Orphan Black Season 4 “The Scandal of Altruism” Recap

Jessalyn Wanlim as Evie Cho and Miranda Edwards as Roxie

I was watching Space Channel’s After the Black and they had Rosemary Dunsmore on and she made the same mistake that I often do when I watch the show and that is we sometimes forget that Tatiana Maslany plays all these characters. This week it was a light load for Maslany as she only had to play four clones but was involved in a pretty technical scene that involved Cosima and Sarah.


Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

Thank goodness for Krystal because this show had some many emotions going on that it is great to have this comic relief character. Krystal has gone to Art’s precinct to ask for some police protection after what went down to her at Brightborn. The constable at the desk seems to be humoring Krystal. Arts sees Krystal at the desk and Duko approaching it too. Knowing that Duko is already suspicious of Alison looking like Beth, Art distracts him as he passes by.

Art takes Krystal to an interview room where he is looking at her Dyad/Caster clones notebook. As Krystal is chattering on about her conspiracy theories, Art comes to realization that she isn’t a self-aware clone. Sarah sends Felix to help Art as Krystal will trust Felix.

So Felix arrives at Art’s apartment, dressed all in tweed plus a deerstalker cap. Krystal recognizes Felix from the salon and starts to freak out but Art says he is a detective from Scotland Yard. When Felix tries to approach Krystal to let her know everything is okay, her gut reaction is to pepper spray him.

All of this is played to perfect comic effect. Krystal is definitely the funniest clone on the show no offence to Alison. While Alison is funny for her intensity, Krystal is hilarious because of her naiveté.

Krystal apologies to Felix and he tells her that everything that she has learned (a conspiracy involving the beauty industry). Felix advises Krystal to stop telling people what she has learned or the people in the beauty industry will get suspicious. It also looks like Felix gives Krystal a clone club phone and tells her to use it for emergencies only. Krystal then mentions how a French doctor saved her back in Dyad and Art and Felix ask about Delphine. Krystal tells the two men that she saw Delphine get shot.

Up in Flames

Sarah and Cosima go behind S’ back to bring Kendall to Susan Duncan. Kendall has agreed to help the two and we learn that the original has leukemia. But even Kendall’s cancer is unique in that it seems to only effect the Leda genes and this somehow can cure the Leda illness and not the Castor glitching. So the deal is that the Clone Club would turn over Kendall and all their research to Neolution in exchange for a cure. Of course, Ira isn’t happy with this as he hoped to also be cured. Also, Evie agrees to remove the worm out of Sarah’s cheek. We learn the bots do things like prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, in the case of Leekie’s and making Sarah sick since she is the only clone that is healthy.

We also get a flashback of Beth crashing a Brightborn party to confront Susan. Beth is ready to kill Susan because she thinks she is the root of their problems. But when Susan says that she is their maker and can help her, Beth realizes who the true villain is (more on that later).

At Felix’s loft, Susan finally meets the original after 20 years of chasing her. Blood is taken and Scott works on separating the Leda blood cells. Kendall leaves to presumably back to safety but she and her driver are ambushed outside of Felix’s building.

Tatiana Maslany as Cosima Niehaus and Sarah Manning

Tatiana Maslany as Cosima Niehaus and Sarah Manning

Back at Brightborn, Evie and Cosima work on removing the worm bot. The removal hits a snag when the bot starts to leak some toxin but it is eventually removed. When Sarah learns that Kendall is missing, she rushes over to Felix’s and destroys Kendall’s samples. Sarah thinks Susan has double-crossed them and Ira is behind the attack.

S and Sarah take Susan to their safe house to demand where Ira has taken Kendall. Susan points them to their hotel room and when Sarah and Benjamin arrives, they find Ira in the bathtub having overdosed on pills. Sarah calls 911 and knows that Ira wasn’t involved.

Back at Brightborn, Cosima and Evie have a little chat. Cosima wants to know about Delphine but Evie denies knowing anything about the former head of Dyad.

At the comic book shop safe house, Scott alerts Sarah that the hard drive that Susan gave them had a Trojan virus in it that has wiped out all of their research.

Susan proclaims her innocence but know who is the true culprit: Evie Cho

Gord Rand as Detective Duko

Gord Rand as Detective Duko

We see Cosima brought to a field where Duko has brought Kendall to. We realize that Kendall’s days are numbered. Cosima and Kendall say goodbye and Duko shoots her dead and the van goes up in flames along with all of Kendall’s genetic material. And with Kendall gone, her genetic material gone and all of the research gone so does any hope of treating Cosima

Why is Evie doing this? Well, Evie believes that Susan’s clones are so old school and what is doing is the future and people will call her a pioneer in 100 years. We go back to Beth and Evie’s involvement stretches back then as she played Beth in hopes of getting rid of Susan. Beth, not liking being played beats up Evie.

As Cosima is grieving Kendall, Evie adds to her pain by saying that Delphine was shot and killed in the Dyad parking lot. But should we believe Evie?


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