DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5 “Star City 2046” Recap

For the first time on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, we spend time in the future, specifically 2046 and in a Star City that is very different to the ones our Legends left in the series Pilot.

I’ve Got a Crush on You

With the Waverider in desperate need of repairs, Snart, Rory, Rip and Sara are off to Smoak Technologies (something that Ray can’t wrap his head around) to find a piece of tech to help repair Gideon. Staying behind are Ray and Kendra to prep Gideon’s system for the tech while Jax and Stein fix the ship. However, Jax was hoping to work with Kendra and Stein notes that his other half really likes the former Egyptian Goddess. Jax doesn’t think he stands a chance as he overhears the flirty banter between Ray and Kendra and also the fact that she will always be destined for Carter even though he is currently dead. Stein encourages Jax to pursue Kendra and that can only happen if has confidence. Meanwhile, Stein tries to find out if Ray has feelings for Kendra, which he says he never thought of Kendra that way. Stein tells this to Jax and it gives him some hope. Unfortunately, Stein’s talk with Ray gives him the idea that perhaps there is something between him and Kendra. When Ray asks Kendra out, she politely declines him as her life is a bit complicated right now and needs to figure out who she is. Jax overhears this and accepts Kendra’s decision. I wonder if this show is going to pursue romance. It doesn’t seem like that kind of show but I see something between Sara and Rip. The two definitely have a great friendship forming so we will see how that evolves over the rest of the season.

Star City 2046

The team arrive in a destroyed Star City in the year 2046. They know something isn’t right when they see buildings like Smoak Technologies and the fact that the Green Arrow running around is a young African American man and not Oliver Queen. This Green Arrow tells Sara that Oliver Queen is dead.

The Legends soon learn that Star City went through another Uprising and is now run by Deathstroke but not Slade Wilson but his son Grant.

Rory is loving this new Star City and soon becomes the leader of a rival gang much to the dismay of Snart who wants to continue on the team’s mission to stop Vandal Savage. Grant barges into Rory’s new gang hideout and gets everyone to join his side to get the Green Arrow, Sara and Rip. Rory doesn’t want to leave and help Snart save his team members which forces him to knock him out.

Meanwhile, the new Green Arrow helps the team find the piece of tech to fix Gideon and leads Sara and Rip to the Arrow Cave. When they arrive, the lair has seen better days as it was destroyed after Grant Wilson outed Oliver as the Green Arrow. Sara looks are and sees a mechanical arm, all of the costumes no longer on their mannequins and the place a complete mess. Also there is a much older, goateed, no left arm Oliver Queen very much alive and wanting them to leave. Oliver tells Sara that everyone is dead and that Felicity left after everything went down. Oliver calls the new Green Arrow John and we find out he is John Diggle Jr. but wants to be called Connor Hawke as he feels he failed his father and doesn’t deserve to be called Diggle. Oliver tells Sara that Star City fell to ruins because she and Ray weren’t there to help him.

Oliver is helpful in directing the team to the tech they are looking for. When Rip, Sara and Connor arrive, they split up to find the tech. Sara finds something else while Rip is successful in getting what they need. Unfortunately, Grant’s gang arrives and captures Connor.

Back on the Waverider, Rip is ready to leave but Sara doesn’t want to leave Connor at the hands of Grant. Rip reminds Sara that this Star City won’t exist once they return her and Ray to 2016. Sara still wants to help Connor and Rip gives her one hour to accomplish her task.

So Sara immediately goes to Oliver and gives him a pep talk about becoming the Green Arrow again and gives him his compound bow (the item that she found).

Back on the Waverider, Snart and Rory have their talk and this is the first time there is a rift in their partnership. Snart proclaims he is the brain behind their operation while Rory is the muscle, which he disagrees but their argument is tabled for another day.

Rip has given Sara an extra 30 minutes and is ready to take off. Stein thinks it is wrong for Rip to abandon their friend and team mate to this dystopian world. A newly repaired Gideon warns Rip that need to get out of Dodge sooner rather than later as the cloaking tech is going to go and since Grant and his minions are nearby for the execution of Connor Hawke, the AI fears what will happen to the ship.

amell-legends2As the crowd gathers to see Connor Hawke get executed, Sara is captured and brought towards Grant. This was a distraction as this allows the original Green Arrow to make an appearance and sporting his robotic arm.

Oliver frees Connor and the rest of the Legends arrive and battle Grant and his gang. The Legends and the Green Arrows defeat Grant’s men.

Sara says farewell to Oliver and for now, the Green Arrows are ready to protect Star City.

The team are back on board the Waverider and ready to find Vandal Savage and defeat him. Time and destination is unknown but they believe the element of surprise is the way to get one up on Savage.





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