Bitten Season 3 “Our Own Blood” Recap

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

We open the episode two weeks ago in Moscow, Russia. Roman is in a hotel room with a Russian witch, who at first denies being one but once he starts choking her and she grabs her ring, her powers activate. The Russian witch tells Roman of how Sasha will be meeting Elena in the near future.

Back to present day Bear Valley, Sasha gives Elena a picture of who she thinks are her parents. Sasha explains how he gave her up to a sympathetic nurse who turned her over to the people who Elena thought were her parents. Sasha tells Elena she was born in Russia but she says she was born in Canada.

 John Ralston as Sasha Antonov

John Ralston as Sasha Antonov

The two realize the are being watched and the part ways. Elena manages to get the upper hand on the wolf who was falling her but during their fight, it starts to become more than she can handle and Sasha pulls up in his pick-up truck and snaps the wolf’s neck and takes his body away.

At the tannery, Jeremy tells Clay to go back to Stonehaven to meet the recruits while he and Nick search for any clues as to where Eduardo might be. During their search, Nick finds a receipt to the storage locker where they caught Pablo.

Meanwhile, Sasha, Alexi and Katia are making camp at an abandoned building. Alexei goes to find a room that can house a wolf securely. Sasha tells Katia that it is for Alexei’s safety as he starting his first change as a wolf and it is for his and their protection. Sasha needs to see Elena again and Katia knows a way to contact her is through her photography website.

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Back at Stonehaven, Elena tells Clay about Sasha and his claim of being her father and how his son and other daughter knows about their existence. Elena wants to believe Sasha as she has always wanted a family after her parents died and gave up on that dream when no one claimed her after their death. Elean tells Clay that she finally found her family in Clay. Clay tells Elena that she will always be her family and the two proceed to have sex at the kitchen island, which she later uses to prepare dinner for the recruited wolves. While she is preparing dinner, Elena tells Clay that all signs point to Sasha lying as she is looking through her memory box of her youth that includes one of her baby shoes. Clay cautions Elena not to get sucked in what Sasha is saying in case it is a trap.

Two wolves show up and Clay tells them to protect the perimeter. Bucky also shows up and Clay gets him to board the broken windows of Stonehaven. Bucky is laying on thick his loyalty to Clay and is extra creepy to Elena while she is preparing dinner and acts all worried for her being a girl and all. Of course, Elena is having none of it.

At the storage locker, Jeremy and Nick find in Eduardo’s unit counterfeiting material and realize it is Bucky’s stuff. Both realize that he is a double agent and call Clay.

Clay confronts Bucky and the two fight with the former winning. Meanwhile, we see Eduardo kill the two wolves protecting the perimeter and makes his way to the kitchen door of Stonehaven as he spies Elena making dinner. Elena does sense Eduardo and surprises him and knocks him out.

Daniel Kash as Roman Navikev

Daniel Kash as Roman Navikev

Clay and Elean lock Eduardo up in their cell and dispose of the other wolves body. Roman arrives at Stonehaven for a visit. Roman doesn’t tell Elena the purpose and doesn’t tell Jeremy or Nick when they arrive home. But when Elena tells her Alpha that Eduardo has been captured, Roman is pleased at this news.

Jeremy wonders if something is bothering Elena and she says it is nothing but questions all this fighting that is happening. Jeremy tells Elena that this is the course of action that he has chosen.

Elena receives a message via her website from Sasha asking to meet at a diner. Clay wonders why Elena hasn’t told Jeremy about Sasha and she says she wants to confirm that he is her father before that and ask Clay to come with her.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy and Nick act as gracious hosts to find out the purpose of Roman visits and tells Jeremy it is to go after a Russian mutt named Sasha Antonov who is now in North America. Jeremy tells Roman he has never heard of Sasha.

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and John Ralston as Sasha Antonov

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and John Ralston as Sasha Antonov

At the diner, Clay decides not to join Elena and Sasha as he fears what he will say and will keep his distance. Sasha notices Clay right away and Elena says he is her fiancee. Sasha gives Elena the other half of her baby shoe and he tells a bit about her mother. Elena wonders about Alexei and Katia’s mother and Sasha tells her she was someone he met 10 years after her mom died. Sasha explains that he has spent their entire lives on the run for their protection after Roman kills their mother in front of them.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy is beating up Eduardo who is taking it with pleasure. Eduardo taunts Jeremy by saying that his Pack isn’t his family and he will die with no legacy. Eduardo also warns Jeremy that his pack will turn on him. Jeremy then allows Roman to deal the death blow to Eduardo. We see Roman beat up Eduardo into a bloody mess while we hear Sasha warn Elena about Roman.



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