Mrs. S and Kira will be safe leading to Sarah reuniting with Cal so they can all be a family. Felix will find love and Art and Krystal will get together. What are your season 5 predictions?



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  1. Interesting that you predict that Art and Krystal will get together. She was flirting with him in this episode, but I don’t remember her doing that before. What a combination they would be!

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