Arrow Season 4 “Eleven-Fifty-Nine” Recap

We find out who is in the grave that was teased in the season premiere and frankly, I am not happy who is in it. Let’s recap how we came to know the victim.

Island Flashback

Oliver has to give Tiana a pep talk to get her ready to confront Rieter’s men. Tiana pretends to be spooked by something she saw down below. When Rieter’s men goes to investigate, she shoots one while Oliver shoots the other. Tiana lets the prisoners out and a gun battle ensues. Eventually, all of Rieter’s men are down and the prisoners leave for the boats. Oliver plans on blowing up the hole to trap Rieter. As Oliver sets the C4, Tiana asks Oliver to go to Russia to tell her parents about her and her brother while she will go to Starling City to tell Laurel about Oliver and how he was a hero on the island. Laurel came up because Oliver showed Tiana the picture he has of her and how she was his home before being stranded on the island. As the C4 is set off, Rieter kills the two guards with him and takes their life force via the idol as the cave falls on him

Present Day

We open with Andy retrieving a gun from a safe in Diggle’s home. Andy tells his brother that Hive knows he is alive and met with Merlyn. Andy mentions that Merlyn is after a missile shipment to break Darhk out of jail.

At the Arrow Cave, Diggle tells the team what Andy told him. Everyone gets creeped out by the idol and Oliver mentions that he has seen it before on the island. Oliver gets a message from Ruve Adams asking him to be out her acceptance speech. Oliver goes and learns he got 48% write-in votes. Ruve then offers Laurel the DA job as the previous one is now the new deputy mayor.

AR418b_0292b_22a19fcf-1024x682While Oliver and Diggle are out to stop the missile heist, in the Arrow Cave, Malcolm and some loyal League members attack. Thea loses to her father who takes off with the idol while Laurel does take down the League members. Oliver and Diggle easily stop the missile heist, which Oliver finds suspicious.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Diggle calls Andy for more Intel while Oliver shares with Laurel how the mission went to well for them and believes Andy is playing them. Laurel wants Oliver to be sure or he will cause a rift in his friendship with Diggle.

Laurel meets her father for dinner who tells her that she should turn down the DA job. Laurel thinks it would be good to work tells Lauron the inside but Lance notes that the DA jobs comes with a security detail and she can no longer be the Black Canary.

Andy calls to say that he has found Merlyn at some box warehouse. Team Arrow arrives but Oliver and Andy get separated from the others. A trap is triggered and Andy takes an arrow for Oliver.

Meanwhile at Iron Heights, Merlyn visits Darhk and gives him the idol. Dahrk said the idol is useless without a stone. Darhk threatens Merlyn to get him the stone or he and Thea won’t be safe from Genesis.

A Diggle is patching Andy up, Andy fears for his life now that Merlyn knows he is on Team Arrow. Andy also fears Darhk since he now has the idol. Diggle tells his brother he has nothing to fear as the idol is useless without the stone and he hid it himself. Oliver interrupts to stop Diggle from saying anymore. Diggle doesn’t understand Oliver’s lack of trust of Andy since he trusts him and he was the one who said to give his brother a second chance.

Laurel then goes to Iron Heights as ADA to search the cells for the idol but comes up with nothing. While the search is going on, Darhk’s makes some veiled threats against Lance.

At Diggle’s, we see Andy searching the place. Oliver as the Green Arrow comes and asks what Andy is looking for. Andy easily replies that he is searching for for surveillance bugs as that is the only reason why Hive would know he is alive. The Green Arrow thinks Andy plaging them and grabs his hurt shoulder to get him to talk about what he is planning. Diggle comes in and takes Andy’s side and asks the Green Arrow to leave.

At the Arrow Cave, Diggle and Oliver come to blows over the Andy situation. When Diggle leaves, Oliver encourages Laurel to take DA job so can be a hero without a mask and that was the life she wanted before the Black Canary took over.

In Iron Heights, Murmur is distributing books via the book cart. Inside the books are knives and in the cart is the idol. The prisoners stab guards and take some prisoner. Team Arrow suits up, with Black Canary suiting up one last time before she becomes the DA.

At Iron Heights, Lance causes a distraction by punching Lt. Pike off screen so Team Arrow can break in. Andy is there too so he can prove that the Green Arrow can trust him. Thea and Malcolm square off but because she no longer has the blood lust, she loses.

AR418b_0158b_4d02852b-1024x682However, we do learn that Andy was playing the all along as he gives Darhk the stone and completes the idol. After making some kills, Darhk becomes powerful once again and freezes Team Arrow. Darhk reveals that he knows the secret identities of Team Arrow and threatens Laurel’s life for Lance’s betrayal. Oliver shoots an arrow to stop Darhk but he just takes the arrow and stabs Laurel with it.

The Green Arrow rushes the Black Canary to the hospital. The doctor asks the Green Arrow to leave so she can do her job. Oliver comes back as himself and Felicity comes to be there after being MIA for most of the episode (probably off filming Legends of Tomorrow). Lance is still in police custody but manages to get out of it once learning the Black Canary was hurt.

AR418b_0062b_4ae185ba-1024x683 Laurel has come out of surgery and the doctor says she will be fine. The team visit her and Laurel tells them how much she loves them and how she couldn’t give up being part of the team and being the Black Canary as it makes her feel alive. The team reciprocates the love. Laurel then speaks to Oliver alone. Laurel gets Oliver to bring her the photo of her that Oliver had while he was on the island as it reminds her of when life was simpler. Laurel says she is glad that Oliver found Felicity and that while she knows she isn’t the love of his life, he is the love of hers. Oliver is wondering why Laurel is saying all of this and she says that the events of the evening made her realize that she shouldn’t leave things unsaid. Laurel then asks Oliver to promise her something but we don’t hear what that is. Unfortunately, Laurel starts to crash and she dies. Laurel’s time of death is 11:59pm. The team is devastated and Oliver leaves the room. When Lance sees Oliver he knows that his daughter is gone and he collapses on the floor.

I know that Laurel was a divisive character but I’ve always liked her and I am so pissed that she is and Katie Cassidy is off the show. To me killing Laurel is like killing Lois Lane off Smallville although, I would be more devastated if that show had killed Lois off. I really can’t believe Arrow would kill such an important character in the Green Arrow universe. Well, I am glad next week we get to see Laurel in flashbacks and hope we still get to see Laurel or the Black Canary again.

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