Bitten Series Finale “Truth, Changes, Everything” Recap

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Apologies for not recapping “Shock the System” as I was away on business and recovering from a cold but the gist is Elena abolishes pack law and Marsten, Kane, and Anson pledge their allegiance to Elena because they want to. Jeremy kills Roman while the Albino captures Elena and Sasha torturing the former by inserting something in her uterus. Clay comes to the rescue to kill the Albino. Albino B arrives and tells his brother no more lists. Of course Konstanine wasn’t a man of his word and has take Stonehaven and told the Russian pack that Jeremy killed their Alpha.

The series finale opens with Elena in the car listening to a news report about the missing sheriff and also the missing Karen Morgan. We hear that the mayor of Bear Valley has called a press conference to address the town’s safety issue.

Clay, Elena, Sasha and Alexei head to the old tannery where the Spanish wolves were holed up to plan to take back Stonehaven. Elena asks that Marsten, Anson and Kane be called in as reinforcements. Unfortunately, when Marsten refuses to pledge his allegiance to Konstantine and remain loyal to Elena, he gets killed. Same with Anson. Kane pledges his loyalty to Elena and manages to escape like I knew he would.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy and Nick are in their basemen jail cell. Konstantine wants to rule every pack and in order to do that will hunt Jeremy the next day. However, that plan changes when Konstantine learns that Elena is the new Alpha.

Konstantine then speaks to Nick and to get him to bring Elena to Stonehaven, he threatens Rocco. So Nick goes to Elena et al and explains the situation they are in. Elena suggests that Nick go to Rachel’s to protect her while the rest of them will work on taking back Stonehaven. While Clay is teaching Alexei the finer art of knife throwing, Elena tells Sasha about her premonition and it would only go away if it comes true. Elena tells her father that she will turn herself into Konstantine and not tell Clay of her plan. Clay and Elena share a tender moment before all hell breaks loose. We also see Sasha look at Alexei as if it is the last time. In the morning, Alexei tells Clay and Elena that his father is gone

When Nick arrives at Rachel’s, he learns that Paige has been sent on an important errand by Elena. Nick tells Rachel that the Russians are coming and they need to move. Rachel refuses to run and knows she can protect herself, Rocco and Nick. We see Rachel crush a vase from a distance with a spell. Before the Russians arrive, Nick tries to say how he feels about Rachel but she stops in and says there is time for them to figure what they have after everything is over. Two Russians do arrive and armed with baby bottles filled with bleach, fight them. Nick manages to get bleach in the eyes of one and knocks him out while Rachel uses a spell that snaps the neck of the other Russian.

Albino B is now at Stonehaven and is disappointed in Konstantine and his plans. Albino B tells Konstantine that he will kill Jeremy. Earlier, we saw Albino B at Elena’s and Clay’s place to cover his brother’s body up and burns his list of names and ovws to kill everyone.

Jeremy manages to escape his jail cell using a key that is hidden in the grate. However, Albino B is there to greet Jeremy at the secret passageway.

As Alexei, Elena and Clay are making their way through the woods of Stonehaven to the house, they take out Russians. Elena orders Alexei to go to Clay.

In the woods, Clay and Alexei sees that Albino B is leading Jeremy by a leash. Albino B ties Jeremy up to a tree where his neck is like in a noose. Albino B sees Clay and Alexei while Jeremy manages to get loose. Albino B stabs Jeremy in the left eye and is ready to cut his throat out. Alexei takes the stake from the rope and sends it straight through the head of Albino B and killing him.

Meanwhile, in town, Sasha and Paige watch as the press go into town hall for the press release. Sasha gives Paige a note for Alexei. The mayor starts his press conference by stating that he has hired more officers for the protection of Bear Valley. Sasha interrupts the press conference and tells the press the truth about him and his kind. With Paige’s encouragement, Sasha changes into wolf. The mayor isn’t afraid of wolf Sasha and approaches him carefully to say he isn’t a threat. When wolf Sasha makes a sudden movement, a sheriff deputy fires a shot a Sasha. Back in human form, the mayor apologizes to Sasha for what happened but that he is safe. Before Sasha dies, Paige tells him that Elena and Alexei would be proud to call him father.

Back at Stonehaven, Elena gives herself up to Konstantine and when he doesn’t get what he wants out of Elena, hits her and we see her bleed from the face. Elena learns that the Albino were twins and that is why he was always one step ahead of them.

Konstantine is ready to lead Elena outside to kill her but an alert on his phone shows the live feed of the press conference and Sasha telling the truth about werewolves. Konstantine wants to know why Elena did all of this and she said that it was time not to hide who they are anymore and they are now living under human law and if he kills her then he will go to prison. Konstantine knows he has lost and he and his Russian pack leave.

We see that this was planned all along by Elena and Sasha. To finally get closure on everything, Elena burns Stonehaven to the ground to get rid of all the wolf bloodline evidence.

We get a bit of a flashforward as we see Jeremy, sporting an eye patch, driving and listening to radio news reports about werewolves sightings and also we see that he called in a tip where the authorities can find Karen Morgan’s body. We then see Nick, Rachel and a toddler Rocco being a family. We see Kane off on a road trip adventure and we see Elena and Clay walking the grounds of their new home.

We then go back to the present as Elena, Clay, Jeremy and Alexei watch from the distance as Stonehaven burns. They all leave to live their lives.

So ends Bitten. It seems that everything was wrapped up in a neat little bow. I am curious to know how the book series ended. Any fans of the books enlighten me?




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11 Comments on Bitten Series Finale “Truth, Changes, Everything” Recap

  1. The television series was not even close to the book series. The book series is very different and is still ongoing.

  2. The books have werewolves as on going characters Elena and Clay have twins . This is the most irritating of the season when they damage Elana ‘ s uteris . She does become the Alpha in the books but the wetewolves are not decimated nor are they brought to light in the normal world as I remember . I continued to watch season 3 because I love the actors but season 2 was completly wrong poryrayal of the witches I hated it I just finished the series cuz it was a trsin wreck I had to conclude

  3. The books were very different . Season 2 was horrible the witches were done completely wrong . I continued to watch for closure and I LOVE the cast . The werewolves are ongoing in the books . Elena ia Alpha she and Clay have twins a boy and girl .The pack is thriving and humans no nothing about them . Im sad that I watched it . When I re read them they will be tainted

    • If and when you re-read the books and feel as if they are tainted, they’ll be tainted because YOU let them be tainted, NOT because of the tv show.

  4. The TV show didn’t really St as y with the books. I recommend reading them. There are a lot of them. For a complete list go to

  5. Just binged this on Netflix on a whim. As a non-reader, I felt the show was just… okay. I can see how the show is now finished, but that were lulls in the story lines. I found the witch story line to seem tedious. I mean, the ending they came up with does tie everything nicely but if I was to rate his show it was 2.5/5 stars. I found the only real characters to effect me were the Albino twins and how they instilled fear into their victims for sport. But to me, this show was like the werewolf version of True Blood and Vampire Diaries.

    That said, I’ll probably pick up the first book and see if the author can change my mind. 🙂 These days, adaptation of book to screen can be…iffy. Especially if the fan base isn’t internationally massive.

  6. Thanks for the recaps. The books take a completely different turn. In regards to how alike the TV series is to the books especially after season 1, totally different. Read the books, you won’t be disappointed.

    • I went to a Canadian show runners panel where one of the panelists was the show runner for Bitten and she said that it was deliberate that they went off book for season 3 and also the fact that they only had the rights for the first four books.

  7. The books are completely different and better in my opinion because her series is about world building and not focusing on one type of supernatural. The first two books are told from the werewolves point of view but the rest open up the doorway into the supernatural world. There are 13 books in the series and while each book has an over arching plot, the series is one mega plot that was amazingly done. She built up the world and made it shine. Her teen series also is in the same universe and it sometimes give inside hints of the characters in her adult series if you know where to look. I feel like they had a great series to make into a tv show but, unlike the Vampire Diaries, I do not think they should have strayed too far from the books.

  8. I like how shows and books are different. They should be. Two different stories with some sameness. It’s a bore being the same story. Really what’s the point.

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