Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 9 “It’s Psychological Warfare” Recap

After being blindsided by their alliance at tribal council Scot, Jason and Tai realize they are no longer a part of the majority. The women and Joe teamed up to blindside Nick who they considered condescending. Tai, who panicked and voted for Jason at the last tribal council, convinces the other two guys that he actually voted for Debbie instead. Jason, Scot and Tai put their heads together and realize they are in possession of two hidden immunity idols and this season, two idols can be combined to form a Super Idol that can be used after the votes have already been read at tribal council. They decide that their best strategic move is to cause some chaos around the camp for the rest of the tribe. Jason calls it “Psychological Warfare.” The plan is to weaken their opponents by making camp life as difficult as possible. Tai doesn’t feel great about Jason and Scot’s strategy but he can’t stop them from being bullies to the other tribe members. Later that night, when most of the tribe is asleep, Scot and Jason steal and hide the tribe’s machete and ax.


The next day the tribe dynamic is really uncomfortable. Debbie thinks Scot and Jason are being poor sports about Nick being voted out. There’s a moment when Debbie takes the time to fill a jug to with water to drink. Instead of sharing it with everyone else, Scot and Jason drink the water by themselves. It isn’t long before the rest of the tribe notices that the machete and ax seem to have disappeared. They think Scot and Jason might have something to do with it and Scot wastes no time in confirming their involvement. He takes the rest of the tribe’s water supply and uses it to extinguish the fire directly in front of everyone. The psychological warfare has officially begun. The other members of the tribe are offended by Scot’s immaturity but they get right back to work restarting the fire while Scot happily watches, refusing to lift a finger to help. Tai tells Scot and Jason that he doesn’t enjoy sabotaging the camp to such an extreme level but they insist that the psychological warfare is the only way to get revenge.

Julia’s Move

image2 (7)When the tribe arrives at the reward challenge, Probst asks about the affect Nick’s blindside has been having on the tribe dynamic at camp. Scot admits that he has been sabotaging the tribe to send them a message. He wants them to know that he and Jason won’t be providing for the tribe any longer and they plan on continuing to make life difficult moving forward. Probst tells the tribe to divide into two teams of four. Joe decides to sit out so the women have to decide which member of their alliance will join Scot, Tai, and Jason on the opposing team. Julia decides to team up with the guys because making a bond with Scot and Jason could be beneficial to her in the future. The winning team in the challenge will win a reward of Chinese take-out at camp. Despite a good effort from the women, the team of Scot, Jason, Tai and Julia ends up winning the challenge.

Julia gets right to work creating a bond with Scot and Jason while they enjoy their reward together. The guys would like to work with her and because they have made so many members of the jury upset, she knows it may be easy to defeat them in the end. Cydney and Aubry both see right through Julia’s plan to build a relationship with Scot and Jason. Even Joe thinks Julia may be playing both sides of the tribe against each other. Debbie, however, has complete faith in Julia. When Julia returns back from the reward Aubry and Cydney take a walk to discuss voting out Julia for being duplicitous. They agree that she should be the next to go.

That night, Tai struggles with his moral feelings about the game. Although he likes the rest of his tribemates, he wants to remain loyal to Scot and Jason. Their strategy is to make everyone feel uncomfortable so Tai contributes by getting up in the middle of the night and extinguishing the fire once again. The next morning when everyone wakes up Tai pretends he had nothing to do with the sabotage. The psychological warfare is starting to take a toll on Debbie. She wants Scot and Jason to be eliminated for all the trouble they have been causing. Aubry tries to convince Debbie that the guys could be attempting to trick the majority alliance to vote for Scot on purpose as a trap. She tells Debbie they should vote for Julia because Scot and Jason would never see it coming. But Debbie is at her wits end when it comes to the Jason and Scot’s behavior. Aubry is disappointed when Debbie puts her foot down and refuses to agree with the plan to vote out Julia.

The Immunity Challenge

image3 (6)The individual immunity challenge is tough for the most of the tribe members. The object is to line up some blocks then knock them down like dominos. Debbie, Jason and Michele get very close to winning the challenge but to Aubry and Cydney’s dismay, Julia comes out victorious and is immune from elimination at the next tribal council. This is the worst case scenario for Aubry and Cydney who now need to figure out what to do next.

When the tribe gets back to camp, Debbie explains her plan to Julia, Cydney, Joe, Michele and Aubry. She suggests they put three votes on Scot and Tai each because she believes there is no way that Scot and Tai have immunity idols. Julia wastes no time running off to share that information with Scot. Scot, Tai, and Jason plan on voting for Cydney and with Julia as the fourth vote, they should be able to eliminate Cydney without having to play any of the hidden immunity idols. Once again, Cydney and Aubry wander off to discuss strategy. This time, they are upset with Debbie for spilling the beans about the new plan to target Scot with Julia. They just don’t understand why Debbie thinks she can trust her. Aubry is concerned that Debbie is becoming a liability and Cydney doesn’t have a problem changing the plan to vote out Debbie instead. Cydney convinces Michele to vote for Debbie but when they approach Joe about the plan, he flat out refuses. He doesn’t see the logic in voting out Debbie in this situation. With Joe not willing to go along with the plan, Aubry and Cydney have no other choice but to see if they can get Julia to vote with them against Debbie. Julia, Michele, Aubry, and Cydney shake on the plan to vote out Debbie, but Julia has to determine which plan she would rather go with. She has to choose between voting out Cydney with the guys and voting out Debbie with the four women.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

image4 (7)The nine remaining members of the tribe discuss Scot, Jason, and Tai’s sabotage at the next tribal council. They also talk about the tribe’s reaction to Julia volunteering to work with the guys during the reward challenge. Julia says she didn’t think the members of her alliance held it against her for working with the guys in the challenge because someone had to do it. Debbie thinks Julia was brave for being willing to step up and work with Scot, Tai, and Jason; she didn’t see any problem with it. Now that Julia has immunity the tribe will see where her loyalties lie. Probst asks Tai about the hidden immunity idols and this time Tai comes clean about having an idol. Moments later, Jason reveals that he has an idol of his own as well. The three guys announce that Tai will be playing his idol no matter what while Scot and Jason will play a quick game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine which one of them will be playing the second hidden immunity idol. Little does the rest of the tribe know, the two idols can be used simultaneously, as a Super Idol after the votes are revealed. There is some whispering amongst the majority alliance but eventually, it’s time for them to place their votes.

Before Probst reads the votes he gives the members of the tribe an opportunity to play a hidden immunity idol if they so choose. Jason and Scot play “Rock, Paper Scissors” but ultimately give the second immunity idol to Tai. Tai does not play his idol, instead, he takes both idols and sits back down. Probst reads the votes and while Cydney receives three votes and Scot receives two votes, Debbie is the person eliminated from the game receiving votes from each of the four women in her alliance. Debbie is blindsided and she joins Nick and Neal on the jury.

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