Bitten Season 3 “Rule of Anger” Recap

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Every since Paige and Nick broke off their burgeoning romance in the season 2 finale, I’ve been waiting for her to come back and in this episode she finally does. We also see Elena and Clay face a very formidable foe.

Rescue Marsden

After watching the video of a kidnapped Marsden being continually beaten, Elena determines that he is being held in the old textile factory and spies the kidnapper’s reflection. Elena is ready to go and rescue Marsden but Clay thinks it is a trap set up by Roman and doesn’t want to go in guns a blazing especially considering it is a huge building. Elean thinks they have they upper hand and will just go in quietly.

Elena then calls Jeremy, who is on a road trip to find Roman, and updates him on her father’s health, the Marsden situation and that Jorge buried Karen. Jeremy is saddened at the latter news and tells Elena that Karen deserved better. Jeremy then tells Elena that she is responsible for keeping their pack together.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper is known as the Albino, the wolf that killed Katia’s and Alexei’s mom. The Albino enters a diner and only asks for a glass of ice. The Albino then tries to buy the diner from the owner but he declines the offer. The Albino then decides to order some coffee but takes the whole pot and makes his way over to the table that has the only other two customers in the diner. The Albino proceeds to drink the entire pot in front of them, gets one of them to hold the pot while he takes a tool used for lobotomies and kills his friend in the eye. The Albino then slashes the guy’s throat with the pot catching his blood. The diner owner points a gun at the Albino but he over takes him and I believe kills him off screen.

Back at the factory, the Albino gives Marsden the breakfast special and then goes off to set up a trap for when Clay and Elena arrives that involves electricity. Later, the Albino is preparing a chemical concoction while Marsden recalls stories about his captor.

Clay and Elena arrive at the factory and opens the bed of a truck to find a dead body with a note that says “I’m waiting”. As Clay and Elena search the factory, Clay enters room with a puddle and the Albino turns on his trap. Clay gets electrocuted and starts to convulse. Elena turns off the power but the Albino chloroforms her and takes her captive.

Tied to a chair, the Albino states that Roman has given him a list of people to kill and Elena is on it. Also on it is Katia and Alexei. Elena realizes that the Albino is the man that killed her half-siblings mother. The Albino wants to know where to find Katia as she will be easy to get to since she is a human. Elena says she doesn’t know where Katia is but the Albino knows she is lying and has a way to tell her the truth and that is by placing a nail in a certain part of her brain. Once he gets the truth out of her, he will kill Elena but is curious as to why she is the only female werewolf. When the Albino is about the put the nail in Elena’s head, he hears a noise and goes to check it out. While he is away, Elena changes slightly to get out of ropes and takes the hammer to go and find the Albino.

Bitten Ep306_Day06_JT_0015.jpg

The Albino confronts Clay

The noise that we heard was Cain who comes to rescue Marsden. As the two make their way out, they are confronted by the Albino. Cain goes to fight him but the Albino easily takes each blow and defeats him. Marsden takes a crack but he too fails.

Clay then arrives to take a stab but he can never get the upper hand. Even when Elena joins the fray, the Albino swats her away like she was a fly. As Elena and Clay battle, the Albino Marsden and Cain escape.

Bitten Ep306_Day06_JT_0482.jpg

The Albino threatening Elena

At one point during the fight, Clay pulls back when the Albino threatens Elena’s life.

Eventually, Clay crashes the Albino down to the electrocution trap. When the two take a look at the body, we see the Albino climbing away to safety. Elena wonders to Clay who are they dealing with.

Outside, Marsden is grateful for Elena and Clay coming to his rescue. Cain confirms that that Albino has escaped. Cain is ready to fight the Albino now but Elena wants everyone to take a step back and heal before they take him on again. Marsden notes that the Albino is a one man army requiring no help at all.

Magic: The Awakening

Sofia Banzhaf as Katia Alonov

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Sofia Banzhaf as Katia Alonov

Nick has taken Katia to Rachel’s for her safety but when they arrive, he senses something no right. Nick finds Rachel in the backyard and we hear a crying Rocco. Rachel then tells Nick that something isn’t right with Rocco and takes him to his room. Nick sees all of Rocco’s toys on the floor and Rachel says it is for his safety. Nick wonders from what and Rachel says he will soon see. Rocco starts to cry and Nick is puzzled as to why Rachel isn’t comforting her son. Rachel pleads patience with Nick and as Rocco’s cries intensifies, we see the lights flicker and two of his stuffed animals emerge from their pile on the ground and starts to levitate towards the crib. Rachel then goes to comfort her son.

Reunited and it feels so good! Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Tommi Amber Pirrie as Paige Winterbourne

Reunited and it feels so good! Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Tommi Amber Pirrie as Paige Winterbourne

Katia has witnessed this and wonders what the hell is going on. Nick is unable to explain but has brought in reinforcements: Paige!!!!

Bitten Ep306_Day08_JT_0336.jpg

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Genelle Williams as Rachel Sutton

Paige gets Rachel to recount when things started to happen. Nick thinks that Rocco might have been affected by Aleister’s experiments in season 2.

Paige is going to get to the bottom of what is going on and gets Nick to gather ingredients for her spell: crickets and pine cones. Meanwhile, Katia goes to collect Rocco’s pacifier for the spell and while getting finds a gun in Rachel’s room.

When Paige is preparing the spell, she wonders what is the nature of Nick’s relationship with Rachel. Nick says there is nothing there and he is only looking out for Logan’s son plus Rachel was his best friend’s fiancee. Paige thinks it is only natural for something to develop. This is where Nick confronts Paige for breaking his heart and not hearing from her for over a year. Paige tells him she has been busy selling of her cosmetic business so she and Ssvannah can move to Portland to start fresh. Nick figures out someone is taking her to Portland and Paige admits it’s a lawyer she had met. Nick is a bit jealous at this but Paige tries to tell him that he is where he belongs. The way the two converse in this scene is tender and fraught with sexual tension. Nick and Paige get closer to each other when he is about to tell her he was once lucky to have her in his life but are interrupted by Katia bringing more stuff for the spell. Since Paige is going to be in the next episode too and hopefully for the rest of the season, I want to see Nick and Paige get back together and they better because this is the final season.

While Nick is preparing for the spell, he updates Jeremy on the Rocco/Rachel situation.

With the ingredients ready, Paige performs the spell around Rocco’s crib that is surrounded by his toys. Paige tells everyone it is important not to break the circle. The spell is performed and at first nothing happens until Rocco starts to cry. The toys go crazy, spinning, losing their stuffing. Katia takes her phone out to record what is going on and breaks the circle. Katia’s nose starts bleeding and starts to convulse. Katia is taken to Rachel’s room and thinks ants are crawling over her so Paige performs a sleep spell.

Nick then calls out for Paige and we see knives pointing to Rachel. Paige tells Rachel that Rocco posseses no magical abilities but it is her and always has been. At this news, the knives drops.

Nick asks if Aleister did anything else to her while being captive and Rachel says no. Paige believes Rachel is a natural born witch but her powers are only now emerging. Paige promises to help Rachel control her powers. Rachel thinks all this talk is crazy and recounts the insane year she had where hse was kidnapped twice and learned her fiancee and son were werewolves. To top everything off Logan died. Rachel then accepts Paige’s offer to be trained if it means she can take back control of her life as she doesn’t want Jeremy determining her fate and that of her son’s.

When Katia wakes up, she calls Alexei to find out how their father is. Alexei informs his sister that Elena has told them the man that killed their mom is now after them. Alexei then tells Katia that he had his first changed and he killed someone. Alexei is scared and doesn’t know what to do next. Katia knows what to do to stop everything and she grabs the keys to Nick’s car.

And what has Katia done? Well she took Rocco as Nick, Paige and Rachel find his crib empty.



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